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Ketu good or bad?

Most people should have undoubtedly detected these 2 names: “Rahu” and “Ketu”.

And by default, it's assumed that individuals WHO square measure related to these 2 names (this is deduced by one’s horoscope or birth chart) typically invite tons of dangerous

Let’s try to perceive this idea higher.

Astrologically, Hindu deity and Ketu square measure brought up as shadow planets.

Mythological studies counsel that Hindu deity and Ketu exist on the intersection between the Sun and also the Moon as they move regarding within the heavens.

it's attributable to this indisputable fact that within the past days, folks believed that Hindu deity and Ketu swallow the Sun and also the Moon; so triggering a star

or an eclipse (though scientifically, this can be not in any respect true).

although their physical presence has ne'er been determined, it's believed that the manner during which they're placed in one’s horoscope might bring either sensible luck or dangerous luck to

Hindu deity is claimed to be female in gender whereas Ketu is claimed to be neuter.

Once folks get to grasp that they either have a Hindu deity or Ketu Dasha in their horoscopes for a particular amount of your time, in real-time worry gets

instilled in them and that they square measure crystal rectifier to believe that misfortunes can arrive knock on their doors.

There square measure some pseudoscience facts associated with Ketu as follows:

* Ketu is believed to supply Moksha or Liberation and directs someone towards spirituality

* It has an erratic and haphazard temperament

* It is thought to dislike the Sun and also the Moon

* The nakshatras that square measure ruled by Ketu are: Ashvini, Magh, and Mula (names of various stars which can be related to a person’s time of birth)

* Cat’s eye, a gemstone, is claimed to be dominated by Ketu.

that is why someone having Ketu Dasha in his horoscope could be asked (by AN astrologer) to wear a finger ring (on a particular finger) containing identical.

just in case this stone isn't offered, he or she could also be asked to wear Turquoise, another stone thought-about as a substitute for the higher than

* On average, as per pseudoscience studies, Ketu Dasha (the total section of Ketu) is thought to exist for an amount of seven years

* As per subject, range|the amount|the quantity} seven or any number that adds up to seven is claimed to be ruled by Ketu

According to star divination, the consequences of Ketu completely rely on however they're placed or move in one’s horoscope.

In some cases, if the conditions square measure favorable for Ketu, they'll bring positive vibes in an exceeding person like compassion, spirituality, cooperation, and idealism.

just in case conditions aren't favorable, then they're believed to make a negative impact on someone.

The person might have difficulties in anger management and management or it might even be attainable that he might resort to violence.

In such cases, someone could also be asked to conduct special prayers for identical so as to scale back its negativity.

Many people might not even savvy Hindu deity and Ketu impact or have an effect on our lives.

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