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Rahu Mahadasha and its remedies

Rahu Mahadasha can affect the lives of people in a lot of different and unexplained ways. The impact could be dangerous as well as beneficial. Whether it will be the good effects or the bad effects of the Rahu Dasha are completely dependent upon the planets and their movements. When an individual goes through this dasha, the person is very likely to remain confused, agitated and in some cases, a person can even become violent.

The dasha lasts for a period of 18 years of life. This long period can be mind-boggling for the person who goes through this dasha if the impact of it is too negative on one’s life. But when taken care of with the help of mantras and some steps the effects of this Rahu mahadasha tend to ease a little bit and in some cases almost vanish.

The Rahu Mahadasha has most unexpected encounters with the native’s birth chart thereby creating him either much well to do or too poor. Rahu finds a place in the 5th house, 8th or 12th house respectively. If somebody is within the positive glance of Rahu, that individual will enjoy a good time of happiness and success. The results are mostly good when the Rahu is in the adulation Rashi of the individual.

This happens when Rahu finds comfort in the 3rd house, 4th, 6th, 10th & 11th houses. This results in good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in the life of that person. But if we see the effects of the flip facet, then an individual is said to be negatively impacted by this mahadasha if he/she remains unwell or doesn’t experience success in their professional life.
In Indian Mythological texts, ‘Rahu is referred to as an astronomical body. This is one among the nine planets which are commonly referred to as Navagraha. Rahu is the planet which is believed to be responsible for all the eclipses in one’s life and thus, it is also called Shadow entity. As per the scriptures, when Amrita or nectar of immortality was released from the oceans, the Gods and demons had an altercation and fight to get it. Hence, Lord Shiva decided to interfere to protect the general interest. For this, he transformed himself into a beautiful woman named Mohini and gave the poison to all the demons.

Demons were charmed by the beauty of Mohini and thus they all drank the poison except one demon named Swarbhanu who was persistent and was not at all charmed by the beauty of Mohini as he understood everything. So Lord Shiva used his powerful chakra on him but it was not successful in killing him as he had already drunk a drop of Amrita but it did divide his body into two parts. The head was Rahu and another half (Body) was Ketu. Ketu is said to be Rahu’s sibling. Rahu is exalted in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius and a friendly planet in Aries. 

Rahu Mahadasha Effects:

MARRIAGE FAILURES: It is often believed that in Rahu Mahadasha anyone can get married but during these 18 years the marriage bound to end in divorce if Rahu is positioned in the 7th house or Rahu aspects the 7th house. Rahu does not create obstruction in getting married but if it has malefic impact on marriage house then it does not allow one to enjoy marital bliss.
DESPERATION: It may make a person desperate about everything like his/her goals and desires which may often lead to illusion and passion more so if Rahu conjuncts Moon.

FASCINATION WITH DARK SIDE: During this time people may become fascinated with the dark side of the world like corruption and bad politics. The dark side includes everything that is dangerous to the person and the society as a whole and also includes the world of ghosts. They also may get fascinated by dark practices like tantra, alhora, etc..
FOREIGN ELEMENTS: It is believed that if Rahu has aspect on 12th house then during this time one may expect a foreign journey which is one of the good impacts of it also referred to as favorable Rahu Mahadasha.
PHYSICAL HARDSHIPS: One may face bad health and may physical weaknesses like venereal diseases, cough, asthma, and urinary diseases if Rahu has impact on 8th and 12th house.
BREAKING THE RULES: One may not abide by the rules of the society due to the passion and his/her will or desire to achieve the goals. It is a negative impact.This impact is more visible if Rahu is in 4th house
HIGH POSITION:  If Rahu is in the 10th house, then one may expect a higher position in society or parliament or may get honored by any prestigious award. During this period one may earn his/her living by having a lowly job or business which depends on one’s divisional charts and birth charts.
WEALTH: According to the position of Rahu one can either become a billionaire or a beggar during this phase. Native can gain lot of wealth if Rahu influence 11th or 2nd house. There may be a loss of wealth and injury or fall from a vehicle like a car if Rahu has a malefic aspect of Mars or Saturn
FRIENDS AND FAMILY: If Rahu has impact on 4th house then ,during this time one may have many family problems and disputes. One’s spouse or mother or children may have poor health. It also leads to the destruction of native's family. There may be cheating among friends during this time.
REBELLION: It may make a person rebellious as he/she no longer abide by the rules and to have an upper hand may result in being rebellious. In order to have authority one may become rebellious for no particular reason.
But as it is truly said, there is a way to solve any problem no matter what. 

