job loss in astrology and promotion in job in vedic astrology

The world we live in, our success and failure are judged through career, wealth, profession, etc. Each and every person expects a smooth and stable professional life whether he is in business and service or has adopted any academic career. It doesn’t matter how much the person is enjoying doing the particular job or whether he/she is happy or not, as long as the person is making good money out of the job, if he believes that the person is doing very well. Ups and downs in career are generally related to promotions, salary hikes, pink slips, and firing, etc. We see many examples of ups and downs in career/professional life. It is still very hard to guess when a person may come down from the top or when the person may take a sudden rise.

Astrology in Career

One of the greatest aspects of astrology is a career where a good modern astrologer has a lot of knowledge and command and is able to advise on various subjects. He is able to tell the good timing of the event that has happened in the past, or bound to happen in the future or present.

Vedic Principles related to Success in Career

  • The Horoscope is needed to analyze or study in order to know about the beneficial Yogas (combinations) that will strengthen the nature of blessings they will bring in the life of the native. Some of the basic Yogas include Dhan Yoga, PanchMahaPurushaYogas, Budha Aditya Yoga, and Bhagya Yoga.

  • The three Lagnas or Ascendants, known as - Birth Lagna, Moon Lagna, and Sun Lagna should be analyzed and made sure that these three are strong. It is believed that if the Sun is weak in the person’s horoscope, then the person can’t aspire for a Government Job or he/she is likely to have problems related to financial matters.

  • The 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th houses and their lords must be strong, that determines the success of the profession in a person’s life(business, job or any professional area). Along with the study of the 10th house and its lord which is the primary house of profession.

  • The 2nd house denotes wealth and savings. A person is required to be academically and professionally as well as mentally prepared to take up a career in that line. It is seen from the 5th house, no person can progress in life without the support of his luck and the blessings of his guru.

  • It is believed that planets are strong when they are placed in their own house. Then such planets will give excellent results in their MahaDasha or sub-Dasha.

  • According to the logic, if the lords of 6th, 8th or 12th get associated either with the lord of the house – 2, 5,9,10 or 11 then the chart may lose its strength considerably.

  • The Dasha of these malefic planets is likely to cause financial problems and setbacks in career progression.

The House of Career in Horoscope

In Western astrology, the 10th house is most closely connected with the career. The primary use of the whole sign 10th house and its lord is that it influences the career. The position of the house 10th’s lord does not necessarily dictate the direction of a career, yet it can sometimes express its flavor or style.

A good Astrologer can foresee the unfavorable events that are bound to happen in the life of the person. This gives the person a clue about what is bound to happen and the person gets prepared to face the adversities of life. An astrologer reads the person’s Horoscope and is capable of identifying the nature of events and their possible timings. This helps the person to be careful during such a difficult period by not delaying the decision to start a new project or taking up a new job. In addition to this astrology also tells about the remedial measures that can be taken up to face such problems.


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