Surya Mahadasha

Sun Mahadasha -Effect and consequences of Surya Mahadasha period

In astrology, the sun is the significance of power and influence. It has two strengths i.e. its light and heat, where light symbolizes optimism and cheerfulness and health symbolizes anger.

Native having sun mahadasha in their horoscope will go through major life turning events in different aspects of life like career, family, business, etc. This dasha is a period of affliction along with the adversities. Although the native will gain name, fame, money, and profits, they will also get anxiety, stress, fears, and major health problems.  But summing everything, the natives will have a prosperous life in the end. 


Sun Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha

Since, the sun signifies to power in astrology, this period will make you very powerful in different aspects of life. You will witness a peak in your career and move forward with many responsibilities in hand. Your power will help you gain recognition amongst people around you. An auspicious position of sun on the horoscope will bring you financial benefits too. However, all these activities happening will also bring you mental stress, so you need to take care of that too.


Moon Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha

Sun and moon both are auspicious planets and both have good relations with each other. Therefore, this period is a positive period where native will see the upliftment. Sun is symbolic to father and the moon is symbolic to mother. Therefore, both the planets influence your life positively and balance each other's energies. Having moon in sun’s dasha will help native earn respect and dignity in their life. They will also help native in earning money and gaining profits. There may be some turns which may affect you but not very harshly. 


Mars Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha

Both planets are very influential and affect your life very much. During this dasha, you will feel more powerful and authoritative and will earn a position of power in your workplace. You will have a proper and neutral relationship with your family. But this phase can also affect your life negatively. Native will feel the shift of their relationships and some rift may also arise within the family. They may also face mental stress.


Mercury Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha

Mercury signifies to communication and therefore, during this period, your communicative skills will improve a lot. Your way towards your goal will come with hurdles but if you try, you will sure get success. You may feel mental stress during this period but people around you show their support for you. You will also gain prosperity and fame during this dasha. 


Jupiter Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha

The influence of Jupiter under Sun mahadasha will be very influential in native’s life. Both the planets will bring prosperity in different aspects of their life. This period is considered as the rising period since Jupiter is known for granting wisdom, peace and knowledge. These will help you grow in your professional life and thus, will help you increase your wealth.


Venus Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha

Venus is a symbol of femininity and sun symbolises masculinity. Therefore, together both will bless your life but in a mixed way. You will spend your life comfortably during this period but ups and downs will still occur. However, you will remain financially stable. There might be a rift in your mind because of your current career choices and movement. Also, you need to take extra care of your physical and mental health as they may fall and affect you in many ways.


Saturn Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha

Astrology considers saturn as a malefic planet. If you are a school going person, you may find difficulty in your academic life. You will also face many financial issues. To make your dreams come true, you need to put extra efforts in your work and everything. Many people will stand as your enemies and will try to bring you down. But you will always be above them due to your dedication and hardwork. This dasha signifies major achievement but this achievement will come with a price of distress. Your loved ones will start making distance from you, which can affect your mind. 


Rahu Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha

Rahu and sun are conflicting with each other. Therefore, this dasha will severely impact the native’s life. They will have to face losses both in personal and professional life. People you thought as your support will leave your side and your enemies will try to hurt you even more due to your low times. If you are in a certain position at your workplace, it is suggested to be extra cautious as there are high chances you can lose your place. But, be determined on what you are doing and things will change eventually.


Ketu Antardasha under Sun Mahadasha

The influence of Ketu under the sun mahadasha will bring problems in native’s life. Your career and professional life will be badly affected. You will also face financial disbalance. All this will negatively affect your mental health. Health problems will arise a lot. However, you will find support in your friends during the time of adversity. Your hardwork and passion will help you stand again in your life and set it all again.

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