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Saturn Transits in Capricorn in 2020

Saturn is expected to transit in the Sagittarius sign in the year 2020 from around 24th January. It is then going to sit on the Capricorn zodiac since the date for the next two and a half years. 

However, it will be in dormant state from 11th May 2020 but will again become active from 10th September 2020. 

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn is considered as a malefic planet which creates problems and fills your life with obstacles. But if it is residing on a suitable planet, it can provide benefits to the native. Saturn is generally known for punishing bad people who do harm other people or do injustice to them or are involved in any these kinds of activities in any form. 

Every person has to go through a rough phase in their life and this rough phase is controlled by Saturn itself. Most probably that person is going through the sade sati of Saturn which is a span of seven and a half years full of problems. Saturn is like a teacher who teaches you life lessons to check if you are suitable for the success you demand or not and if yes, then readying you for that success. 

Mainly, there are two zodiac signs ruled by Saturn i.e. Capricorn and Aquarius. Along with them, this planet is also beneficial for the Taurus and Libra ascendants. Natives of all these four ascendants are considered as very much determined towards their goals. A favourable position of the planet on the horoscope of these four planets will grant the native authority in their position, skills required to reach the position and success during its course or dasha. Its placement on the third, fifth and eleventh house is very much auspicious for them and it will give them wealth and power. 

So, when Saturn transit in the Capricorn ascendant for two and a half years, its influence differs for different signs. It can be very good for some signs, while it can be very harsh and misfortunate for some zodiacs. 

We have shredded some light on the effects of the transition of the Saturn in sagittarius zodiac on different zodiac or moon signs. However, we can tell the exact effect of this transition on a moon sign only after reading the other positions i.e. the position of Saturn with other planets, the house, and nakshatra the planet is sitting on. 

Effect of Transition of Saturn in the Capricorn

*The Sade Sati period is on for the native of Saggitarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. Therefore, the natives of these zodiac signs need to go through a rough patch of life. 

*Moreover, natives with Capricorn signs have to face most problems since the second phase of sade sati is going on into their horoscope.

*This transition of Saturn will have a harsh effect on the natives of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, and Libra. 

*But the natives of Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces will get good results.

If you want to know more what are exact effects of this transition of each of the planet separately, you can read further:

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Aries

The influence will be on the 10th house for the Aries natives. If you are an Aries native, then you have to face some ups and downs at the beginning of the year. However, after the third month i.e. March, things will start settling down. You have to understand that the only way to achieve something is only hard work. Therefore, you need to put more efforts into your work. Then only, you will receive good results. There are high chances that your workload will increase this year but that will only happen when your position will upgrade in the workplace. So, be prepared for more hard work and you will achieve success. 

During this period of Saturn transition, you need to take extra care of your family. You have to take care of the health of your father and mother otherwise their health complications may arise. Due to this, your expenses will increase. Your growth in your workplace will also be slow but you have to remain consistent. 

There are chances of foreign trips for matters of business or professional work. 

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Taurus

The natives of Taurus have to go through some ups and downs in their life, especially in their married life. Some disputes may arise between you and your spouse and communication will not be very there for some time. This phase is also not very fit in terms of health. You need to take extra precautions while doing work since there are high chances of accidents.

However, things will start sorting out from the month of April. You need to work extra since your relationship with your seniors may not be very good during this period. You will start earning better and more but your expenses may also arise. Therefore, it is suggested to you to spend your money wisely, especially in the months of September and October. 

It is suggested to you to maintain a good relationship with your father and other elders in your family. There may also be some concerns regarding you and your spouse’s health. So, you also need to take care of that. 

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Gemini

The natives of the Gemini to have to go through the ups and down mainly in their married life. You will have arguments with your spouse and the tension between you two will increase. You might start feeling distant with them. Therefore, it is suggested to you to avoid getting involved in any further arguments and talk to them only when it is extremely necessary. Otherwise, things will start getting really sour with your spouse. The transition of Saturn can be seen on the eighth house of the horoscope. This may most likely create issues related to health of your family especially your father and spouse. 

If we talk about your professional life, things won’t be easy for you during this transition. You will not have favourable relations with your seniors at your workplace. And if you are into business, you might face clashes with someone, who is at the same level of authority as you, like your business partner. However, the months of August and September can grant you financial benefits. 

These stressful situations may take a toll on your health. 

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Cancer

While transitioning to the Capricorn, the Saturn will position on the seventh house of your horoscope since the starting of the year. Therefore, for natives of cancer, it is not a very favourable position. You will particularly feel problems in the area of your marriage especially from the months of April and June of 2020. So, it is suggested to you to avoid any kind of heated arguments with your spouse and solve your matter very patiently otherwise your relationship will further get spoiled. You both should try to understand each other. 

Since this position is not very favourable, as a businessman, you must totally avoid making any kind of investment, otherwise it will incur loss only. Things may also start getting bad with your business partner. And if you are in the job sector, then also things won’t go according to your plan. There are high chances that you will have to go through transfer or job change during this course. 

