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Also called as Shrapit Dosh, a misfortune brought around with a curse from someone in the previous lives is meant by Shrapit dosha. Shrapit dosh is indicated by the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu in one single house. It is not only the conjunction, Saturn’s aspect on Rahu may also lead to that this yoga is resulting from the negative actions of an individual from the past life. The most significant downside to Shrapit dosha is it can offset the positive effects of yogas that are nice and positive.

Saturn has the ownership of two houses, the 10th house and 11th house i.e., Aquarius and the Capricorn. The 10th house is related to deeds or karmas, and the 11th house is connected to profit or material gains. While analyzing the birth chart of someone, the position of Saturn is also a critical factor. It is essential to assess the potency and disposition of Saturn before trying to create any forecasts. Saturn is a karmic planet that plays its role in an unbiased way in favor of karmas of a person. Person karma in this lifetime also impacts the effects of Saturn.

Shrapit Yoga effects

There is both a negative and positive effect of Shrapit dosha. 

Favorable Effect of Shrapit Dosha:

1. Rahu represents unconventional, and innovation, and Saturn is hard work, determination. When Both are combined, then both positive and negative energies also come in synch. These people are of high intellect. They don’t adhere to the rules of society. Sometimes the person who has grown from a very grounded level to a high level has this combination.

2. Some religious leaders who have denied the society laws have seen to have this combination if it has a beneficial aspect of Jupiter.

3. Rahu and Saturn make a person highly innovative. They go deep into a subject and create something new out of it.

 The negative effect of Shrapit Yoga :

1. Rahu denotes confusion and illusion. Saturn makes a person depress and struggles hard. This combination creates a lack of decision power or forces a person to make the wrong decisions.

2. If Saturn or Rahu is associated with the 7th house or marriage house, then this combination will boost the risks of a divorce case happen in the life of the individual. The native could be turning into widower or a widow.

3. If it impacted the 5th house, then there are chances of miscarriage or problems during the pregnancy period.

4. If the 4th house or 2nd house is impacted, then there will be frequent quarrels in the family. Relations with parents will suffer.

5. If the 10th house is impacted, then the person will need to feel satisfied in his career. There will be a constant feeling of restlessness, and despite hard work, he will not get its reward.

Shrapit Yoga Remedies

For Saturn and Rahu, the karmic remedies are most effective. With these remedies, the negative effect of Rahu and Saturn can be alleviated.

1. On Saturdays, cook rice. Feed the rice ball to fish and crows. Feeding food and water to birds will also help.

2. Taking care of parents and the oppressed person will also help. Always treat the maids, laborers with respect. Don’t misbehave with them.

3. Donating blanket to beggers will also reduce the negative effect of Shrapit yoga.

4. One of the most effective remedies is reading Sri Ramacharita Manas. Lord Hanuman’s worship and reading Hanuman Chalisa also helps in reducing the effect of Shrapit Yoga.

5. The best remedies of Sharpit yoga is to make your karma right. Even though you will face a struggle in your life. Don’t deter from the right path.

In which period shrapit yoga will impact in our life?

To say the period for which Shrapit Yoga will affect us may depend upon the combinations in the birth chart. However, the sharpit yoga is most active in the period of Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha. Similarly, in the period of Saturn Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha also its adverse effects are most visible.

In the transit also the Sade Sati period effect will increase if the Shrapit dosh is present in the birth chart. Simultaneously, if in transit, Rahu and Saturn are positioned in the same house or aspects the same house, then shrapit yoga will show its more dreadful effects.

Shrapit Yoga Cancellation

The effect of Sharpit Yoga depends upon the placement of planets in the individual birth chart. However, there is specific combination which reduces the impact or causes cancellation of Shrapit yoga.

1.If a beneficial planet such as Jupiter aspect the Saturn –Rahu conjunction. The aspect of Jupiter reduces the negative energies of Saturn and Rahu. In this case, this combination can give sudden fame or sudden rise in life. The cancellation of Shrapit Yoga will be more prominent it this combination is formed in Pisces.

2. If there is the distance in degrees of Rahu and Saturn, then also this yoga is near to cancellation as due to distance, both combined energies will be reduced.

In case your chart has Sharpit yoga, it is better to consult a learned astrologer to reduce its effect. You can consult India’s best astrologers for any Sharpit yoga query in just Rs 100/- now.

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