Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu Mahadasha and its effect

Ketu Mahadasha


Ketu is considered a Dragon’s tail according to Vedic Astrology. If it is located favorably in your chart, its mahadasha makes you more spiritual-religious, You may begin to manage your energy and time towards philosophical subjects, worshiping, virtuous pursuits, and practicing yoga.

 This maha Dasa boosts one’s engagement in spiritual tasks and gives inner strength to the natives. You may also enjoy a lot of family support and luxuries during this time. You might feel religiously lean and your interest in meditation and yoga increase during this period.

Natives also make a tendency to move towards spiritual freedom during Ketu Mahadasha as one feels separated from the materialistic world and more inclined towards mystical fields, these things are beyond common understanding.

 Ketu also boosts one’s inclination towards the journey. Sometimes, Ketu Mahadasha also causes undesired confusion and fear, pain in legs, mental issue issues, stomach problem accidents, fear from poison, weapons, etc.

  Problems in family life and loss of wealth are a few other negative things that can happen in Ketu Mahadasha if a placement is not favorable.

 Ketu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

This Antardasha gives inner strength to the natives. The natives feel more driven towards spiritual paths. Some religious travels are also possible during this Dasa.

 Native people feel a sense of detaching from this material world and is inclined to start the spiritual realms of life. Some business-related trips are also possible.

 Native people are quite unstable and overly optimistic during this period, so any kind of new decisions in career or job change should be avoided. This is a period of a lot of unreasonable fears and mental confusion and natives may also observe distance in relation.


Ketu Mahadasha in Venus Antardasha

Venus is a beneficial planet but due to Ketu’s impact, it struggles to use its energy towards the benefit of the natives. During this maha Dasa, the native face some hurdle in career. 

He or she may also make a tendency to strike disputes with colleagues and family. This period is also not as much as favorable for married couples. Chances of detachment with a spouse are possible as well.

 A lot of negative thinking pervades the native’s mind. Native may feel a lot more unstable during this period and desire support from loved ones. This MahaDasha can also cause eye-related problems to the natives.


Ketu Mahadasha in Sun Antardasha

This is not a favorable position for natives, as Ketu is inimical towards Sun. During this period, the native has to face a lot of problems and difficulties in all area of life. Matters with seniors at the workplace are possible.

 The natives also struggle to get the promotion that he wants or deserves. Lack of support in professional matters remains. Moreover, the native becomes a lot more aggressive than before.power of decision making of the native also suffers which can also affect the success rate in all efforts.


Ketu Mahadasha in Moon Antardasha

This Antardasa is also considered as negative in Vedic Astrology because of the opposing relationship between Moon and Ketu. Their combined effect eclipses one’s happiness in professional and personal life

 Ketu here reduces the beneficial effects of the Moon so the natives feel a lot of desertification and depression during this period. Excess of undesired thoughts keeps the native disturbed. He or she may have to struggle with unwanted anxieties and fears.

 A sense of dissatisfaction permeates through life and native feel disconnected from the world. There is a strong need for nurture and support from others to check a miserable life during this period.


Ketu Mahadasha in Mars Antardasha

Mars is considered as aggressive and ambitious and Ketu is also said to work like Mars. This period is not that positive due to the sensitive issues one faces. Natives develop a tendency to indulge in unreasonable disputes. 

Strong aggressiveness instincts in person affect their behavior with others. The native suffers from a lot of physical and mental troubles. It’s like a negative vibration has surrounded the person. Profession life also observes obstacles.

 Native becomes quite short-tempered and straightforward which postures risk to their power and status. Native also runs the risk of facing allergies, accidents, and medical infections.

 This Mahadasa, however, gives a lot of determination and courage to natives to defeat the enemy.


Ketu Mahadasha in Rahu Antardasha

This maha Dasa gives natives sudden wealth and gains. if Rahu and Ketu are beneficial in the birth chart. However, the native may also suffer from health matters during this time. Mental stress also pervades during the Dasa period.

 A lot of confusion happens in life, which affects personal contentment and happiness. Health problems related to the stomach or chest also strike. Undesired thoughts keep the native disturbed during this period. However, the person develops a strong will power to tackle enemies.


 Ketu Mahadasha in Jupiter Antardasha

This is a good placement for spiritual progress in life since both Ketu and Jupiter relate to spirituality and liberation. The native takes a lot of spiritual trips during this time. He or she may spend a lot on good pursuits.

 Planets also create possibilities for foreign trips. This period brings a lot of confusion in work life and some consistency issues also persist in studies. Struggle in married life is also there due to this Antardasha.


 Ketu Mahadasha in Saturn Antardasha

This is a tough phase in the native’s life. A lot of problems come up in the professional area. The person also feels disconnected from worldly affairs. This is generally a difficult period in relationships. The expense also rises during this period.

restlessness and mental distress prevail throughout this Dasha. Some physical suffering is possible and native feels dissatisfied and lethargic.

  In fact, risky journeys may also take place during this antardasha period. 

 and chances of losing an important relationship for natives may also be there throughout this time if caution is not practiced.


Ketu Mahadasha in Mercury Antardasha

Lack of concentration persists during this MahaDasha. The planetary position also causes excessive expenses during this period. Native’s mind is occupied by undesired thoughts.

 He or she may also begin to speak loudly without thinking of the implications. Their mind is always lost in thoughts of wandering and traveling.

 The person feels spiritually inclined nonetheless. While Ketu brings a lot of difficulties in life, Mercury at the same time helps to keep a positive attitude in life.


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