Rahu Transit 2020

Rahu Transit 2020

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is a very inauspicious planet. Along with Ketu, this is a planet as a shadow, which means it doesn't really have a physical existence. The symbol of Rahu is a serpent that is sitting on a chariot pulled by seven horses. 

The influence of Rahu is different on different zodiac signs. It will be very powerful if it is sitting on the Gemini. Powerful here refers to giving more negative results or having a bad influence. And if it is on the Sagittarius sign, it will be least powerful.

 Gemini to Taurus  Saturday, September 19, 2020, 08:06 PM
 True Gemini to Taurus  Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 07:38 AM

According to Vedic astrology, the nature of Rahu and Ketu is quite similar. Both the planets are considered as malefic planets. It is considered as the significator of politics. Therefore, if a native has a strong Rahu in their Kundli or horoscope, their chances of succeeding in politics and government work are quite high. However, Rahu also attracts losses. But when Rahu is weak, it will badly affect the mental health of the native.

The Significance of Rahu in Astrology

The planet Rahu is not considered a very positive planet in astrology. Just like Ketu, it also does not rule over any zodiac sign or house. It will be exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. Rahu has good relationships with certain planets like Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. However, it clashes with Sun, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter.

When Rahu is deposited on the third, seventh, tenth, and eleventh house of the horoscope, it will give positive results to the native. But if it is deposited on the second, fourth, fifth, eighth, ninth, and twelfth house, it will yield negative results.


The Effects of Transition of Rahu

 First House:

When the Ketu transits in the first house of horoscope, it will bring problems and hurdles in the life of the natives. It will also badly affect their health.

Second House:

The transition of Ketu in the second house will give a lot of problems in many aspects of life to the native. It will give health complications. Their reputation in society and in the workplace might also get affected. It will also affect their financial stability. The native will face an increase in their expenses and they will have a hard time making the ends meet.

Third House:

When the Ketu transits in the third house, it will bring positive results for the native. They will feel happy and their surroundings will remain calm as well. They will not feel afraid of taking bold moves or risks in their life due to which their performance improves at the workplace. This increases their prospects of promotions.

Fourth House:

When the Ketu transits in the fourth house, it will negatively affect various aspects of life like career, job, or health of the loved ones. It will specifically affect your performance at the workplace. Then, as a result, the chances of promotions may also decrease.

Fifth House:

The transition of Ketu in the fourth house is a very positive position in terms of financial health and business. There will be more flow of income and business will also expand. However, things might get complicated with family, children, or love life.

Sixth House:

The transition of Ketu in the sixth house is very auspicious especially for the financial health of the native. This period also improves their physical and mental health. They will be able to overcome their problems as well as their enemies. Their business and job will see the surge and will be able to earn more.

Seventh House:

When the Ketu transits in the seventh house, it will badly affect the married life of the native. They will have disagreements and disputes with their spouses more often. Not only this, their other partnerships like in business or at the workplace may also get negatively affected.

Eighth House:

The transition of Ketu in the eighth houses is not an auspicious period for the native. It will affect the health as well as legal matters of the natives. Also, there are chances that problems will come to the native promptly and without any warning. Therefore, they need to stay alert during this period.

Ninth House:

When the sun transits in the ninth house, there will be many positive changes in the life of the native. They will get good results in the field of higher education, spirituality, etc. however, things might get sour with parents. Therefore, it is suggested to you put effort into maintaining a good relationship with them.

Tenth House:

The transition of Ketu in the tenth house is quite auspicious for many aspects of the life of the native. This period will grant success in the fields of career and job to the native. However, it will come with a lot of mental stress.

Eleventh House:

When the Ketu transits in the eleventh house, there will be auspicious results for the native. They will earn financial gains as well as recognition at their workplace. They will also get the support of their friends. Their physical and mental health will also improve during this period.

Twelfth House:

The transition of Ketu in the twelfth house, there will be some ups and downs in the life of natives. Their financial health will be disturbed. 


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