Pisces Moon Sign Horoscope

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Pisces Moon Sign Characteristics : The symbol of mysticism is Pisces. Pisces has good imaginative power. They live in two worlds, one the real one and one based on their belief and imagination. They live in the world which they find suitable for them in the present situation. You do so to avoid all the world's realities of suffering and pain. They have extremes of emotion and are intensive feeling of good and bad. Pisces native has great cognitive skill. Most Pisces native has occult or spiritualistic implications somehow. Pisces native is very good people for those who know them because they can delve into the psyche and see behind the motivation of a person. Even in animals, they can't see suffering and provide help. They Lack ambition and finds difficult to make speedy progress in material life. Pisceans prefer to stay in the make-belief world. They are highly intuitive and remain in their own world. They are highly emotional, honest and generous.
25thth October to 31st October

Your tension and worry will be primarily due to your spouse's bad health in your household. As a result, your thoughts will be preoccupied, and you may appear anxious to get home and take a little break from work. The presence of Jupiter beneath Dhanishta Nakshatra and Saturn under Shravana Nakshatra in your eleventh house in Capricorn will cause an increase in your costs this week. However, the good news is that, in the interim, this period will offer a big increase in your income, allowing you to strike the correct financial balance. If you have elders in your home, they may be agitated this week if you ask for their specific requests and expect more from them than you need. As a result, not only will your personal life be hectic, but the negative consequences may also interrupt your professional life. Despite the avalanche of work you'll be doing this week, you'll be filled with incredible enthusiasm. Despite this, you may not be able to accomplish your entire job ahead of schedule at this period. Students who are entirely sure in their life ambitions will need to focus more on their hard work at this time. Because you will have to fight hard to free yourself from your ego's dominance throughout this moment. Furthermore, by improving your academic performance, you will be able to gain admiration from your parents and professors.

Remedy: Always keep a green handkerchief with you.

The zodiac sign Pisces has a mixed bag of fortune in store for its inhabitants. This year, your financial situation will be excellent. Job holders, business owners, and self-employed people will see an increase in their current earnings. Profits will be made in big sums. In terms of your career, you will see positive outcomes in the first half, but the second half may be disappointing. During this month, you should use caution.

You will be observed in the sphere of education avoiding problems and going forward on the route to success. In terms of competitive tests, good things are in store as well. Your family's surroundings will be tumultuous. As much as possible, try to remain patient. Married locals are prone to quarrels with their respective life partners. Love relationships will continue to function in a routine manner. When it comes to your health, you may experience skin and blood issues.

In terms of health, October is raising some red signals for Pisces locals. You should be cautious because you could face a variety of issues. The seventh house of your Kundli is occupied by the Sun and Mars. Furthermore, Mercury's retrograde motion will continue in effect on October 2nd. These planetary yogas might exacerbate skin problems. As a result, if you have a skin disease, don't ignore it and see a doctor right away. The transit of the Sun and Mars, on the other hand, will be in your ninth house this month. You may have to deal with blood-related issues as a result of this planetary alignment. A blood problem can cause an infection on the skin. Boils can show up as boils on the skin. Seek for medical advice without hesitation. Because prevention is the best medicine, drive or walk carefully on the road to avoid being involved in an accident.


On Thursday at noon, put the Pukhraj diamond in a gold ring on your index finger.

Reciting Shri Rama Raksha Stotra will be good to you.

Lord Shri Hari Vishnu will appreciate yellow flowers and yellow sandalwood.

On Wednesday, offer Durvakur to Lord Ganesha.

On Tuesday, pay a visit to Lord Hanuman's temple and apply Tilak to his right foot.

Yearly Horoscope - 2021 - Pisces

The New year 2021 for the Pisces natives is going to be favourable due to planetary positions working by their side. Professional natives will prosper in their career and there are high chances that they get to go to foreign countries for work-related purposes. Like the first half, the year is over, you will grow further in your respective field around August. Businesses are also going to earn sufficient profits to achieve their goals, especially around December.


The New year 2021 is going to be auspicious for the Pisces natives in terms of financial aspects. The money inflow in your life will rise along with a significant decline in the expenses and luck will be in your favour. You will have a very strong financial hold, through which you can buy any comfort and luxury you want.


The Pisces natives will have very good health in the new year 2021. However, you will feel tired of the monotonous life you are living right now. Therefore, it is advised you to take a break from your daily routine and do what you enjoy. This will help you freshen up your mind and feel peaceful. There will be no malefic planetary positions because no planetary positions are harming your health.


The New Year 2021 is going to be auspicious from your marriage prospects. The single natives are suggested to make moves and if they have their eyes set on someone then proceed to approach that person. Things will work on your favour. There is fifty-fifty per cent chances of marriage this year, but we are talking about the formal ceremony. You may find a suitable match for yourself this year through your social circle or maybe at the workplace. It could be anywhere. You may even find love in a person you have never thought romantically.


The new year is going to be very auspicious for the professional natives as they will achieve all the success they have worked for a long time. Your performance will improve very much and you will gain recognition from your seniors because of this. You subordinates will look up to you. The initial months of the year are going to be very favourable for you and career graph will rise significantly. You will create a name for yourself in your field and you will be known by your work.


Wear Pukhraj gemstone embedded in gold metal on your index finger on Thursday.

You should also wear do or teen Mukhi Rudraksha on Monday and Tuesday.

Worship Lord Hanuman and recite Bajrang Baan regularly.