Shani Sade Sati

Shani Sade Sati


Planets have high influence on human beings. Planets can make or break a fate.Different planets have different influence on human life. Today in this article I am going to provide how Saturn Shani works according to astrology.

According to astrology, the word Shani means to move slowly.Due to his slow nature Shani is named as such. it takes two and a half years for Shani to cross a Zodiac sign. Saturn is placed at a huge distance from planet earth .

According to myth, Saturn is the son of Lord Surya and his wife Chhaya. Saturn has strained relationship with his father, Surya. Saturn represents old people. Saturn is considered to be a malefic planet in astrology but when placed in beneficial sign it can provide great result. In adverse condition,this planet causes loss, sorrow poverty, misery, accident and hurdles in life.

Saturn is considered to be the teacher inspire of it is bad name. Saturn behaves like a teacher who punishes the students who commit errors and rewards them for their good deeds.

Justice is provided by Saturn and this justice depends upon the work of the individual. Saturn provides results for past life of karma and are rewarded accordingly.

Saturn governs the bones in the body. All the large bones in the body is governed by Saturn. Saturn causes chronic diseases. Saturn carries the neurological number 8.

A person under the influence of Saturn has to provide hard labor. Land and all the products beneath the sun is governed by Saturn. The profession of mining is also governed by Saturn . Iron is the metal of Saturn and the colors of Saturn is black blue. Saturn provides good results in Libra but is debilitated in Aries, The governing Zodiac signs of Saturn are Capricorn and Aquarius .

Saturn symbolizes discipline and strictness and does not like Chaos. An individual should always remain disciplined to get the blessings from Saturn.


The lengthy astrological phase of 7.5 years influence of Shani is known as Shani Sade sati. This time brings a huge number of challenges but it is also a time of great recognitions. Whether a person will gain under or loose during this time period depends on his or her astrological birth chart .

The period of sade sadi starts with the entry of Saturn in zodiac sign immediately before the Zodiac sign of Moon during the time of birth of an individual. For eg. Individual with a Moon sign of Taurus will undergo the period of Sade sati after Saturn enters the sign Aries . The duration between which Saturn will transit this sign and sign after it,Sade Sati will continue . Saturn remains for around two and a half years under each sign.


No doubt Shani is one of the most dreaded planet. It is also known as the lord of Karma. The end of the phase will bring a lot of relief from obstacles. This period will also bring lot of spiritual understanding and help a person to evolve. Since Shani is the Lord of Karma, hence this phase of Sade Sati in Astrology teach.   


Sadesati of influence should be felt differently by people with different signs of the moon. People with the Moon sign Aquarius are said to have no ill effects from Sadesati, people of Sun sign Leo experience the most malevolent impact since Saturn considers the Sun, Leo of ruler, to be his bitter enemy. Vedic astrology also prescribes certain remedies and mantras that can be recited as well as prescribe certain remedies to satisfy Lord Shani.

Shani dhaiya of negative outcomes state of shame or loss of self-respect, lack of success, effort that does not fulfill its intended purpose in time, causes losses continuously, inability to discharge debts when they occur, loss of ability to function normally, inclined to mental instability and having difficulty in dealing with personal relationships, destroys eace or harmony.


Saturn reduces wages in the second house and induces lack of assets.  But it causes Psychological, spiritual and moral development. For a materialistic person,it causes loss of wealth but everything else remains fine.


Effect of Sade Sati on the 4th house: Saturn in 4th house will bring domestic troubles, misfortunes, unfavorable changes, and hallucinations etc. The more highly evolved individual should desire for rest, and pay more attention to the needs of the household during  preparations for the closing years of life (Its transit in 2nd or 3rd cycle), thus securing benefits to family and heirs after the close of the earthly.The house indicates domestic life. Any domestic problem will become critical which you should solve patiently. This could be Anything from simple reordering to major reshuffling of your relations and contracts in domestic life. Your house may become a extremely burdensome, because of payments, repairs etc. Past incidents, not settled earlier, may come up to the surface . This is an especially good time  to resolve them Begin modestly for steady rise in life. Any negative factor at work here will harm your successful achievements later as this house is opposite to your 10th house of career. Parent's health may not be well.There will be Disagreements with wife, and superiors which will bring about their displeasure. 