Rahu Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha 

This Antardasa presents profits and a rise in small organization and livelihood. However, there will be dissatisfaction in everyday life. Inclination towards material pursuits increases throughout this period. Individual gets a chance to go overseas during this period. Willpower and guts feeling gives you a future indication. Additionally, you also receive the power to conquer resistance.

This Dasa may also cause indecisiveness, confusion, riches loss and livelihood hindrance if malefic. Problems due to sudden failures and household issues drag down the individual. Native can face sudden illness or health deterioration. When the positioning of Rahu is difficult or malefic in your birth chart,  important decisions should be avoided in this Antardasa.

Jupiter Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha

This Antardasa contributes slight progress in overall health matters.The individual has a whole good deal of popularity and standing in this period due to the existence of Jupiter. Your spirit is entered by positive energy. Rise is additionally experienced by individuals in livelihood, advertising, and growth within associations. This is a great time to carry up spiritual travels. The individual may select a person of the other caste if getting married in this Antardasa. Individuals living abroad come back to their land during this period. If malefic, this Dasa contributes health issues to partner, loss in wealth, dip into career and separation.

Saturn Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha 

Both these planets are deemed malefic therefore negativity and struggles persist in this antardasa. Hurdles may be felt in this time in livelihood. Native can be defamed, endure wealth loss, also could lose her or his position. Some difficulties with power can persist. This Dasa additionally creates space in accidents or medical problems and relationships, heart problems. Romance with partner also simplifies throughout this period.

Mercury Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha 

In this antardasha, individual does very effectively on the career front, this can be a time period that is comparatively favorable. Promotion at work and growth in business is possible . Wed life is persisted by happiness . Native also enjoys own vehicle's comfort in this time. Intellect enriches in this dasha period which helps make the right decisions in everyday of life. Due to Mercury's presence native come out of troubles. This period is also indicated an improvement in fiscal and health status.

Ketu Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha

This Dasa isn't considered positive, especially for physical and mental health as both are shadow planets. Difficulty with diagnosis of the health complication will make the native distressed. Financial standing will wavers during this period. These planets also cause problems in associations. Native experiences a sense of detachment from the nearest and dearest. Throughout this Dasa, he should be guarded against diseases, poison, fire, and weaponry by doing some remedies. This period can additionally bring losses and defame within career matters.

Venus Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha 

Venus Antardasa helps alleviate the unwanted impact. Individual recovers against challenges, but some difficulties still persist in a lifetime. Native experiences a few improvements in lifespan. If Venus is beneficial then individual can gain amenities, happiness from vehicles and properties, as well as luxuries. Native works hard in his life to sidestep the roadblocks in life. There is a possibility of career promotion also possible during this period.

Sun Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha

Some issues still persist in this Dasa as Rahu and Sun are anti planets. The native might undergo a great deal of tensions in work life. A job change or transfer is possible in this period. Health can deteriorate in this Dasa and as Sun represents soul, the combination of Rahu and Sun in dasha period indicates emptiness at soul or mental level. If Sun and Rahu are beneficial in the birth chart, then the native can gain wealth,name and respect in this time period. There may be a foreign visit also in this dasha period. Travel to a foreign land will make native more adventurous and courageous. Native commences accepting challenges in your life to get accomplishment. Support from the government can be possible which helps fulfill ambitions in life. In general, this can be really a good period of growth and development. Father Health needs to be taken care or there can be some conflicts with father.

Moon Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha 

Moon is mind and emotions and when it's masked by Rahu, the impact is that person feels restlessness and stress. Depression and mental tensions persist in this time. Individual grows a tendency to strike arguments and conflicts with loved ones ones. There really are lots of hurdles As you work hard to reach success. Individual feels lack of aid and support. Any significant conclusions should really be avoided in this time.

