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Sarita Bhardwaj
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Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Prashna, Horary

Experience : 12 years

Languages : English, Hindi


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MON-SUN :: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

Dr. Sarita Bhardwaj did doctorate in Astrology. Sarita is a Vedic Astrologer,  having 12 years of experience in the same field.She did praveena, visharda, and post visharda. She has been practicing astrology since 2008.

She always had profound interest in Hindu Jyotish Vidhya. Clients visit her with several life problems to which she always provides profound solutions to all of their worries and hassles. She has severe skills and expertise in providing soothing remedies to all of her esteemed clients, related to Jyotish- Marriage, Education, Career, Children, Legal Disputes, Match making, Travel abroad, Medical astrology, Muhurta, Prashan Kundli, Horary and Mundane.

Just be going through kundli, she can tell everything about a client and give remedies according to the problem.She is an astrologer who strongly believes in astrology as an integral part of science. She try to solve issues of people by using her experience and astrological remedies.

raktima chakraborty

very good prediction. hope everything comes true. thanks mam

Kamal Prasad Badajena

Mam is so accurate that I could not express. Once again she had predicted for the job and its bang on same date. Thank You Mam for your support


can you please help me.... it's urgent ma'am


hello ma'am

Jagriti Singh

great session


it was a great experience.


Connected with her for first time and she's simply superb. Very fast and detailed readings. Thank you so much ma'am


thanks u so much for true to ur predictions

Ajit Sharma

one of the best female Astrologer. very calm n understanding. I will contact her again

Amrita Singh

great advisor


she is too fast and to the point thank you as always communication positive hone laege hai as you predicted


Accurate and caring


Thank you Mam it was a great session with you. You helped me to resolve my most of the concerns.


Thank you for your guidance. It was an enlightened session speaking to you.

Jagriti Singh



thanks ma'am


Thnku so much if you could kindly complete what you were typing




Thanks for this wonderful app.. It is very helpful to self motivate us


Thanks Ma'am for listening me all this while. Really I feel so good after talking to you


She is one of the best astrologer . Her predictions are true


I highly recommend her, she is the best astrologer I have ever met. She has knowledge and understanding about the chart.


very nice


It is always pleasant to talk to her. She gives you enough time and gives you detailed remarks for your queries. This was my second time consulting with her... and I will sure come back to her again if I ever need any astro consultation again.


Very nice guidance... Very motherly.. simple remedies..Thank you Mam

Kamal Prasad Badajena

I had connected with Mam regarding my job prediction she is so accurate in her prediction that she told me in detail when company will take interview and in which month they will give me appointment letter. And all happened as per her prediction . Thank You so much Mam for your guidance

siddhi jain

hello can you please update with my one question i am parcipating in competition will i able to go London in coming months 13/10/2006

Nileshkumar Prajapati

very good experience....

Pooja Cr

Accurate predictions. Very much satisfied

Karim Ali

She was absolutely amazing she is to the point clear and kind She is a master of her art The best

Shallu Garg

Sarita mam is very humble. Mam explains everything in detailed manner with accurate prediction. Mam a very positice attitude. Explained the things like the mother. Thanx to Mam for doing such predictions and for wonderful remedies which definitly provides best results. Highly recommended mam. One must consult astro Sarita mam.

Amit Bhardwaj

An excellent astrologer . Very precise. In depth knowledge and so very accurate. Has deep insight and helped me to change my lyf. So much so helped me to quit smoking. . Highly recommended . One stop solutions to every problem

Jagriti Singh

accurate prediction


logical thinking and very helpful. Thanks for the help


Highly recommended she is my go to person Knowledgeable accurate in reading


I liked app very much....I can't believe..there are somethings said by astrologer which are real..iam happy


Always a blessing to talk to her.. she’s very accurate and gives very simple remedies.. a must to consult.. Thankyou mam


Accurate prediction that, I could relate. It was concrete too.

Rudranil Ghossh

very good experience,knowledgeble

Jagriti Singh



predictions are okay , she is motherly and affectionate but not straight to point

Amanpreet kaur Chohan

Thankyou so much mam Such an accurate astrologer!! In short I would recommend her to everyone truly. She can understand everything and predict things correctly.Highly positive!!

Amanpreet kaur Chohan

Thankyou so much mam Such an accurate astrologer!! In short I would recommend her to everyone truly. She can understand everything and predict things correctly.Highly positive!!


Very good interaction with shrutee ma'am,she just give you all the solution.Thank you ma'am


madam I agreed with your prediction and thank u for your kind help to me


it's a wonderful session. Ma'am answered my question directly. Thanks for making this application.


loved the way the astro described every thng asked in a proper manner


very detailed and very informative. helped a lot. bang on predictions which was barely even noticed by anyone else.


I talked to Dr. Sarita two months back and she predicted some things regarding my career. Her all predictions are so accurate and true. Thanx a lot mam.

