Virgo Moon Sign Horoscope

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Virgo Moon Sign Characteristics : Virgo is a highly autonomous zodiac sign. They can use their intelligence fully and get things done for themselves. However, their restricted mind can lead to loss of creativity and they may end living regular routine lives. They may live too much in the past and in complicated things, limiting their ability to progress and become confused. They are analytical, observational, helpful, reliable, accurate, clever and very clever. They are effective linguist who have analytical mentality to understand certain things. They are emotional to be impelled easily. They have a methodical, desire to describe a concept in greater detail. They are prudent in their own interests. They are cautious and financially pragmatic. The Virgo, widely recognized for its analytical mind, is able to reach a high level of precision in careers. You will choose careers with potential for growth. Thus a profession will prove to be strong in mathematics, science, accounting, electronics, research, medicine, design, banking, and stock markets.
20th September to 26th September

You won't have to put in a lot of effort this week to stay in shape. You will be fortunate during this period since Rahu is in an exalted state in Taurus, the ninth house. As a result, even if you make minor attempts to maintain your health, you will be able to keep yourself healthy. Due to the simultaneous transit of Mercury and Venus in the second house, the locals of your zodiac sign will have a very good financial week in the coming weeks. In this case, don't give up on your efforts because favourable planetary configurations can present you with a fantastic opportunity to grow your fortune at this time. One of your family members or your life partner may be the source of your mental tension this week. Because they may ask you for something for which you will have to spend a significant portion of your salary. As a result, it would be preferable if you communicated your ideas on this requirement while attempting to persuade them. There's a good chance you'll see an increase in your wages this week because your hard work will pay off. This will assist you in obtaining all of the credits that you are entitled to. However, you should not leave any work unfinished; else, you may face difficulties. If you're studying for a competitive exam this week, you'll have a lot of time on your hands. However, you will need to work even harder at this time than previously in order to achieve decent outcomes. In such a case, making the most of this time and attempting to comprehend the issues is recommended.

Remedy: Recite Mercury's Beej mantras and feed the cow green fodder.

Those pursuing further education or wishing to continue their degree at a foreign-based college or university will also see positive effects. Life at home will be fairly pleasant. Some issues may arise for lovers. At the same time, married natives may have challenges in the second part of the month, despite the fact that the first half of the month will be fairly favourable.
The economic situation is projected to remain favourable. You will amass a substantial sum of money, and fortune will be on your side. In terms of your health, you may need to be a little more cautious.
In terms of health, this month is predicted to be a little less beneficial for you.
September will be a fruitful month for those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo. In some spheres of life, you will be extremely fortunate. It's possible that you'll need to be cautious in other areas.
To begin, if we're talking about career and job holders, you may run into some issues, and business professionals will, too, in the first half of the month. The second half of the month, on the other hand, will be fairly favourable. Students engaged in ordinary courses may face challenges, but those enrolled in technical studies may be rewarded with favourable achievements. Your tenth house is ruled by the Sun, the king of the planets, and Mars, the red planet. Jupiter is also in the sixth house. You may get some diseases as a result of all of these planetary motions. You may experience health issues this month as a result of the conjunction of three extremely crucial planets.
There's a chance you'll get a fever. There's also a chance you'll get a headache. Eye pain is also a possibility. Another issue that will arise is mental tension. As a result, you must be extremely vigilant and cautious during the month of September. If you have a health condition, don't ignore it; seek medical care if necessary.

On Saturdays, feed ants flour and fish grains.
Green bangles should be given to young girls.
Laxmi-Narayan is revered.
Chant the Budh Beej Mantra: om bram brim brom sah budhaya namah

Yearly Horoscope - 2021 - Virgo

The New Year 2021 is going the be auspicious for the Virgo natives due to the position of Saturn in the fifth house of the horoscope. Due to these planetary positions, there will be a major turn of events in your life throughout the year. Your career will be drastically affected by this position of Saturn. It will lead to a loss of focus which will make it tough for you to complete your tasks timely. Furthermore, there will be a lot of opportunities coming your way at your workplace. So, you should embrace them with open hearts. Also, there are chances that you will soon receive a transfer letter to your preferred location.


Your financial health in the year 2021 is going to be bad for the Virgo natives. However, things will not be the same but things will start changing as the month’s pass. Your income sources will increase which will strengthen your financial conditions. This will happen due to the deposition of Mars in the 8th house. Your hard times will be over and things will start falling into places.


The Virgo natives will have very good health in the new year 2021 due to the influence of Mars on the zodiac sign. However, you will feel tired of the monotonous life you are living right now. Therefore, it is advised you to take a break from your daily routine and do what you enjoy. This will help you freshen up your mind and feel peaceful. There will be no malefic planetary positions because no planetary positions are harming your health.


This year will not be much favorable for you in terms of marriage for the Virgo natives. If they want to get married, it is more suitable for them to wait for it and marry next year. Furthermore, married natives will have an average relationship with their spouse especially at the starting of the year. But your partner will have prosperity in their work which will help in achieving strong financial stability.


The career aspect in the year 2021 for the Virgo natives will be a mixture of good and bad results. You may feel frustrated with your current job and might want to change at certain times but you should wait for the right time and see if the time is in your favor. Furthermore, it is advised to you to not engage yourself in any kind of malicious act like conflicts or gossips that might harm your reputation at the workplace. There are chances that a suitable job opportunity will come to you around September.


  • Wear Emerald gemstone embedded in gold metal on Wednesday.

  • Offer red flowers to Goddess temples on Fridays.

  • You can also recite Shri Durga Chalisa every day for better financial health.