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Bhawesh Shrivastava
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Expertise : Vedic Astrology

Experience : 25 years

Languages : English, Hindi


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I am Bhawesh Shrivastava, Having 25 Years of experience in Astrology. Astrology comes by hereditary from my Father. I have done Masters in Management and have worked with various Corporates and MNC's. I am enjoying astrology.


I am very Practical while doing Astrology. I am a strong believer in God & our Karmas. Love to help through astrology to anyone who needs guidance through astrology. Medical astrology is my interest area.


 I have been able to satisfy umpteen number of followers.  I believe in giving the holistic picture of the Kundli rather than merely speak about transits and dashas, not just an astrologer but a counselor to heal the broken soul and show the future path of life to help the person grow out of his karmic burdens.  


Astrology is a logical science, Hence I am giving suggestions or remedies on logical terms. Happy to see if anyone getting benefits or help from us.

Divya Patel

My name is Divya birth date 28/06/97 When will I get permanent in my teaching job Also when will I get marry







Priyanka gautam

Thank you so much

Jagriti Singh

thank you sir


very accurate predictions

Anand kumar

The best we have on this platform. I would highly recommend him to everyone!


thank you for your valuable response and predictions.. u were quite quick and confident about predictions.


thank you so much!! are s savior

Abhishek Tak

Excellent knowledge family astrologer from past 3+ years

Priyanka Verma


Gaurav Sharma

nice. thankyou

Lema Dantu


Sneha Panigrahi

He will not stop you from taking any action when it comes in terms of your personal life for the sake of ego. My husband and inlaws were about to visit and Bhawesh ji advised to go and visit them, I did the same and could feel a positive change in their behaviour after meeting them.

Priyanka gautam

Thank you. So much

Amrita Singh


Yashika Sahi

very nice conversation's good experience


Nice to talk to u sir feeling relaxed after talking to you.


Good prediction and given answer in short time.


knowledgeable person.

Jagriti Singh



it was great session with you sir.


Nothings to say just listen he will tell about ur problem with solutions very kind and accurate reading,


very good knowledge and easy remedies... god bless u... will be in touch now onwards


Very accurate consultation and found his upfront way to put things as very genuine. Glad to have connected. Will surely connect to him in future.

Jagriti Singh



his guidance was spot on and his confidence gave me also confidence ... feeling better after the consultation


Thank you Sir for valuable advice.


Always the best. A true guide and mentor in his field. highly recommended always to everyone.


great experience


Great astrologer very wise and knowledgeable confident prediction must consult


amazing will reconnect with you soon


Very accurate with my current course of Life, Guiding and advice was great. will definitely connect with you ji. thanks


Thank you sir for giving me some hope in life when it is seeming extremely dark.


Excellent session, perfect knowledgeable, powerful astrologer , every one should consult at least once, u will amaze & get perfect predictions


given me a positive energy after talking to him I was relieved


good predictions totally satisfied thank you so much sir


Best decision to have contacted him. He told the issue and gave the remedies also. I feel good after chatting with him. More positive now


he is grt and give me perfect feedback


very nice person and very high knowledge.. i never meet a person like him

Jagriti Singh


Jagriti Singh



He was very good and answered all queries.


Very nice and positive


Very honest and deeply explained


It was really nice prediction , accurate things told . Quick response. Will recommend to reach out

Amrita Singh


Ananya kumari

very knowledgeable

Pakanj kr.

Sir prediction regarding job change was correct and accurate.

Naman Garg

thankyou sir for the nice prediction and thankyou for the suggestion .consult to you again


I asked for a report from you .please send it to my registered mail id.



Uma Fogueri

Very good !!!!

Jagriti Singh

nice consultation

Nupur k

Thankyou so much for the prediction. I was really feeling stressed. Now though I am much stable than one month before. sometimes i get stressed shockingly.

Aditi Garg

Thank you very much. I’m feeling happy now. I’ll follow your prediction. You’re such great person and very accurate reading and positive. Please bless us

Ajay Patel

thank you so much ...all your reading come true...and u r very helpful

Sudip Kr

Thank you so much sir for your time. please take care. hoping the predictions come true.

Parul Arora

Very good experience for the first go. Happy and satisfied and my astrologer was very helpful thank you

Reeshika A

Very good

Amrita Singh

best astrologer


sir is very polite and knowledgeable , guides you well. thank you sir, hoping for the best.


