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What is Kundli or Janampatri?

A person's Janampatri or kundli is all about the position of planets or celestial bodies during the exact time of their birth. These celestial bodies make the birth chart or horoscope of a person which is made up of the exact position of all the planets like sun, moon, mercury, Jupiter, etc. According to vedic astrology, these factors determine and control the various aspects of the lives of humans. To obtain your kundli or horoscope, you need to know the exact date, timing, location and place of your birth. Even a second can change your whole horoscope predictions. That is why you are supposed to consult expert astrologers only.

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How Online Janampatri Works?

To create an online Janampatri, you will need basic information about your birth like date, time and place and that too exact. All this information is then used to know the exact position of planets during the time of your birth. This will help you determine the details about your life and various aspects of life like career, marriage, business, etc. It is also used to read and predict the future events whether good and bad and what possible remedies can be adopted to cure all the bad events and most certainly minimize the ill-effects.

Get free Janampatri or kundli by following steps:-

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  • Free Janampatri online

    Janampatri or kundli is prepared by expert and knowledgeable astrologers, who manually read your data and prepare your horoscope according to the positions of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth. However, in the era of technology, where every information is just a click away, your accurate Janampatri or kundli is also available for you at any time. Online Janampatri softwares available on the internet are very accurate. If you input your birth details, it will prepare your janampatri from the information available. Also, with the involvement of technology, the chances of errors reduces to a great extent. One of the most crucial advantages of preparing online kundli is that you get consultation of various experienced astrologers from all around the globe at one place. This makes it easier for you to access the correct and accurate janampatri.