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Vastu tips for happy married life

Vastu Shastra is a subject matter that deals with four main directions, four sub-directions and eight sub-directions. Every married couple goes through tough phases no matter what, and it is not always as simple as it seems. Sometimes difficulty and stress in married life seem to be totally unwanted. Vastu can help in channelizing positive energies in the family environment and maintaining an amicable atmosphere.

Rooms in houses can be mainly in eight different directions I.e. North, South, East, West, South-East, South-West, North-East and North-West. Also, there is a central place called Brahmasthan. Astrologers suggest not to make bedrooms at this place.

Following Vastu tips can help in maintaining a peaceful and happy married life:

South-West Direction is Bliss:

The south-West direction is considered to be the direction for love life and happy marriage life. This direction is imbalanced if there is the presence of any anti element like air or water in this direction or places like a toilet in this direction. The imbalance in this direction may lead to issues in love life and problems in family bonding. It will also lead to disputes in the relationship. Also, there should not be any big open space in this direction. It will be unlucky for the resident. If the room has big windows, it also should not be on the south-west side. This position of the window will give health problems and anxiety to them. It will also increase the disputes amongst the family members. Debts will increase and their children will not be able to perform better in their academics. The remedy is that if there is a toilet in this direction, shift it somewhere else. In case that is not a practical solution, use a yellow shade around the toilet seat. Avoid using red, blue, and green colors in this direction and only use shades of yellow. One can also keep the love of birds' pictures or sculptures in this direction.

North-West Direction Will Bring You Close:

The north-West direction is the Vastu direction is the direction of attraction and intimacy in the relationship. Imbalance in this direction can lead to harm in the sexual relationship between the married couple. This direction is imbalanced with the presence of anti elements and other things. The couples are advised to keep the bedroom in this direction. The remedy to this is to keep a photo of the couple together and to use the shade of blue color in this direction.

North-East for Peace:

North-East is the Vastu direction for mental clarity and peace. However, the head of the family should not live in this room but it will be fine for the rest of the family. The presence of a toilet or a kitchen will lead to an imbalance in this direction. This imbalance can lead to no clarity in the mind of the residents leading to disputes in the family. The remedy is to use a very light shade of yellow. They should also not build a toilet and kitchen in this direction.

West is Auspicious:

Just like the south-west direction, the west is also very auspicious for having bedrooms. However, if the entrance is from the north-east direction, it may prove to be the cause of rift amongst the family members. For positive results, the entrance for the west directional bedroom should always be from the east.

Bedroom in South Direction:

Having your bedroom in the south direction will also yield good results. However, having its entrance from the north-east direction will block all the positive results from reaching you. Therefore, to get the best results, one should always consult from professional and experienced astrologers before designing the outline of their house.

Clock In Right Direction Will Brings Good Time:

The clock is one of the most important objects one should have in their rooms. However, hanging in the proper direction is also essential. Most probably, it should always be in the east direction. But if due to any reason having it on the east is not possible, you can also hang it towards the north direction. These directions are considered very positive according to astrology.

What to do with Air Conditioners?

Air Conditioners are becoming a necessity of the times and almost every room has its own ACs. If you want to have AC in your room too, it is suggested to you to have it in the west or south direction. This only applies to room AC. If you have a window AC, then you will have to hang it according to the window. Then the Vaastu changes. However, if your house is properly constructed with the needs of Vaastu, then you don’t have to take little things into consideration so much.


Remedies You Can Follow:

1. One should never keep dried flowers in the bedroom. Flowers should always be kept fresh.

2. Always keep the door of the bathroom shut.

3. The mirror should not be placed in front of the bed. Reflection in the mirror causes fights between couples and creates misunderstanding.

4. The bedroom should be placed in the south-west corner of the room, while the head should face west direction.

5. Walls of the bedroom should be painted in neutral or earthly shades. The black color which is a color of darkness and negativity should be avoided.

6. Pictures of temples, paintings depicting water or water fountains should be avoided in the bedroom as it causes emotional outbursts.

7. The decorative items in the bedroom should always be in pairs as it reflects the couple.

8. Electronic devices such as TV or computers disturb marriage life enough. Therefore, they should never be in the bedroom. Also, couples should be able to limit the use of their phones, especially in the bedroom.

9. It is suggested to couples to get one queen-sized bed with one single mattress. Double bed out double mattress joined together should strictly be avoided.

10. The bed should be made up of wood only. Try to avoid metal beds as they can create conflicts amongst couples.

These are some Vaastu remedies you can follow to a happy and secured married life.

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