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Vastu tips for growth of business

Vastu Shasta is a subject matter that deals with four main directions, four sub- directions and eight sub-sub directions. Vastu believes that every corner of the land, house, and office has energies. If these energies are positively channelized that it can make a huge difference in the person life.

The following are some Vastu tips for the growth of the business-

1. The business owner’s room should be in the southwest direction with his desk placed so that he sits facing the north in the office building. There should not be any window or a glass structure behind the desk. There should be instead a solid wall behind the desk. The ideal location for the home office is also in the southwest part of the house.

2. There should be a proper sitting of the staff seats. The design should be such that the employees must face either the north or the east to increase productivity. The desks and workstation of employees must be designed to keep this in mind.

3. The office of the finance and accounting section or the staff who handles the money and finances should be placed in the southeast and they should sit facing the north or east.

4. The direction that influences the financial strength and prosperity of the business is the northwest direction.  So the marketing team who are the ones responsible for bringing in more business to increase revenue should be placed in this direction. Note that this area should be free of any negative or anti elements like the toilets or the kitchen should not be built in this part of the office or home office.

5. For gatherings and meetings, the northwest direction is the best. So, the conference room of the office should be planned in this direction to facilitate fruitful and smooth meetings and discussions. This is very important since communication is the base of any business and for the growth of the business.

6. For the prosperity of any business, risks must be minimized, whether it’s reducing delays in payments or receipt of new orders. The north direction must be free of any elements of fire in the office building. Avoid painting this area red. Also, make sure to not locate the kitchen or pantry in this section of the layout of the office building.

7. In the northeast part of the office place an aquarium because that brings the maximum success and prosperity for the business. The aquarium should have nine goldfish and one black one as per the Vastu Shastra.

8. The use of square or rectangular desks or workstations is also advised to use. Irregularly shaped desks or even L-shaped furniture must be avoided to maximize the positive energy in the area.

9. The safe or locker where the money is stored in the office should be in the southwest direction and make sure that the locker door opens towards the north.

10. The ideal place for the Pooja space in the office(if any) is in the northeast direction.

11. As all offices are highly reliant on electrical equipment, the best direction to place heavy electrical equipment is in the southeast part of the building to minimize breakdowns and repairs.

12. The office building should face northeast or north-west or north direction for good luck and positive vibes.

13. The main entrance should face east or north direction and no obstacle should place close to or in front of the door.

14. Always keep the central part of the office building clean and empty.

15. In the east or the northeast corner of the office, the welcome houses should be made to bring prosperity and growth in the business.

Remember to keep the above-mentioned guidelines before building your office.


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