Spouse prediction in astrology

How to predict about spouse in astrology

Although Spouse's prediction in astrology has the influence of multiple factors such as the sign of 7th house, Lord of 7th house and its position in the horoscope, planetary Aspects on the 7th house and the planet placed in 7th house.

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7th house planets and spouse characteristics

Sun in 7th house and spouse characteristics:

If there is the sun in the 7th house of a native, the spouse will be of dominating nature. Her voice is raucous and she is always ready to fight. The spouse will have a high sense of self-respect. Due to the ego of his/her will be deprived of her husband's love. 

Moon in 7th house and spouse characteristics:

If the Moon in the 7th house is a moon, then the spouse nature will be sweet. The person will be of shy nature If the 7th house is in the Taurus zodiac sign, the woman is fond of wearing clothes and ornaments and she is transformed. If Moon is in 7th house, there are high chances of the spouse of younger age or lesser age difference. Spouse will be emotional.

Mars in 7th house and spouse characteristics:

If Mars is in the 7th house, then the spouse is impulsive and impatient. The spouse will always be yearning for change be in a career or daily routine. Spouse of native can also be in bad company if Mars is afflicted. If the conjunction of Mars and Saturn takes place in Cancer or Leo sign in 7th house, and then there are chances that the spouse might multiple partners. However, the spouse will be wealthy.

Mercury in 7th house and spouse characteristics:

In the horoscope of native if Mercury is in the 7th house, the Communication skill of spouse will be good. His/her language will be sweet. Spouse will be of a friendly nature and he/she will get the affection for the partner. The relationship will befriend like. If exalted Mercury is placed here then the spouse can be writer, wealthy and leading a luxurious life. Spouse will be expressive.

Jupiter in 7th house and spouse characteristics:

If Jupiter is placed in 7th house then the spouse will be chaste, rich, talented, happy and of good nature. If Jupiter is in the 7th house and moon in cancer then the spouse will be beautiful.

Venus in 7th house and spouse characteristics: 

If Venus is positioned in 7th house then the spouse will be beautiful. He/She will be fond of beautiful and luxurious things. Spouse will be of romantic nature. The eyes of the Spouse will be attractive.

Saturn in 7th house and spouse characteristics:

If Saturn is placed in 7th house, then the spouse will be older with much age difference. If Saturn is afflicted then he/she will have ill health and poor. If Saturn is strong and benefic then the spouse will be mature, responsible and caring.

Rahu/Ketu in 7th house and spouse characteristics:

If Rahu/Ketu is placed in 7th house and are deprived of aspect of any benefic planets, then the spouse might bring a bad name to the family. The native will be deprived of happiness from married life. The spouse can be merciless and cruel nature.

 Spouse Profession in Astrology

In astrology, spouse profession can be predicted from the Lagna chart and navamsa chart.

In a kundali, the 10th house is the house of career. If you want to know the profession of spouse, count the 10th house from the 7th house because it is that the house of the marriage and 10th house from 7th house will give clues about the career of the spouse. This concludes to be the 4th house from Ascendant.

4th house, its Lord and influencing planets can have an effect on the career of the coming husband or spouse. If the Lord of 4th house is strong then it indicates a good career of the partner. The sign lord of 4th house and the planets sitting in the 4th house indicates the profession of your spouse. e.g if Mars is the lord of the 4th house, it can give a profession such as an army officer, police officer, surgeon, etc .

Additionally,Position of Jupiter in kundali and the planets connected with it are helpful in predicting husband’s profession. Similarly, Venus position and the planets connected with it indicates wife profession.

 Spouse's profession on the basis of Navamsa chart in astrology

For determining the spouse profession, check your 4th house, which is the profession house of your partner as its 10th from 7th house. Now check the position of your 4th house lord and the planets positioned in the 4th house in the Navamsa chart.
If these planets are afflicted or weak in the navamsa chart, then your spouse will face a lot of trouble in career. If Saturn is associated with these planets then the career growth of your spouse will happen at later age.

If sun is associated and Sun is in strong position then your spouse can be benefitted from government or can have a government job.

If Moon is associated then there can be frequently job changes or transfer in job.

To know whether your spouse will be doing business or job or what kind of business he/she will be doing. For that, you need to see the nakshatra of 4th house lord additionally 8th house lord, which will tell you what sort of earning source he or she will be having.

Age of spouse astrology 

It is difficult to give exact prediction of age difference with birth chart. However, there are certain combinations in vedic astrology which indicates age difference with spouse.

Chances of Younger spouse in astrology

1. If Moon is connected with the 7th house, 7th lord house lord or is Nakshatra lord then the native may get younger spouse. When  Moon is involved there will not be much age difference, and both will be around same age. Ex. A girl may get younger spouse by few months. However, in this case there should not be aspect of Saturn on 7th house.
2.    If Mercury is connected with 7th house ,7th house lord or Nakshatra Lord then native may get younger spouse. Mercury generally gives more age difference. If the girl birth chart has Rahu or Ketu aspect on the marriage house, then there are much higher chances of younger spouse.
3.    If darakaraka planet is connected with Mercury or if Mercury is placed at 7th house from atmakaraka planet then also it indicates younger spouse.
However, these conditions should be calibrated more from the Navamsa also. 

Chances of elder spouse in astrology

1. If Saturn is connected with 7th house,7th house lord or nakshatra lord then it gives elder or mature spouse. Saturn if connected with Rahu or Rahu aspect on marriage house, then the marriage is of unconventional nature.
2. If darakaraka planet is connected with Saturn or if Saturn is placed at 7th house from atmakaraka planet then also it indicates elder spouse.

These combinations give indications of age of spouse in astrology. However, to be sure position of Venus and Jupiter also need to be checked.

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