Moon Mahadasha

Moon Mahadasha and its effect

Moon Mahadasha

Moon Mahadasha is a period of 10 years when the influence of the moon on your horoscope is highest. Moon is the representation of mother, femininity, beauty, art, luxury, prosperity, softness, money and love. Therefore, during this time (Dasha), a person may start feeling a sudden rise of interest in art. Your mind will start experiencing your inclination towards the path of spirituality. You will also gain knowledge and intelligence and your creativity will boost. However, this period will also bring restlessness in your mind, mental stress and anxiety as its negative effects. 


 Moon Mahadasha in Moon Antardasha 

This period will be quite positive as the chances of success and progress is high here. Since, moon is symbolic of femininity, the influence of females will rise. Your relationship with your mother will improve and you will make a lot of female friends. There are high chances that you will be facing a lot of ups and downs during this period. However, you may meet your life partner during this time. You need to give extra attention to your mental health, which seems to deteriorate during this period. 


Moon Mahadasha in Venus Antardasha 

In Vedic astrology, both the planets are considered as auspicious or the ones giving benefits. Although, together they both are harmful both are associated with wealth. Therefore, people with this dasha will enjoy income and luxury. If you are a businessman, you will see a rise in your profits. Your relationship with people around you will improve. You will start spending more time with time. Meanwhile, you will also form new relationships. Your interest in art, music and culture will increase. 


Moon Mahadasha in Ketu Antardasha

In the period of Ketu antardasha, your travel history will increase. The vedic astrology considers the ketu’s shadow on the moon as a bad sign. This will give the person a hard time. Your financial problems will increase and your relationship with your family will start getting bad. You need to take care while spending any penny since your wealth will gradually decrease. Moreover, all these financial and family problems will start giving you headache and stress. Therefore, at the time of distress you need to remind yourself that this time shall pass too. 


Moon Mahadasha in Mercury Antardasha

In Vedic astrology, both the planets are considered as benefic planets. Therefore, this period will give you positivity. You will see the rise in the prospects of your career and wealth. Mercury signifies to communication. Therefore, having the influence of mercury will improve your communication skills. This period will also provide you opportunities to improve your knowledge and intelligence as these factors will help you in getting success in life. 


Moon Mahadasha in Mars Antardasha

 Mars is considered as a planet that will bring problems in life during this period. You have to go through financial problems but progress in your career is on its way. Your relationship with your family, especially with your parents can get sour. During this period, you need to take extra precautions for your health since problems related to health, specifically stomach and blood may arise. You also have to take good care of your mental health as the chances of increased anxiety may increase. 


Moon Mahadasha in Rahu Antardasha

Rahu and Moon are harmful for a person if they are together. During this dasha, a person will feel lonely and this will eventually affect their mental condition. They will start feeling anxious and paranoid. The financial problems will also start rising and you will start facing problems with business or your work. At this time, the chances of eating disorders will arise. This will then harm the physical health of the person. But, as the time passes, life will get back to its normal track. 


Moon Mahadasha in Jupiter Antardasha

 Jupiter in Vedic astrology signifies to expansion and growth. Therefore, a person in this dasha will feel a boost in his knowledge and wisdom as well as wealth and comfort. You may decide to travel somewhere to attain spirituality. Students during this dasha will get the results for their efforts in their academics. Your relationship with your family will get better, which will help you feel happiness and peace in life. You will start spending more time with your family and friends. 


 Moon Mahadasha in Saturn Antardasha 

Saturn is considered a malefic or destructive planet. Therefore, this data will bring a lot of problems in your life. Your plans and goals might take some time to fulfill due to the influence of this planet. This will harshly affect your mind and will give you a lot of stress. Under this stress, one will start acting aggressively with other people which will decay your relationships. Your aggression and anger will negatively impact your reputation in society. 


Moon Mahadasha in Sun Antardasha

In Vedic astrology, the sun is symbolic to father and moon is symbolic to mother. Therefore, this period will be a balanced one as the energy of both the planets balance each other. You will find happiness and peace during this dasha, which will help you strengthen your mind. You will start earning positivity in life and your reputation in the society will also improve. You will start rising in the path of your career and professional life. 

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