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Impact of Jupiter Mahadasha

Jupiter Mahadasha's duration is of 16 years. Jupiter is the planet connected with wealth, money, fortune, spirituality and happiness in married life and general well being. It also represents the liver. The benefic placement of Jupiter in the chart means, the natives would live a wealthy life. 

Jupiter expands and develops the aspects of the area where it lies in the horoscope. People under the Mahadasa of Jupiter get progress in 

 business, psychology, spirituality, politics, administration, teaching, banking, lectureship, education, finance, jewellery, marriage counselling, loan, etc,

During the period of Jupiter Mahadasha Children also perform well, and there is an increase in the decision making power of natives, Jupiter gives blessing to native with enhanced judgment and wisdom and helps to achieve great heights in career too.

 This Mahadasa also improves your inclination towards religiosity and spirituality. It is also considered by warmth and improvement in relationships, especially married life. Here are the effects of several Antardasas of Jupiter.

Jupiter Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Native put effort and wealth into pursuing religion and spirituality. 

 If the person follows the good karma and seeks spirituality then the person could experience a lot of name and position in society and get the blessings of Jupiter. 

This is a phenomenal period in terms of practicing spirituality. A lot of spiritual travels and good activities take place. Children also live a happy life. Native enjoys a lot of knowledge and intelligence and gets a better place in a career. 

If Jupiter is malefic then this Mahadasha can also lead to disconnection from spouse. Problems with kids are also possible. Health problems can occur, especially related to the liver. Affliction may also lead to defaming and loss of wealth.

Jupiter Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Saturn Antardasa gives advantages in loan and property interests. People in this Dasha enjoy a lot of wealth and profits due to the downtrodden in society. 

This period helps to boost one’s professional status. Native people put a lot of energy into getting success. This is the right time to succeed in the field of law, justice, and management.

 The more you work hard and smart during this period, the better would be the possibilities of success. If the Saturn us malefic, then native could face some issues in work life. 

Some health difficulties may also crop up during this phase due to the negative influence of Saturn. Saturn Antardasa in Jupiter Mahadasa could also lead to defaming in society and loss of wealth in case of affliction.

Jupiter Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha 

Mercury and Jupiter's planets are the karaka of knowledge and intelligence so, during this phase, the natives gain a good understanding and the power to learn quickly and also Their intellectual abilities improve a lot. 

Native makes a lot of name, fame, and money with their own intelligence. Boss also appreciates your value during this time. This is also a good period regarding education. Results are usually positive during this Mahadasha. 

Native also gets success in professional efforts and earns a lot of honour in society. During this Mahadasha, native leads to maintain peace and good relationship at home.

 If the affliction is there, sometimes it's hard for natives to get the desired results of his efforts and hard work in exams.

 Skin problems are also possible in this case. Moreover, memory issues and mental imbalance can persist too.

Jupiter Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha 

This Antardasa affords the native with the spiritual bent and interest in religious journeys. However, during this phase, Ketu creates a lot of confusion and problems in career matters.

 The possibility of custody also exists. Native may also suffer from health problems and a lot of mental pain.

 Some wasteful trips could also happen during this period. You may face separation in relationships too. Expenditure also goes high. 

Jupiter Mahadasha Venus Anterdasha

This Mahadashaproduces a lot of positive results, provided you put sufficient effort. Your faith towards God and your spiritual mindset strengthen during this period. 

Venus gives a lot of physical comfort for natives. Your interest in singing and music also improves. You observe a lot of love and affection in your married life.

Both planets are beneficial and signify wealth and fortune. This period brings financial prosperity and stability to the native. You tend to enjoy a lot of materialistic happiness such as luxury clothes and vehicles. Your wisdom also increases due to the positive impact.

Jupiter Mahadasha in Sun Anterdasha 

This Antardasa plays an important role in your financial position. Status upgrades and overall wealth grows too. The impact of planets brings a lot of names, fame, and money to the native.

 Both these planets are powerful and supreme so success in professional attempts is possible. Possibilities of promotion also exist. Native observes an increase in wisdom and knowledge too. 

Happiness in relationship and family matters also controls during this period. If malefic Sun is there, then native could suffer from body pains, fever, nervous diseases, lack of peace of mind.

Jupiter Mahadasha Moon Antardasha 

Native get support from partners and children during this Antardasa. The impact of the Moon and Jupiter’s relationship increases income prospects.

 This period also brings progress on the career aspect. Native gets a lot of help from society and enjoy material prosperity, luxuries, and pleasures of life. 

This is a beautiful phase of life for the native. Relationship with spouse and children also remains polite. The person undertakes spiritual journeys too. 

 This Antardasa can lead to distance in relations. Loss of health wealth and social honor are also possible if Moon or Jupiter is malefic in a birth chart

Frequent body pains and mental distress may also persist during the Maha Dasha if Moon is malefic.

Jupiter Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

This Antardasa develops knowledge and learning capability. Native earns more profits from land sources. also a lot of happiness in family matters and married life. 

Relation with spouse also improves. Natives become a little dominating in nature though some disputes and debates with others are possible. Nonetheless, this is a time to enjoy honor and fame in society. If under the malefic impact, this period causes fever and eye-related problems Lack of mental peace can become a problem for the native.

Problems in relation to business matters may also come up. Moreover, loss of wealth is also a possibility for natives.

Jupiter Mahadasha Rahu AnterDasha 

This maha Dasa produces a lot of uncertainty and confusion in life. It makes the person self-centred and domineering in nature. The person undertakes to indulge in unnecessary arguments and conflicts.

 Family relations also suffer due to this. Native also observes career destruction during this period. Financial problems are also possible due to rising expenses.

 This period is also denoted by increased fear of infections and medication related to it. The person may also suffer from physical pain, headaches problem, and liver-related problems.

 To have a more peaceful life during this Mahadasha, natives should take up spiritual travels and take a bath in holy waters. Practising meditation also helps in this regard.

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