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Aacharya Gopal
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Expertise : K.P. Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology ,Horary Astrology

Experience : 25 years

Languages : English, Hindi


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MON-SUN :: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

Aacharya Gopal has been teaching & practising astrology for the last 25 years. Throughout his long journey, he has taught astrology to over 300 students at ‘Adhyatm Evam Jyotish Sodh Sansthan’, Lucknow, a reputed institute of astrology in India.


He has degrees of Jyotish Praveen, Jyotish Shastri and Jyotish Martand under his belt. He is an expert of K.P. Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology ,Horary Astrology [Answering of questions without a horoscope] and Esoteric Astrology. He holds a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from Lucknow University. 


Passion for astrology always made him devote most of his time to learn and research with this divine science called Astrology. He has written many articles on topics of Astrology in local newspapers and his series of articles on ‘Mysteries of Chakras and Astrology’ were published in magazines like ‘Nakshatra Vani’ and ‘The Edge’.His aim in life has been to help out people with the divine wisdom of astrology through counselling.


You can get the counselling and guidance regarding the questions related to Career, Business, Marriage, Love, Family Problems, Relationship Issues, Health, Education and Foreign Travels. Also, you can be helped with Financial Astrology and Money matters.


Joining Talktoastro, he wants to reach out people at national level to get them benefitted with their stellar energies to make the most out of their lives, and get elevated to their full potential of various aspects of life. 


Yes, by understanding these Astro energies, you can make a lot of difference in your life. So please come forward to get the help of the divine science called Astrology to make your life happy, successful and blissful. 


“There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.”

Vivek Dhar

Predictions haven't materialized

naveen khapra

very good and very calm way to tell everything ...

Angira Halder

excellent astrologer

Aniruddha Nandy

He is genuine and talks to the point.I recommend him.

nikita gupta

very slow response not satisfied wasted my money

Amanpreet Chohan

Thankyou so much acharya g. Your response has relieved all my stress !! Very nice experience!

G kavitha


anshika Srivastava srivastav

very bad

Nidhi Agrawal

Thank you, Sir ??


thank you so much sir. it helped me clear my mind . thank you

rohan kanade

To the point answers. Good consultation!

gayatri sharma

He gives genuine advise

Jagriti Singh

highly recommended


thank you guru ji


Excellent consultation! His responses are super prompt with great clarity. Thanks so much for such accurate predictions. Definitely coming back!!


Thanks for all the guidance sir. He is so quick and prompt with the reply. Highly recommended


He was very good in his predictions and gave detailed timeline for achieving positive results. Also suggested simple remedies. Highly Recommended.


very good and knowledge astrologer


Excellent guidance and remedies given by sir.. all my queries satisfactorily resolved.. I just hope his predictions come true.. Thanks a lot sir!


best adviser like my father. Best quality, he always give you practical advices & never sugar quote things unnecessarily that helps u to get clear direction!


Sir is a true genius. I don't have words to address his expertise. Wish to see his predictions comes true asap. Highly recommended.


thank you sir. Honest predictions and no personal opinions. Trust in the experience and knowledge

Sneha Panigrahi

On 1st call, he was very sure with the prediction but on 2nd call after 2 days he changed his statement partially. Not satisfied with the answer.

Keara Sharma

very good astrologer .. explains in detail and provides good remedies for the problems

Jagriti Singh



thanks for guidance. Really feel relax. I will be in touch with you for future guidance.


Thank you so much for the reply and proactively giving us. Grateful for the remedies


Very good reading and observation. Suggested me some useful remedies.


Very articulate and amazing Astrologer. I am very happy with the experience. God bless him

Prabir Jash

not bad

Amanpreet Chohan

Thankyou very much acharya ji ! Very informative session with true predictions. Thanks

Jagriti Singh



amazing experience. thank you so much for your suggestions


Amazing talking to him . exact prediction. will consult again


Excellent astrologer


Positive vibes while connecting with him.. Accuracy was also there.

Nikita Sharma

Thank you di.. for ur guidance.

Hemant Kumar

best astrologer

Abhishek Singh

Well communicated his anticipations. Relevant and to the point.

varun Kumar soni


varun Kumar soni


varun Kumar soni


Richa Gupta

Very good Insights

Akash Ghulghule

Quick and Precise analysis. Impressed with analysis.

Khushboo Gill

I want to chat with you sir

Jagriti Singh

Quiet happy with the session. Answered all my questions. Thanks for the predictions

Gaurav Sharma

Very nice experience. Boosts your moral.thankyou Acharya ji.

Pooja Patil

Very happy with the consultation

sumit sumit

I am having some queries on the report, could you please help me with this

Amrita Singh

One of a kind astrologer, tooo good and to fast, really deserves 10 star rating.

ruchi bhatt

nice talking

Jagriti Singh

So happy to get the advice. This will keep me optimistic. Thanks so much

Yamini Mathur

Thank you Sir for your predictions and astrological advice!

