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Signs of Divorce in Astrology

When a person married life is going through rough phase they have this single question “is there divorce in my kundali”. 
 Birth date is just not a number but a gateway towards understanding a person’s fate. Proper study of birth chart in astrology helps in predicting certain problems occurring in a person’s life and provides remedies accordingly.  Starting from family and health to career and finances, astrology has perfect answer for issues in every aspect of human life. Even if there is no ongoing problem, astrological guidance can help in the detection and correction of probable problems and save the individual from unwanted suffering. 

Marriage is probably one of the most blissful experience in a person’s life and everyone desires for a happy and healthy married life. Happy marital life not only brings mental peace but also leads the family towards overall prosperity. But the potential “happy” experience can turn into an extremely traumatic experience if there is marital dissonance.  We all know how much common divorce has become these days and it is absolutely causing havoc in family lives leading to mental illness like depression and extreme steps like suicide.

It is very obvious that no one would like to experience divorce in their life and for this selection of proper partners is necessary. How does one understand if they will lead a happy or tumultuous married life? Exactly here, the ancient science of astrology provides help . The single question “is there divorce in my kundali” before marriage can solve a lot of problem. Astrology can accurately predict a person’s marital future from their birth chart and provide remedies accordingly. This article provides detailed information about how divorce can be predicted and also suggests certain remedial measures. 


Planets are not just inanimate objects revolving meaninglessly far up in the sky . Planetary force comes at play while deciding the future of a person.  Maximum divorce and marital incoherence occur due to malefic planetary influence. Hence it is important to know which planets are exactly responsible for causing disharmony in a person’s life.

The planets Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun for their separative nature acts as a  marriage breaking or divorce device in Kundli .  It is necessary to consider the position and condition of Venus and Jupiter while predicting marriage and divorce. Venus is the governing planet for love Sex and Romance.
Venus in a male chart points towards the wife . If Venus is malefic in one’s personal horoscope then this can mark marital incoherence. Jupiter represents the husband and the malefic condition of Jupiter in a woman’s chart causes marital disharmony.


4th house, 7th house ,8th house and 12th house decides marital conditions and apart from the above houses it is necessary to check Upapada lagna and second house from Upapada Lagna. Analysing the Navavamsa chart is important for detecting marriage issues .7th house,Ascendant, 6th house and 8TH house of Navamsa should be checked for marriage problem .

4th house represents family . Malefic 4th house or 4th Lord  will lead to lack of happiness in family.  If the 4th house is  strong then no matter how much disharmony occurs, divorce will never happen.

7th house governs marriage and all sorts of relationship. If this house is weak then the individual will not live a happy married life or will suffer divorce according to astrology .

The 8th house governs the sex life .  Extramarital affairs are predicted from the position of this house.

12th house also represents sexual pleasure. Negative 12th house points towards poor sexual life and  negative  12th Lord represents lack of interest in sexual life.


Condition of Upapada Lagna should  also  be checked while predicting divorce in astrology . It is the Arudha Padha of the 12th house. Upapada lagna determines the quality of relationship between husband and wife. The Lord of Upapada Lagna plays a huge role while analysing the character, nature and background of a spouse.
The second house from Upapada Lagna decides how stable someone’s married life is going to be. If this second house is effected by malefic planets like Rahu or Mars, then this indicates the probability of divorce.


1.    The association of the 7th house with 12th Lord and Placement of Rahu in Lagna causes marital disharmony or divorce.

2.    When the birth sign of an individual is Mars or Saturn and Venus occupies the Lagna and the 7th house is afflicted then the wife of the individual leaves him.

3.    Presence of sun in the 7th house under the  malefic influence of weak 7th lord  indicates divorce in marriage.If  Venus and Rahu or Saturn or Rahu  is also placed in the Lagna along with the above condition of Sun then this is a very strong combination for divorce.

4.    6th house represents litigation and court case. The placement of 6th Lord in 7th house or vice versa separation happens after a lot of legal tussel. 

5.    If malefic planets like Mars , Rahu,Sun are in 8th house and 7th house is  disturbed  then chance of divorce is heightened .

6.    The presence of 12th Lord in 4th house , presence of  4th Lord in 6th 8th or 12th house , 7th Lord disturbed by Rahu,Saturn or Mars or disturbed Venus may cause high rate of divorce.


If the  7th lord is associated with 6th or 8th house then divorce may occur in the dasha of the 7th lord itself . 
Divorce may also happen during the duration of the planets  that afflicts the 4th house specially if they also own the 6th ,8th or 12th house.
Divorce can also occur during the period of Rahu, Mars or Saturn if they are associated with 4th 7th or 12th house.


1.    Gouri Shankar should be kept in a proper way
2.     Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati should be worshipped regularly
3.    Horoscope must be matched  before marriage
4.    Chant Lalita Sahasranama regularly

It should be kept in mind that astrological remedies can never be Generic. For indepth understanding of one’s astrological chart, it is necessary to consult a professional astrologer . If an individual finds a problem in their astrological chart then there is nothing to be disheartened. Consulting a professional astrologer can save the individual from the malefic effects. It is recommended to follow astrological guidance for a prosperous life.

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