Mars Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha 

In Mars Antardasha and Rahu Mahadasha, caution needs to be practiced. Potential of injury and Legalities persist in this period. This Dasa can lead to struggle and conflict on occasion. Indivvidual indulges in disputes with family and husband or wife. You might work tougher during this period. No extreme harm is often there although this Dasa calls for a negative span in life. You should be careful to steer clear of injuries. In Mars Antaradasha, don't do anything in haste in this time period.

Rahu Mahadasha Remedies 

1. Take a tiny white fabric and place along some mishri, some urad daal, a gomed stone, and a few silver thereon. After you do that, just tie the piece of cloth and bury it at the doorway of your house and just let it be buried there. 
2. you can also give Urad daal, sesame seeds, blue-colored garments, a black woolen blanket to the poor and needy. 
3. You can feed the ants with sugar and snakes with eggs. An important point to remember is that never provide milk to the snakes during this Rahu mahadasha. 
4. It is also said that chanting the Rahu mahamantra for a minimum of 324 times daily also works in favor of people who are going through this time. 
5. Some kind of libation offerings to the Pitra or your ancestors can help to curb or minimize the negative effects of the Rahu
6. Name your house after the name of your forefathers’ or ancestors and avoid naming it on your own. Always sit, eat and study on the east side of your home. 

If a child in your family is under the influence of Rahu, then you would notice that they are not listening to their elders, they would turn into negative humans. They turn into agitated individuals who want to fight or get indulged in some kind of negative communication or arguments, the children go down with their grades in school and you don’t get to hear positive comments from their teachers. Some of the other characteristics can be; sleeping late in the night, getting used to drugs/other substance, might not be able to focus on something for a long time, they desire to break things; can get entangled too much in mobiles and games, they would waste the whole day attempting to mend something, the child would become violent for no big reason, etc. In such cases all you need to ask the child to do is: 
1.   Gift four coconuts within the temple on each Amavasya. 
2.   If the child is not able to study, is mostly fearful or angry then tie a bit of white sandalwood in a blue thread and ask the child to wear it on themselves. 
3.  Add some Ashoka leaves and a few drops of wood perfume/oil to their bathwater. 
4.   Make sure that the child eats food on time at night.
5.    Ask the child to feed the fish.
6.    You can even let the child make the fishes go free in a pond or water.
7.    Gift coconuts on the child’s behalf to individuals. 
8.    Make them eat coconut and drink coconut water in any type. 

How to make Rahu favourable

The method is usually always to be in synch with life. Try to make balance in your life. Rahu will attempt to make you overfocus you on one aspect of life. However, you have to make balance and equilibrium with your self. 
Make changes in your lifestyle. Don’t indulge in any kind of addiction.  Meditation will help especially if Rahu is afflicting moon. 
Attempt to pay your own ancestors, parents, guru, seniors, husband or wife respect and esteem. You may find yourself in situation where you are in conflict with them. Rahu is a karmic planet, if you give regards and take care of those around you then it will not trouble you much. Due to Rahu mahadasha, you may find yourself in scenarios where sex and intimacy is easily available. However, you have maintain restrain and have to avoid any unethical activity.
Do shraddh Shanti of your ancestors.In your heart you should really be devoted towards your ancestors thanking them and asking them for their forgiveness for any wrongdoing. 

End of Rahu Mahadasha or last phase of Rahu Mahadasha

What will happen when your Rahu Mahadasha is about to end a lot depends upon placement of Rahu in your chart. However, you will feel that whatever you have chase during Rahu Mahadasha has no meaning now. If Rahu is malefic in your chart then whatever, it has given you in Rahu Mahadasha, especially the area which is indicated by the house where the Rahu is placed in birth chart  is taken away. Ex. If Rahu is placed in 7th house then it may end the marriage when the Rahu Mahadasha ends. However, it will make you also feel the futility of that relationship.

At the end of this period, one may think that they were chasing nothing and may laugh about it. Those who faced bad impacts may learn from their mistakes committed and realize that everything eventually passes even the bad times and emerges like a phoenix from their ashes and those who faced good impacts may look back at their good times which may make them happy and realizes that what they earn was worthless of their extremely hard work and pursuit. It lasts long and hence shows results slowly unlike Ketu. It is very clear that Rahu is biased and hence plays favorites which means that it affects different people differently. 

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