Delay in marriage Astrological reasons and remedies

Delay in marriage Astrological reasons and remedies

According to Hindu traditions, it is believed that the person and the time of marriage in one’s life are pre-decided and destined. The planets, their positions, and the cosmic energy at the time of the birth and determine all aspects of your marriage.

However, many people in this world face a lot of problems getting married. They either could not find the right match for themselves or their marriage is getting delayed again and again due to unforeseen events. Whatever the reason is, you cannot foresee what’s coming. This eventually will affect a person’s mental health.

But the problem and its solution lie in your horoscope or your birth chart. If you read it thoroughly, you will find all the answers about the obstacles you are facing in your marriage.

Astrological Reasons For Delay In Marriage

In our country, marriage is an auspicious occasion of someone’s life. Almost everyone gets married, some early and some late, have families and spend the rest of their lives together. However, some have to face a lot of difficulties in finding the right match for themselves. Even though sometimes they might find someone, they have to face a lot of problems in getting married to them. All these affect the native so much that they start questioning their own worth. If you are one of them, then you should not stress a lot.

The reason behind your delay in marriage may lie in your horoscope and the planets affecting your life. According to astrology, there could be several reasons for your birth chart which is affecting your late marriage. One of the major reasons for late marriage is the influence of malefic planets like Mars on the marriage house which is the 7th house. Not only planets and houses, but zodiac signs to play their roles in determining the time of the marriage of the native.

 Houses And Planets For Delay In Marriage

When it comes to houses of the horoscope and their relationships with the delay of the marriage of the native, we are supposed to mainly look into three houses I.e. 7th house, 8th house, and 12th house. The 7th house is the main house of the marriage. Natives will have a timely and prosperous marriage if their 7th house is strong. The 8th house signifies the relationship between the husband and wife and the 12th house represents sexual pleasure.

So, if we read the horoscope of a native who is having trouble getting married, then the reason could lie in one of these houses or altogether. The 7th house gets weak if no planets deposits there or even if it is not aspected. The empty 7th house is the major reason behind delays in marriage. Also, if any malefic planet is placed in the house and is influencing the 7th house, then also marriage will be delayed. Sometimes the influence of these planets are so strong that it devoid the native from the happiness of marriage itself.

Now, if we talk about the 8th and 12th house, then astrology considers both the houses as malefic. So, if 8th house or the 12th house or the lords of these houses are influencing the 7th house in any way, then there will be delay in marriage.

Not only the houses, but even the position and influence of certain planets in the 7th house will also result in the delay in marriage. Like the position of Mars or Saturn in the seventh house means the native will get married at the middle age. However, the involvement of Saturn always teaches the native but their method of teaching is not very tough. They create problems for the native so they learn how to overcome it. Therefore, if Saturn is creating delays in marriage, we should consider that the native is not ready to get married and need to work in their life for better. 

When we talk about Mars, it is considered a malefic planet. Its deposition in the 7th house and the aspect of Jupiter will also give late marriage to the native. Also, if there is any kind of connection between Mars and Venus, the chances of late marriage increases.

There are also chances of no marriage if the Venus and Mercury conjoin in the 7th house. However, the influence of Jupiter over Venus and Mercury reduces its effects but it only comes down from no marriage to late marriage.

Hurdles in getting married will also arise if the Moon and the Venus sits on the 7th house together. Moreover, the negative influence will further strengthen if this house is afflicted by Mars and Saturn.

Lastly, the affliction of malefic planets in the 7th house from Lagna, Moon and Venus can cause late marriage. 

Sun signifies to power and authority in astrology. However, its influence on the birth chart of the native may give them late marriage. It happens when there is a connection of sun with the 7th house or the lord of this house. Sometimes it can also be the reason for a disheveled married life which can cause separation or even divorce.

Remedies To Get Rid Of Delay In Marriage

Astrology also provides various solutions to your problem of delay in marriage. There are many remedies available which you can adopt to remove the ill effects of all the things which are stopping your marriage:

*In astrology, Jupiter signifies two things; elders and marriage. So if there is a delay in marriage in someone’s life, they should take extra care of their relationship with the elders in their life. Try to maintain good relationships with them, giving them more respect, listening to them, taking their advice, etc.

*The planet Venus signifies a wife in astrology. Making Venus strong will automatically help you have strong prospects in getting married early in life. Venus is associated with the feminine figures of life. Therefore, in order to make your Venus strong, you will need to make good relationships with these female figures like mothers, wife, daughters, female friends as well as colleagues.

*If there is a malefic influence of Saturn in your horoscope, then there will be a delay in marriage. To remove these ill-effects of Saturn, you will have to make good relationships with your subordinates and other people who work for you. This will minimize the negative effects of Saturn, which will ultimately help you in getting married.

*In astrology, two planets I.e. Rahu and Ketu are considered malefic planets which creates a lot of problems in the life of the natives. They often influence the marriage with delays, separation, or even divorce from the spouse. Therefore, to reduce the ill-effects of Rahu and Ketu, you are suggested to be in your best behavior and help people in need.

*Worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddesses Parvati is also considered very auspicious in the Vedic astrology. These two figures signify the Sun and the Moon. Worshipping both will make your seventh strong which is the house of the marriage. This means your problems with delayed marriage will reduce.

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