1st lord in 5th house

First House Lord in the Fifth house

In astrology, the first house of the horoscope reflects the self of a person, their beliefs and personality. Whereas, the fifth house is the house for happiness, romance, creativity, and children.

Therefore, having the first house lord in the fifth house means the native person will be very much attached to their children. They will also be very active in the creative fields and sports activities. 

But like always, the influence of this position differs in different planets and zodiac signs. Let us learn one by one what are these effects of the position of the first house lord in the fourth house:

Sun in fifth house/Sun in 5th house

 When the sun is ruling over the Leo ascendant, the native seems to take a lot of interest in their education and try to achieve high in academics. By their personality, they will be very wise and intelligent. Therefore, they make great career prospects in the education field. However, aggression is also involved here. Therefore, they need to control that. 

Moon in fifth house/Moon in 5th house

 When Moon rules over the cancer ascendent, then the native will have an inclination towards research work. However, this is a debilitated position for the moon, the native may have to face a lot of problems especially in their love life. Their lives will go through certain ups and downs. Their relationship with their mothers may get sour at this point. 

Mars in fifth house/Mars in 5th house

 Mars rules over two ascendants i.e. Aries and Scorpio. If it is ruling over the Aries ascendants, then the native will have very good athletic skills. They are very competitive. This works in their favor if it's about academics and competitions. However, this habit makes them aggressive and dominating and controlling and ruins their relationships.

And if the mars are ruling over the Scorpio ascendants, their interests will incline towards education and learning religious things in life. However, the influence of Mars will still be there and it will still make them aggressive. They also need to take extra care of their health.

Mercury in fifth house/Mercury in 5th house

Mercury rules over two ascendants i.e. Gemini and Virgo. If it is ruling over Gemini, then the native will have a huge influence on their mothers in life. They will have successful careers in commerce fields like stock trading, etc. They are also good at astrology so they can go for being a professional astrologer too.

And if the mercury is ruling over the Virgo ascendants, then the native will be a very career-oriented person. They have a very critical and analytical mind. These kinds of people make great careers in the education field. 

Venus in fifth house/Venus in 5th house 

 Venus rules over two ascendants i.e. Taurus and Libra. If the venus is ruling on the Taurus ascendants, the native has to take care of relationships around him, mainly their love life. They have this bad habit of pointing every small mistake to others. This habit of theirs ruins their reputation in the workplace as well as with friends.

And if the venus is ruling over the libra ascendants, the native will take a keen interest in arts and creative work. However, when it comes down to education, they will choose to go for science and technology. They will also have to face some problems in their love life or children’s life as the chances of uncertain events are high.

Jupiter in fifth house/Jupiter in 5th house 

 Jupiter can rule over two ascendants i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces. If Jupiter is ruling over the Sagittarius ascendant, then the native will seek higher education and will want to learn everything academically. These people make great teachers and professors.

And if Jupiter is ruling the Pisces ascendants, then also the native will have a great interest in education and they will always have more knowledge. These people are always concerned about other people and try to guide them.

Saturn in fifth house/Saturn in 5th house 

 Saturn rules over two signs i.e. Taurus and Gemini. Saturn is known for creating obstacles in life. Therefore, if Saturn is ruling over Gemini, then the native will have to face a lot of problems in many aspects of life. They will have to put double the efforts in their academics. Their love life will also be affected. From their marriage to childbirth, everything will be delayed. 

And if Saturn rules over Gemini, then the native’s interest will incline towards science and technology. Their creative aspects will be a bit weak but they will try to improve. They will always have to try to make themselves better. Only when Saturn will reward them. 

Rahu in fifth house/Rahu in 5th house 

If Rahu is ruling over the Gemini ascendant, then the native will have high intellect. If they choose to start a business, they will be very successful in it too. These people are highly creative and make great actors if they choose to be. 

Ketu in fifth house/Ketu in 5th house 

If Ketu is ruling over the Pisces ascendant, then the native will not take very much interest in the strong aspects of the 5th house i.e. romance or having children. These people need to take extra care of their health, especially their abdomen area since there are high chances of surgeries during this period. 


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