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Leo

The transition of Saturn in Capricorn will bring favourable results for the natives of Leo. You will get results of your efforts and this will boost your confidence. Due to this, other people will start feeling jealous of you. 

You will find support from your family. If you were considering marrying your long term lover, this is an auspicious time to do that. You should not further delay it. Your family will support you with your decision. 

At your workplace too, you will find support from your seniors and your colleagues. You should do more hard work during this time so that the results will increase. And if your promotions had been due all this time, you will get it soon during this time period. 

However, there may be some issues regarding your health. It is suggested to you to take extra precautions for you and your family too.

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Virgo

This transition will make the Saturn sit on the fifth house of the horoscope. This period does not seem favourable for the natives of virgo. There may be many challenges you will have to face but matters related to children will disturb you the most. So, if you are expecting a child, there may be some delay for the unknown reasons. You should take extra precautions especially if you are doing any activity. There are high influence of malefic planets which may harm your baby or even cause miscarriage. 

Your marital life will go normal and you will find strength and support from your spouse. But you need to take care of your spouse as it may be at high risk.  

It is suggested to you to not run after fast money like gambling, as the only thing you will achieve is loss and mistrust. 

In your professional front, you may not have a very good relationship with your colleagues or seniors. There are also chances of job transfer and change.

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Libra

The transition of Saturn in the Capricorn will influence the fourth house of the libra ascendant. The period will not be much favourable for the natives of libra. You will have to deal with the under-confidenace which will cause you mental stress. 

During this period, your family will also have to go through some distress. The frequency of fights and arguments will increase amongst the family members, which will affect your focus and you will not be able to give your full attention. This will decline your performance at the workplace. Your relationship with your seniors may get sour due to your inattentiveness and declining performance. This will eventually affect your chances of getting a promotion. You will also have to deal with financial instability. 

In case of health, you need to take care of yourself as well as your mother. With all the ups and down in family and at the workplace, your health might get down. You will start feeling stressful all the time and the chances of high blood pressure will increase. 

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Scorpio

The transition of the saturn in capricorn will influence the third house of your zodiac. This is an auspicious period for the natives of scorpio zodiac, which will bring positive news and results for them. 

You will feel calm at your home since the atmosphere of your house is very good now. The family members will support you in your decisions.

Your hardwork will help you get a promotion and you will improve your reputation at your workplace during this period. And if you are in business, there are positive chances to expand your business. This is also a very suitable time to make investments as you will get good results. 

Your health will also remain stable. Although, it is suggested to take care of issues related to heart and blood pressure.

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Saggitarius

During the transition of saturn in capricorn, it will influence the second house of the sagittarius. This period will not be favourable for the natives of the sagittarius zodiac. 

You may not get any kind of support for your family. There may be issues arise between them and you. This will disturb your mental peace and you won’t be able to concentrate on your work. This will eventually decline your performance. You will not be able to work with your full potential and this won’t make your seniors very much happy. Moreover, your financial health may decline and your expenses may arise. Therefore, it is suggested to spend only if it is necessary.

For you, it is your last phase of sade sati, which will increase all your problems very much. However, it also means the upcoming time will bring happiness and relief in your life. 

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn for Capricorn

The transition of the Saturn in the Capricorn will not be very much favourable for the Capricorn natives. During this period, the natives will not receive favourable results. There will be a lot of challenges that you will have to face in this course. These may affect your mental health and your confidence level may fall low. 

This period will also disturb your married life. You and your spouse will start feeling distant with each other. Due to this, you will feel alone while walking the path of your life. Therefore, it is suggested to you to wisely maintain your relationship otherwise things will start falling apart. 

In your professional life, you might not find great support from your seniors, which will affect your overall performance. 

Your health may also get down and your expenses may increase. This is a period of sade sati for you which is giving you a hard time. Therefore, you need to keep hope that things will change as time passes. 

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Aquarius

The transition of Saturn in the capricorn will not be favourable for the Aquarius natives. Saturn will influence the 12th house of the horoscope which is not very suitable in astrology.

Your troubles will begin especially after the month of may. You will not find support from your spouse or even from your family. This will start disputes amongst the family members which will start giving you stress. Also, your financial condition will not be stable either. There are also some chances of losses. 

If you are into a job, your relationship with your seniors might get sour, which will affect your performance at your workplace. This downfall in performance will also harm your reputation.

All this disturbance will add to your mental stress and you might have to face sleep disorders.

The Effect of Transition of Saturn in Capricorn For Pisces

The transition of Saturn in the Capricorn will prove to be favourable for the natives of the Pisces zodiac sign. You will get the result of your hard work which will increase your performance. 

At home, you will feel at peace since your spouse, children and the rest of the family will be supporting you. But there may be some problems that arise related to finances, but it will not be as bad. You will get good returns from the investment you have made.

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