Saturn of passage in the seventh house would cause house distress, sorrow, grievous confusion, solitude, and grief. But it will improve conjugal relations .Close associates may pose demands that you will consider difficult to handle, and on this basis certain relationships will end. It will affect even marital life. Coworkers are also going to demand more. An individual should strive to keep up with their relationships with others. 
During the sade sati, there comes  good times in one's life such as good health, wealth acquisition, good work, marriage and progeny, foreign settlement, buying property etc. Even Lord Saturn, if a native person's actions were praiseworthy, will contribute to redemption or Mohawk.The results are based solely on a native's luck. In case of any negative aspect, it is always recommended to consult a trained astrologer.
During the Sade sati, there comes good times in one's life such as good health, wealth acquisition, good work, marriage and progeny, foreign settlement,buying a property etc. Even Lord Saturn, if a native person's actions were praiseworthy, will contribute to redemption or Mohawk.The results are based solely on a native's luck. In case of any negative aspect, it is always recommended to consult a trained astrologer.


Sadesati can be divided into 3 stages :
The first stage separates one from his support system ( family , money , friends ) because of disputes or job or sickness, accidents. Second Saadesati or middle stage leads to transformation related to mind profession and your partner, so this stage is most important for everybody.


Phase of Raising:
This is the starting phase of  Saturn's Sade Sati's.This is a period during which  Saturn is transiting from the ancestral Moon sign into the twelfth space. Capricorn Moon sign endures this period during the latest passage of Saturn. This process generally cause financial loss, unknown enemies of challenges, aimless flight, wars and misery. During this time, the influenced person could face unknown enemies problems. Colleague, partnerships may not be strong enough and will create organizational issues. Domestic strife may occur. This is the time when spending requires care, or major financial difficulties can occur. During this period, one should take maximum precautions.

Peak stage:

this Saturn cycle is typically the worst. Saturn transiting the Moon suggests health issues, relationship problems, mental distress, and sorrow. During this time, people under Sade sati influence will find it hard to succeed. You can't get your hard work results and feel choked.It is going to be weak in nature and resistant. Since the first house is a home for the health, hence exercise is must.

 this  is  Saturn's last 2.5 year transit dhaya. In the second house from the natal moon, Saturn will begin to pass, which suggests economic and domestic difficulties. But in this process, after two tough phases of Sade Sati, the influenced person begins to feel bit relaxed . During this process, the focus is primarily on previous expenditures that may go unnoticed. There is also the risk of unexpected financial losses and suspicion of fraud. Students and their training can be affected slightly and they need to work harder to maintain their current position. The tests are almost always going to be slow and late. Actually, if possible during that time control your diet. Some may also suffer depression, unidentified fear or phobia Hence,it can be seen that the second phase of Sade Sati worse.


Saturn will transit in Capricorn (Shani Rashi Parivartan 2020) on 24 January 2020. With the transit of Saturn, some zodiacs will get freedom from Shani Sade Sati and Shani Dhaiya, then the people of some zodiac signs will start to get influenced by Saturn'ssade satii and Shani Dhaya. Influenced people will have problems arise in the areas of family life, work area, money etc. So let's know which are those zodiac signs on which Saturn's half-and-half and Saturn's shadow is about to begin. 

Gemini, Taurus and cancer will not be under the influence of sade sati in 2020 while the effects of sade sati will continue for Sagittarius. Individuals under the influence of zodiac sign Aquarius will start their sade sati phase in 2020.


Shani is nodoubt one of the most dreaded planet. But the effect of Sade Sati can be reduced. Below I have provided some tips on how to reduce the effects of Sade Sati.

1.Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily
2.Donate to the Poor and the needy
3.Avoid non veg and maintain a satvik diet
4.Take care of the elderly
5.Serve Gau mata

Signs of an inauspicious Saturn according to Lal Kitab

1. Saturn causes hair loss, affects eye sight.
2. The individual affected by Shani appears to be gloomy and gets addicted to junk food.
3. The individual affected by Saturn gets angry easily.

Lal kitab remedies
1. Black kajal or soorma should be buried in the ground to benefit in business
2. Mustard oil should be applied on bread and fed to a dog .
3. Mustard oil should be donated on and Saturday and fed to a dog
4. Seeds like Urad Dal,seasame seeds ,iron and leather should be donated .
5. Meat and alcohol should be avoided .
6. Iron nail should be fixed At the entrance of the house .
7. Milk shoud be offered on the roots on Banyan tree and wet soil should be applied as tilak
8. A temple should be visited everyday and urad dal,black pepper ,black preas and sandalwood should be provided to a temple according to ability and convenience.
9. Feed rice or pulses to fish
10. A glass or earthen container should be filled  with  mustard oil  and buried on the bottom of the pond.

There is nothing to be disheartened if you are undergoing Shani Sade Sati. Remain calm, practice good karma, and consult an experienced astrologer to smoothen the period of Shani Sade Sati.

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