Manish Singh

thank you I though always feel positive after consulting you. thanks for your time.

Nimrit kaur

thank you so much sir for speaking to me in such details and being patient to answer all my questions..will soon begin what you have suggested thank you so much

Muthu Kumar

prediction useless. Not worth for the pay .

Divya S

Thanks for Ur politeness & patience advise in first place. Anyone who comes with the problems will feel good speaking to u. Thanks 4 Ur realistic & practical advise unlike other fake astrologers who cheat on money. Thanks a lot! Felt like fatherly figure! Will call u tnrw sure sir!

Manish Singh

Fabulous astrologer

Muthu Kumar

Akashdeep Kaur


royal brahma

nice prediction and wonderful suggestion sir i feel very confident now. thank you so much sir.

royal brahma

nice prediction and wonderful suggestion sir i feel very confident now. thank you so much sir.

royal brahma

nice prediction and wonderful suggestion sir i feel very confident now. thank you so much sir.

Swaroop Gandhi

thank you so so much it's really make my heart so happy ... will pray that you live long and your all dreams come true soon .

Gyan Ranjan

Knowledgeable person

Manish Goenka

Feel motivated and confident one of the best guru in India

Fran Ferns

His software is not up to the mark.Giving wrong information.

Abhishek Tak

Expert advisor, Good speaker, Knowledgeable.

Swikriti Behera

Very genuine and knowledgeable

Smita Singh

Felt highly confident after talking to you sir

N. K.

good with prashna kundali.

Bhavna Rahi

thanks again for the detailed analysis! you have a knack of presenting the facts as is..and providing easy remedies. will reconsult again!

taisha tripathi

your analytical and explanation is actually good - thanks for clearing all to Me ???? rgds

thank u very much sir

Priya Agarwal

Excellent and nice information from Acharya ji

pinky doshi

Shreya Agarwal

it was nice talking to him . he suggested good remedy . will surely connect him again


Ankush Thaiya

brilliant guidence and reduced my tension and thank u so much for your help

S Prakash

Appreciate your guidance Gopal.Ji. You are focusing on client query and providing valuable suggestions as a solution which is very easy to implement. Thank you very much for your guidance and help.

Supriya Sharma

Pleasure to talk to you, and thanks for sharing useful values and knowledge. Regards,

Varun Mehta

Very detailed analysis. Feels really good after the call. The explanation provided are also detailed. Thank you.

Varun Mehta

Very detailed analysis. Feels great after speaking

Harnoor Singh

Really positive and good analysis.. thanks for the good analysis

Abhinav Mohnot

I've been lucky enough to get a consultation from him. He has been too good with his predictions and have guided me and my family well enough. Thank you sir

Reeshika A

Very good, detailed and accurate predictions. Highly recommended

Ashok Sharma

Deep knowledge and well explained.

Nihir Salvi

He is very nice in his astro analysis

Nishtha Sharma

he understands issues very well and give scientific solution

Deepak Divakaran

Felt very good after talking to Acharya Gopal ji. Also gave great insights into my health problems which made lots of sense. Thank you sir.

Jagriti Singh

Thanks for the prediction. You were upto the point. Very fast prediction without wasting a single moment. Thanks a tonne


Not recommended

Jagriti Singh

he is amazing n perfect in his prediction n guidelines are acceptable and accurate.very gentle n humble person n sorts all your queries

Shreedhar Ilapavuluri

Experience really matters and is clearly felt with the consultation from Acharya sir. Thank you so much sir for your simple remedies.

Mohan Shukla

quick response and thanks it's amazing


Sir is very knowledgeable in the field of astrology. Excellent prediction. Thank you so much sir.


Very excellent astrologer.His advise is so simple and relaxed the mind having lot of mentally problems. He explain in very good manner and explain every problem which I was facing with wonderful solution. Thanks very much Gopal ji. Regards Satish Sharma


Thank you so much for your time on talktoastro and helping me on my spiritual journey. I'm so thankful God put you in my life. Regards Jyoti

Gurleen Kaur

Sir have been waiting for you. Speaking to you makes my soul feel lighter. When will you be available ?

Ankit RAJ

Gurleen Kaur

It was amazing talking to you Sir. Lifted the burden off my heart. Thanks for the beautiful session. Will speak tomorrow :)


It was great talking to you Guruji. You are the best on this portal. Very knowledgeable n polite. Its God’s blessings that I get connected with you since few days n will continue in future. Regards Jyoti Prakash

Gyan Ranjan

Good guidance will wait for the timelines as given

Djv Verma

Sir is great he has good command over kundli and he is accurate and to the point and well explained about kundli .highly recommended

Pratik Sankhe


Pratik Sankhe


Amrita Nag