Cancer Moon Sign Horoscope

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Cancer Moon Sign Characteristics : The crabs are mainly family people. Their nature may be rather nuanced, but they are traditional and house-loving people deep inside. They bring in a familiar environment and maintaining the relationships. The crab is known to be doubtful, temperamental, and volatile. They hate to get rejected by their loved ones and are likely to be hurt quickly. In many ways, Crabs are otherwise persistent, trusting, compassionate and solid. Through their strong creativity and insight, they will imagine future events. Famous for fertile imagination and simple imitation. They are trustworthy, obedient, sensitive, receptive and loving. They Create resources through hard work. The Crabs have a natural talent to know a number of subjects, since they are highly intuited and perceived, making them brilliant musicians, poets, composers, performers and psychics. Such sensitive types often like caring and treatment, so if they make a career in the areas of human resources, regulation, care, schooling and childcare they can well work satisfaction. Whatever sector you chose, one thing is sure that you won't be there to feed your ego. They work because they want to be financially secure and autonomous.
20th September to 26th September

Due to the conjunction of the Sun and Mars in the third house, as well as the full aspect of the Moon in the same house this week, you will need to indulge in all activities that calm you. Also, steer clear from jobs that can impair both your image and your health. It is therefore preferable not to let bad thoughts to enter your mind, and instead of chatting in your spare time, read a book while eating a salad. This week, due to Saturn's position in its own sign and its conjunction with Jupiter in the seventh house, married people will receive financial assistance from their in-laws, which will aid them in overcoming their financial difficulties. In this circumstance, it is recommended that you take your time before investing this money, as otherwise, problems may arise. This week, a female member of your household's illness could cause severe disruption in the family setting. As a result, you will experience increased mental tension, which will negatively impact several aspects of your life. Your life can take a new direction in terms of romance. This week, you may feel a little sluggish or suffer from the Victim-Complex, but you'll also be anxious to be appreciated for all you do. As a result of this, you will be given an excellent opportunity to advance in your profession. Students with this indication who are seeking for work this week may have to wait a little longer. Don't give up in such a situation; keep trying. You can also enlist the assistance of your elders if necessary.

Worship Lord Shiva and donate white clothing to the temple as a remedy.

This month will be full of ups and downs for Cancerians in particular. Situations will continue to favour you in the first days of the month. You will achieve success in areas such as job hunting and business. There's also the possibility of a promotion. This month will be jam-packed with educational opportunities.

Those who aspire to pursue their higher education may continue to receive positive results. Life at home will be prosperous. You're likely to get some excellent news in terms of the economy. The months’ time will be difficult for in-love couples as well as married natives. The state of health is also projected to deteriorate.

In terms of your health, this month may bring you some difficulties. The beginning of the month, in particular, will be fairly weak. The planets Mars and the Sun are in your second house, Saturn is in your seventh house, and Ketu is in your fifth house.

In addition, Jupiter is in the eighth house. These five planets' placements are not in any way beneficial to one's health. As a result, you must be extremely cautious. Even a small illness should not be overlooked. Retrograde Jupiter will enter the seventh house on September 15th. Your health problems are likely to worsen as a result of Jupiter's passage. If you find yourself in this circumstance, don't hesitate to seek medical advice.


For best benefits, worship Lord Shiva on a regular basis and recite the Rudrashtak.

On the day of the Purnima, or Full Moon, offer milk-water to the Moon.

Wear a bracelet made of silver.

Read the Lord Shiva Chalisa and bathe Shivling in water.

Yearly Horoscope - 2021 - Cancer

The New Year 2021 for the Cancer natives is going to be favorable and positive in many aspects of life. Your career path will yield average results due to the influence of Saturn. Saturn will help you overcome all your problems and achieve your dreams. You will be able to walk on the path of prosperity. Therefore, you have to put all your efforts and keep your hard work consistent. Also, try to stay away from problems that may push you down. Your financial health will remain strong but expenses may arise on your health.


There will be no financial problems arise for the Cancer natives in the year 2021. but you should plan a budget to streamline your expenses and stick to it. This way you will also be able to save enough. Furthermore, money inflow is also going to increase with your smart moves. If you are a businessperson, you should shift your business process towards sustainability and environment friendly. This is for the good cause and helps you make a good reputation amongst the customers.


The positions of planets in your horoscope are very favorable for you and thus, you are going to have good health this year. There will be no major health issue that might decline your health. Therefore, you can be stress-free and enjoy your life as much as you want. However, that does not mean you get reckless. You still have to be aligned with your health especially take care of your nervous and circulatory system. Your immune system will also remain strong and will protect you from all the communicable diseases spreading around.


This New year 2021 is going to be average and bring mixed results for the Cancer natives. Married natives may have to go through some ups and downs due to the movements of planetary positions in this period. But this won’t affect your relationship with your spouse and you will have a blissful marital life for most of the months in the year. According to astrology, the planets Saturn and Jupiter are going to transit in the seventh house of your horoscope which will result in mixed effects on your marriage.


The New Year 2021 is going to be very auspicious for you in terms of your career. You will achieve success and rise to different heights in your professional life. In the starting days of the year, there will not be much change and everything will go smoothly. But gradually, your workload will start increasing. So, brace yourself as this is the only way you are going to receive promotions. As you move forward, you may start facing some hurdles. You cannot avoid your problems. Therefore, you have to face them with a straight face and find the solutions.


  • Wear pearl gemstone embedded in silver metal on Monday.

  • Recite Bajrang Baan or Shri Ganapati Atharva Shirsha regularly.

  • You should also chant Guru Beej Mantra daily.