1st lord in 7th house

First House Lord in the Seventh House

In astrology, the first house represents self. It means the appearance, behavior, health, habits are determined in this house. 

And the seventh house represents relationships, marriage, partnerships, your life partner, etc.

Therefore, having the first house lord in the seventh house represents the native’s attention will be only around their married life, life partner and partnership businesses. For them, their relationship matters the most and they can go to any extent for their partners. 

However, the influence of the first house lord in the seventh house differs for different planets and zodiac signs. Let us learn one-by-one about these influence by different planets:

Sun in seventh house/Sun in 7th house 

The Sun rules over the seventh house of the Leo ascendant. The sun and Leo, which means lion, both signify to power and authority. However, in a relationship, you need to understand the needs of the other half too and adjust to it accordingly. You need to learn how to keep your ego and thirst for power aside and understand your partner.

Moon in seventh house/Moon in 7th house

Moon rules over the seventh house of the cancer ascendant. Under this, the native will find emotional support from their partner. However, their partner will be quite practical in their approach. The emotions of the natives and the practicality of their spouses are what will balance their relationship in the long term. 

Mars in seventh house/Mars in 7th house

Mars rules over the seventh house of the two ascendants i.e. Aries and Scorpio. Mars signifies anger and aggression. Therefore, natives under this ascendant tend to get angry against their spouse very frequently. They always try to dominate them and that’s what spoils their relationship with them. Therefore, they need to learn how to control their anger for their relationship. 

Mercury in seventh house/Mercury in 7th house

Mercury can rule over two ascendants: Gemini and Virgo. Mercury signifies communication in astrology. Therefore, natives need to maintain proper communication with their spouses in their marriages. Otherwise, problems may arise between both of them. And this form of communication should be deep, not only platonic, else it will be hard for the natives to run their marriage till the end. 

Venus in seventh house/ Venus in 7th house

 Venus rules over two ascendants: Taurus and Libra. For both the ascendants, natives will have extraordinary expectations from their love life. These high expectations, when not fulfilled will only lead to anger and aggression. Therefore, it is suggested to them to get real and practical about these unrealistic romantic standards if they really want to get into a serious relationship. 

Jupiter in seventh house/Jupiter in 7th house

 Jupiter also rules through the two ascendants i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is a kind of guru or mentor planet. It is considered as an auspicious planet. Therefore, under this, the native will have a good married life. Also, their spouse will always have their back and help them throughout their life. They will be like their teachers who will teach them how to live life. 

Saturn in seventh house/Saturn in 7th house

Saturn rules over the two ascendants i.e. Capricorn and Aquarius. For both the ascendants. For both houses, there will come problems for natives in getting married. However, late marriage will not be a big problem for them. Rather, it will only be proved as a blessing since it will help them find the right match for them and have a stable relationship with their partners. Both natives and their partners will be like a great support system to each other but there is very little room for romance. 

Rahu in seventh house/Rahu in 7th house

 Rahu rules through the Aquarius ascendant. This means the native has to face several problems with their spouse including cheating and lies. Therefore, it is suggested that if the native wants to sustain their married life, they need to make a lot of sacrifices for it. 

Ketu in seventh house/Ketu in 7th house

 If Ketu rules over the Scorpio ascendant, then the native will not show much excitement and enthusiasm for the elements of the 7th house. They will not be very much interested in romance or getting married. For them, exploring life holds much more importance. Therefore, they need to learn to realize the worth of relationships in one’s life. 

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