Sometimes in our life, we come at such a crossroad that we cannot decide which road to choose. I got married five years ago. I was jolly and happy go lucky type of girl. Like any other girl, I have also dreamt about my prince charming but Rajesh was entirely different from what I have imagined. He was dry, rough and indifferent towards me. He does not care about me. Sometimes I feel, my presence does not matter to him. This attitude was heartbreaking from me.

To cope with this emotional distress I immerse myself in my office work. My official work and recognition gave me a sense of worth which I lac at home. I used to work 12 hrs a day and sometimes-on weekends also. I just do not want to come back home.

Between all Jungling's of office and home when did Aman came in my life, and become an important part of life I do not even know. Aman was my new boss. He caring, compassionate and understanding. He had everything, which I was wanted in my husband. Although we have age, a difference of ten years but his maturity and few grey hairs made him even more attractive. My life was changed now. I feel excited to meet him and spend time with him. Slowly we became very close.

Suddenly I observed a change in the attitude of Aman. He started ignoring me. Later, after confronting him, he told that his wife has seen our chat messages and we know we should stop messaging and talking with each other. I was shocked, earlier he has told me, it is only with me that he has felt love. He has told that his marriage was a forced one and his wife was a quarrelsome woman. They were also planning to divorce a partner and remarried.

Now suddenly when his wife came to know about our relationship, he started ignoring me. His change attitude made me think that whether he genuinely loved me or was in relationship only to satisfy his lust. I was standing at the crossroad that whether I should move on or I should be more understanding towards him.

This dilemma was creating too much stress to bear. I discussed this to one of my friend and she suggested me about Talktoastro platform. I never used to believe that stars can govern our destiny but in one session, I got so much clarity. The astrologer on Talktoastro told me everything about my life even without me uttering a single word. I was astonished that the session forced me to think that there are many things, which are beyond our comprehension.

A biased towards scientific approach makes us ignore our ancient knowledge. The astrologer on Talktoastro guided me and to my surprise, things happened as told by her. Fast-forwarding to today, I am working in a very good position in a new organization. I am much more compassionate towards my husband and now I understand that his own stress was preventing him from opening up his heart with me. My life is much sorted now. I am very grateful towards Talktoastro experts who guided me in the crucial time of my life.

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