Arya Pillai

First time listened in vedic astrology ,2nd marriage is seen from 8th house lol . please share any articles or book or video by great astrologer .i will believe you

Babu Parmar

very very good knowledge superb counsltant I like them

Sonam Vinodkumar Jha

Really good

Deeksha Tandon

Nice talking to you . Very nice experience. Thanks a lot

Jagriti Singh



Too good to speak to. Honest opinion always with proper guidance like a family member


Patient and truthful advice she gave really made me feel steady and sure about the future. Gratitude.


she is extremely good in her predictions. she have guided me throughout. she is not like other who will confuse you. She tells things way prior to happen. kudos


Thank you so much , your predictions came true. Hoping the same for future


She explained every thing so patiently and answered all my queries.


felt really positive talking to her and she explained everything well. Will follow her remedies as well

sangeeta negi

excellent astrologer

Saurabh Gupta

Feel so relax talking to her

abhishek mundra

Good talking to her, very straight forward.

Kamal Prasad Badajena

Really excellent Astrologer, felt like family person nicely explained each and every thing I asked. Also predicted just waiting for the prediction to come true. Thanks Mam

Anjali Mathur

Very patiently and nicely explained. Answered all my queries.

Lema Dantu


kousmanda radha

Felt nice and motivated after talking to. Nice lady and straightforward answer to questions.


very good and polite .I am satisfied

Diptomoy Mukherjee

thank you very much. very sweet spoken. polite. gave lot of confidence.

Rohit Sharma

Excellent astrologer. She gives your true picture

Jagriti Singh


Alka Mahajan


Nitin Juneja

Very Good

Jagriti Singh



straight forward. blunt and to th point. must consult astrologer. very genuine and knowledgeable astrologer .


Very positive and understanding. Felt really good talking to you ma’am


Nice talking to her.


through reading of chart and eventually told u remedy as per situation. no sugar talk only logical talk. very good


she's very astrologer....Tq mam for your prediction and remedies

Lema Dantu


Abha Verma

Thank you mam, you are the best.

Jagriti Singh


Somya Rathi

thank you so much ma'am after talking to you I am always at peace . your prediction is very true and after speaking to u I get rid of all my anxiety.


Thank you so much. It was wonderful talking to you. Very motherly feeling after talking to her. Precise guidance. Grateful Mam. God bless you.

Jagriti Singh


Gaurav Kr

thanks always for making me feel positive. I could literally go ahead with a counselling with u


I am feeling very relaxed after chatting with you... I hope whatever you said will be true!

Ravi Singh

She was very accurate with her readings and very specific about steps for future

Kenneth Chakma

Very motherly and positive vibes. Highly recommended to all.

Lakshmi L

Very sweet and maternal. Positive and encouraging

Naveen Kumar

I liked her down to earth approach,humbleness mentioning her English is weak being having PhD and Gold Medalist She spoke very well in English Education is not teaching how to Make Money Education is teaching how to have Good Qualities You are really a Dictionary

Naveen Kumar

Very Nice of you Madam. You are worth in this Platform having Vast Knowledge of Astrology Your Guidance for People like us is very much essential thank you so much 9.9/10***** She made me!

Chandani Rawat

Always such in-depth and patient analysis I highly recommend you to all any situations be it you will always handle with power and care!

Tamanna Kumari

A healer a counselor and a friend for life.

Akanksha Sk

Blessed to have a person like you in life.

Ajay Solanki

Very humble person with very powerful predicting skills, she never wastes time and does accurate predictions! lucky to consult her!

Tusar Rana

Soothing and clarity in her words.. And readings were accurate too. Thanks for the session

Arya Pillai

Very good astrologer

Akanksha Singh

Nice experience!! She is accurate with her readings. So much positivity!!

varun PN


Pooja Patil

very good

नीरु राय

One of the best astrologer on the platform.. very positive , practical and knowledgeable person. I am glad I consulted her .Very accurate analysis and predictions.

Trina Chatterjee

very positive and sweet, i hope her predictions for my future come true

Divya S

Felt like talking to a mother. u mam...thank u so much

Divya S

Felt so good & relieved after speaking to u mam. Thank u so much for Ur advises & remedies !

Nandita Talwar

Have been consulting her since the last 12 years, both me and my mother, and every single thing she ever said came out to be true, she is an expert and is blessed with this universal knowledge, has a very motherly energy and makes you feel so comfortable. I would recommend everyone to not think twice and call her already. A soul sent on earth to help all of us indeed

Shashank Tiwari

Great session with mam all predictions to the point visit you again mam thank you

Aman Singh

Very good reading by mam as always. Mam has very good intuition power

Saurabh Tiwari

it was a nice experience , feeling so much better and positive . thank u mam

kriti arun

kriti arun

Extremely knowledgeable, felt positive...hope your predictions come true

Chandan Singh

superb clear point to point clarity value for money!

Suman Sarkar

very friendly, she made few positive predictions about my future. I am looking forward to see her predictions come true.

Pallavi Sridhar

Felt positive after talking to Sarita ji

Lema Dantu


Abhishek Tak

Very detailed analysis and in depth predictions. Highly recommended for any astrological consultations.

r m

Great advisor. Very confident and accurate reply.

Shramana Kumar

Precise reading, positive outlook and gives a thorough explanation behind every prediction. One will feel the connect instantly with her.

Gaurav Singh

great astrologer

Gyan Ranjan

She has deep knowledge in horary as well. Recommended.

Gyan Ranjan