Boost up your confidence .Never afraid for the sake of money .Very Genuine.


satisfactory explanation and guidance given to be patient for some time


Best one !. Very genuine and talks to the point. Quick and accurate responses. Knowledgeable and deep insight. Will definitely consult you in future !

Tripti Singh

Thank you sir for your explanation. Sir is very knowledgeable. Must try

Jagriti Singh

Honest reviews, easy remedies, will talking you can feel the connect

Jagriti Singh

very accurate predictions, scientific remedies, advised me as his own daughter loved talking to him.

s d

After 8 years of look out finally got an astrologer and consuler with excellent expertise and human heart. I don't have words to explain how this person helped me. He is a guiding star, someone who gave me hope to live and smile again. If your looking for practical astrologer who fits bill of today's time ...he is the one. He has perfect mix of verdic astrology + practical approach. Absolutely loved doing small memedies to make my life better thanks a lot for everything

Bala Ganesan

Terrible experience ... total waste of Money. Frist his line was awful .. then he predicted ZERO correct things and more than 50% of the time was lost in saying "Hello..." .... absolutely useless . WANT MY Money back

Sanjeev Srivastava

Sanjeev Srivastava

clear and precise guidance..

Reeshika A

Very good

Jagriti Singh

Thank you for answering so many questions..

Lakshmi L

Very slow

Shiva Arya

Good explanation and remedies. Will try to do as told. Hope to see good things in life again.

Suresh K

Provided suitable and clear guidance on the raised query.

Vivek Dhar

Fantastic human being, a genuine caring soul. God bless you.

Ayushmita Arya

Explained very accurately about past-present situations & provide me a nice remedies without spending a huge money for my problem. Thank you

Shruti P

sir has very deep knowledge of astrology, numerology, he is very humble and his predictions are very accurate. everyone should take his consultation.

Yes Kumar

Wrong prediction

vandna Tiwari

he guided me very well. really grateful to talk with him.

Rabindra Kumar Pansari

very good astrologer very helpful and co operative. Nice Person.

Sachin srivastava

Very good astrologer , highly Knowledgeable and nice person.

amrut hankare

Thanks Sir, for your detailed explanation, i am also know the astrology therefore our conversation going in better way , i will call you in future as well

Shubha Shukla

100 percent accurate readings . The best astrologer met so far , who understands his customers deeply and gives the solution .

pushpa latha

thank you so much guruji. your words built confidence in me...thanks for ur words

Gokulakrushna panda

nice prediction

Kushali Mehta

Detailed explanation . Will say very good session and understood why things happen and why happening in my case . ThAnks a lot

Sravya Punati

very good

Shubham Sharma

Very helpful and genuine reading with some practical solutions...


Very humble and and provides easy practical solutions.

Vishvendra Singh

precise medical astrology...

Vinisha D

Very nice explanation in short span of time

arzoo Saxena

hello sir please mere 690 numer k question ka answer kr de please

Gaurav Sharma

Wonderful experience. Listens to your problems and explains the remedies very clearly. Thank you. Namaste !

Priya Singh

great experience with you sir..

N. K.

good with prashna kundali. thank you . regards

Tanima Mukherjee

Accurate and very much polite

N. K.

Shri Shrivastava ji , mentions in his profile about soul, enjoying astrology and accuracy. I find all three mentioned in his profile correct in my humble openion. wishing him well always

sapna Agarwal

Very well explained ans gave suggestions, hope your prediction will come true sir,

Ramta Prasad

Very accurate and satisfying


Although he was correct about my husbands career he has conveniently changed his forecast from end 2020 to end 2021

surajit Rudra

Very Good.

Aman Srivastava

Very good and knowledgeable

Monika Chatterjee

job kab lagegi

Himadri DASH

feel positive after listening him

Debdutta Mitra

Debdutta Mitra

Manzil Tiwari

Thank u so much Sir aap hamesha meri problems ko achhe se sunte he n muze solution batate he.Aap muze humesha guidence dete he.

Ashok Sharma

Deep knowledge about Astrology.

Ashok Sharma

Deep knowledge about Astrology.

Archana A

Excellent analysis

Uttam Kumar

Lucky to get consultancy by such a popular astrologer. He is amazing in making prediction.

vijay kunder

Nishtha Jatwani

Sir when can I contact u?

Jagriti Singh

A great problem solver.. Very nice people

Rupi Babbar

Respected Sir Need an appointment with you. How to process further? Kindly guide. Rupi Babbar

Rupi Babbar

Respected Sir Need an appointment with you. How to process further? Kindly guide. Rupi Babbar

Anjali Mathur

Really quick and nice! Highly recommend!

