Get solutions to all your marriage problems through astrology.

Solve all your marriage complications and issues like obstacles in marriage, incompatibility in marriage, when to get married, post-marriage life with our expert astrologers.

When will I get married? How will my post-marriage life be? Why am I not getting married? Why is my marriage getting delayed again and again? I am having a lot of conflicts with my partner. How do I solve this? What to do to have a beautiful married life? What can I do to have a good partner?

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Marriage is a beautiful turning of life that brings its own ups and down with it. We are here to help you tackle these ups & downs and obstacles regarding your marriage life with the help of our expert astrologers.

A beautiful married life with a good partner is something people always desire. But it's not everyone’s luck to get one. There are many complications like late or delayed marriages that can discourage anyone and therefore, affects your happiness and everyday life.

Whether you are not getting married, or having a divorce and considering a second marriage, or not having very wise relations with your partner, with our marriage astrologers, you will get solutions to all your problems and future insights and analysis too.

Questions You Can Ask:

 * I am not finding a suitable match for marriage. What should I do?

 * Why am I having so many obstacles to my marriage and how do I remove it?

 * According to my Rashi, when or at what age am I supposed to get married?

 * I am getting divorced soon. Are there chances of remarriage in my life?

 * I am having conflicts with my partner very much these days. What can I do to solve this problem?

 * What is the auspicious month or date to marry this year?

 * I am considering marrying my long-term relationship partner. What are our chances of getting success in the marriage?

 * Is it the right time for me to get wedded?

 * I am Manglik and my relationship partner is not. Is it okay for us to get married?

 *I am having trouble finding a match due to my Manglik status. What should I do?


I am getting married soon. How will my relationship with my partner?

In Vedic astrology, we can check the compatibility between two persons by comparing their Janam Kundli and examining your status of the 7th house. The astrologers will compare your guna and if 18 or more guna are matched with each other, the compatibility will be higher.

Which planet controls the marriage component of a person’s life?

According to astrology, Venus or ‘Sukra’ is the planet that is important in terms of marriage. This is the planet which is the symbol of love, romance, and marriage. Therefore, it is considered as the ruler of the 7th house which is a house for relationships.

Which house in the Kundli depicts the marriage section?

The 7th house in the Kundli is associated with the life partner and marriage. Although it explains every relationship, it specifically holds what and how your marriage life is going to me. 

Different planets in it explain different meanings. Having some planets like Jupiter or Venus benefits you whereas certain planets like Mars or Saturn may bring obstacles to your marriage.

What is the best date and month to get married?

Astrologers can calculate the best date for you to get married by comparing yours and your partner’s Janam Kundli and study the positions of certain planets like Jupiter or Venus on the 7th house of your Kundli. If everything fits well and you don’t have any negative influence in your Kundli    

Why am I having so much problem in finding a suitable match for myself?

Your 7th house which controls the relationship element of your life is maybe under the influence of certain planets and stars like Mars, Saturn, or Sun, which are of separative nature. These planets and stars bring obstacles to your way of getting married. Consult an expert astrologer to know remedies on how to remove the ill-effects of these from your life.




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