1st lord in 8th house

First House Lord in the Eighth House

In astrology, the first house represents self. It means the appearance, behavior, health, habits are determined in this house. 

And the eighth house represents in-laws, death, and rebirth. So what happens when the lord of the first house sits in the eight houses?

When the lord of the first house rules on the eight house, the native’s interest’s incline towards the darker aspects of life. There is a sudden increase in curiosity to know about the mysteries of life and the world. The chances of unexpected events may increase. 

However, the influence of the first house lord in the eight houses differs for different planets and zodiac signs. Let us learn one-by-one about these influence by different planets:

Sun in eighth house/Sun in 8th house

Sun rules over the eighth house of the Leo ascendant and since sun and Leo both signify power and authority, the native has to deal with their own ego and self-esteem. These people have to go through a major transforming event, but since the sun it's ruling, it provides the power to cope with all the events and happenings.

Moon in eighth house/Moon in 8th house

Moon rules over the eighth house of the cancer ascendants. The native will have their interest inclined towards science and technology. These people have to go through major life turning events and are therefore always afraid of their futures and events coming up. 

Marsin 8th house Mars rules over the eighth house of the two ascendants i.e. Aries and Scorpio. If it is ruling over the Aries ascendants, the native person will have to face a lot of problems in life. However, these negative circumstances also help them be strong and stick to the ground. They also have to go through major transformations in life. These people tend to be more surgeons since Mars is the representation of the surgeries. 

And if the mars are ruling over the Scorpio ascendant, then the native’s life will always have sudden transformations or events. These people are very good at communicating and therefore, can easily talk to people about their life problems and help them solve it.  

Mercury in eighth house/Mercury in 8th house

 Mercury rules over the eighth house of the two ascendants i.e. Gemini and Virgo. If it is ruling over the Gemini ascendant, the native will have an interest in the supernatural things. And not only interest, but they will also have expertise in this field. They will have immense knowledge about this subject and always want to know more. 

And if the mercury is ruling on the Virgo ascendant, the person can be seen doing the healing work, both for mental and physical. They can be doctors or surgeons for the body and counselors for the treatment of the unrest mind. Virgos are the great healer. Therefore, these people help others to cope up with life problems much easily. 

Venus in eighth house/Venus in 8th house

 Venus can rule over the eighth house of the two ascendants i.e. Taurus and Libra. If it is ruling over the Taurus ascendant, it shows the native’s high interest in philosophy. They are so much into the philosophy that they are highly enthusiastic about teaching it to other people. However, the chances of having a secret love affair are high. Therefore, the native needs to stay alert. 

And if the venus is ruling over the libra ascendant, the native will have major benefits from their marriage and their spouse. There will be several life turning events but they all will be beneficial in one way or another due to the in-laws. There are high chances that the marriage will bring them great wealth and luck to their side.

Jupiter in eighth house/Jupiter in 8th house

Jupiter rules over the eighth house of the two ascendants i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces. If it is ruling over the Sagittarius ascendant, then it shows positive signs for life. There are high chances of benefits from marriage. They have the power of intuition and it makes them ready for severe conditions. But for these people, severe conditions bring them benefits.

And if Jupiter is ruling over the Pisces sign, then the native person is most likely to guide other people like teachers or mentors or counselors. These people help other people deal with the negatives of life, especially bad relationships. 

Saturn in eighth house/Saturn in 8th house

 Saturn rules over two ascendants i.e. Capricorn andVirgo. Under the Capricorn ascendant, the native will have a very long life. However, this life will be full of unexpected events and happenings. But this will also make the native strong to stand up during the time of adversities. These people work great in the field of lawmaking and enforcement bodies. 

And if the Saturn ruling over the Virgo ascendant, then also the native have a very strong heart. Their mind is more into healing people and therefore, they join the caretaking profession like doctors or nurses or work in an NGO as their jobs. 

Rahu in eighth house/Rahu in 8th house

 Rahu rules over the eighth house of the Aquarius ascendant. Under this, the native possesses healing energies. Therefore, they are suitable for care-taking jobs like doctors or nurses. They also have psychic abilities through which they can contact the souls of other dimensions. 

Ketu in eighth house/Ketu in 8th house

 Ketu can rule over the Scorpio ascendant. When that happens, the native works on their intuition. It's like they can see the future and the events whether good or bad which is going to happen. Their intuition prepares them for the worst and when the adversity actually falls, then it doesn’t bother them much. This position is also considered as the position for moksha or salvation. Therefore, native’s under this position receive moksha. 


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