Amrita Nag

It's really awsome guiding...


Awesome guidance by Bhawesh Sir! Many thanks.


Very knowledgeable and explains with a lot of compassion. Highly recommended.

Pratik Sankhe


shruti Agarwal

Good analysis and to the point.

Jagriti Singh

Very accurate predictions


Very good astrologer and very accurate predictions


Best astrologer, very positive and accurate, many things came true which he told, his guidance helps alot, you can consult him without any second thought, Great


Very Good and logical analysis.


Bhawesh sir is very logical and helpful. Thanks a lot!


Absolutely brilliant gives a lot of information which is already existing and which I had not offered..furthermore he was very specific with dates, and the events occurred. He is now my regular advisor and confidant. God bless him.

Manoj Sharma

Very detailed n nice session

Puneet Kohli

Very Good.

Bhavya Gupta

hello sir waiting for ur call

Anmol Agrawal

Waiting for your call


Fabulous Knowledge about astrology...experienced and prediction level is too good.

V singh

V singh

V singh

V singh

Thanks a lot for Guidance for your guidance Sir ????

Jaikumari PS

Thanks so much for your advice


Thankyou so much for your valuable guidance.

Sukant verma

I benefited a lot from him. he has become my family astrologer...


I took a consultation with Bhawesh Sir for my marriage. He predicted that I will get married to my love. I am very happy to tell that after much struggle finally my love marriage happened last month. Thank you Bhawesh Sir.


Excellent.....thank u

Utkarsh anand

Made prediction very correct and to the point. Have very good knowledge of astrology

Ranjit kumar

Very good astrology, thank you so much.


Excellent Astrologer


I just consulted Sir and must say he is very polite. He listens to your problem completely without interpreting and conveys answers to all your queries. Thank you Sir for your guidance.

Purnendu sarkar

The experience is great

Smriti Rao




Very passionate person and accurate astrologer.


Very calm and patient

sumit turkar

nicely explained

Nitin Pabbi

Thanks for the feedbacks and honest report.


sorry I found it compared to other astrologers.

Padam Desai

Very good session

Alka Mahajan

Excellent. Gave detailed analysis. May god bless him abundantly

Chinmoy Kumar

Excellent person. Excellent advice. God bless Shrivastava Saheb.

akshata nn

thank you

akshata nn

Priyanka gautam

Thank u so much for your motivating guidence

Ambika Dixit

Sir explains very methodically and in a very friendly way. Very nice person

Shrish S

Very good prediction skills. Nice person, great to talk with.

Neeru Sondhi

Your voice is not audible on phone call. Please check. Tried calling you several times

Ashish Chauhan

Very nice point predictions! Very good remedies! Highly recommend !

Priyanka gautam

Thanks for your guidence

Pratik Sankhe


Alka Mahajan


Vineet Chourasia

excellent guidance

Renuka Kollipara

I met many astrologers... Trust me,he is best

Apurva Saxena

One of the best astrologers I have known so far. Sir has always guided me very practically on matters of health and work and some predictions have been bang on correct! Grateful for teaching the right guidance and amazing approach towards work and life decisions. Definitely recommended for career and over all life issues as well!

Priyanka gautam

thank u

Ritu Singh

It was very good session. He is nice person and have good knowledge in astrology. The most important thing in the session was, his approach towards analyzing the chart, then focused on the problems and quickly talked about the solution of problems. Highly recommended.

Naga Bora

Highly recommeded

payal bora new


Harshit Boora

Very good astrologer.. good and to the point..

Ritobrata Pathak

Very good astrologer

bla t

sorry call got disconnected, very informative and indepth.

Sunil Patil

Very practical. Good knowledge of the transits of planets. Worth talking to him


I took a consultation with Bhawesh Sir for my marriage. He predicted that I will get married to my love. I am very happy to tell that after much struggle finally my love marriage happened last month. Thank you Bhawesh Sir.

cool amit

ramamurthi KARTIK

Good analytical skills. Goes in depth.

Harnoor Singh

Nice consultation.. Good and deep analysis

Mayuri Rathod

Highly recommended

Gyan Ranjan

Highly recommended

Arya Pillai

Good analysis and prediction and suggestions

Manjushree Venkatesh

Good predictions

nilesh mishra


Gyan Ranjan

Highly recommended. Very logical.