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Mercury transit in Sep 2019 - Impact on different signs

Planetary transits refer to movement of the planets from one position to another in space. Astrologically, the way in which these planets change their positions from one place to another may have an effect on one’s birth chart. 

According to Vedic astrology, mercury correlates with knowledge, intelligence, attitude, speech, and mind. If the position of Mercury is good in one’s birth chart, the person is expected to become intelligent and knowledgeable with a good attitude. He also becomes very strong and confident in his speech. The positive presence of Mercury in a person’s horoscope turns out to be very beneficial for him and his entire attitude reflects positivity.

The Zodiacs which are governed by Mercury are Gemini and Virgo. 
Mercury is said to be neutral in nature - the results totally depend on how it is placed in one’s horoscope. If it is placed with a planet with positive attributes (also known as a benefic planet) in a person’s birth chart, then the results for that person would turn out to be beneficial for that person. However, in case, it is placed with a planet having negative attributes (known as malefic), then that person may face certain issues during the said phase. If a person faces any issues during this time period, he is supposed to participate in certain rituals and prayers in order to pacify Mercury. 

Effect of Mercury movement in September 2019

On 11th September 2019, around 4:47 a.m. early in the morning (according to IST), Mercury will be making a transition towards Virgo and is expected to stay there until September 29th before making the next transition. On average, the transition time for Mercury is approximately 14 days. During this time period, it is believed that Mercury will majorly be affecting most of the signs. Let’s take a look at how it is affecting the Zodiacs.

Aries: The movement of Mercury is expected to be beneficial for the people who belong to this zodiac. Their physical and mental state of health may improve, along with finding success in terms of work-related matters.

Taurus: Mercury movement does not seem very good for Taureans. They may face certain financial issues and family-related problems. However, this can be a good phase for students who are expected to perform well in studies.

Gemini: Mercury transition is said to improve the financial conditions of people who fall under this sun sign.

 Cancer: During this phase, Cancerians may feel a sense of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. They may feel a sense of fear being instilled into them. There will not be any family-related issues; however, they need to think before they speak, especially with their siblings. 

Leo: Mercury movement during this phase is expected to have a positive effect on the people belonging to Leo. They will be very happy with their families. Although there would be no financial issues during this phase, Leos are advised to be careful while making transactions related to money-matters. Due to the positive presence of Mercury, a huge improvement is expected in terms of communication skills. 

Virgo: The people of Virgo are expected to get affected the maximum, as Mercury is moving into their zodiac. They may have to struggle a lot, although their financial income is set to improve. For Virgos, this time is definitely expected to be favorable for money-related matters.

Libra: The Mercury transit does not seem to be very favorable for Librans during this phase. Financially, this phase may not be very beneficial for them. Also, it could be possible that they may face issues in their personal relationships.

Scorpio: This phase is expected to be extremely profitable for people coming under this sun sign. They are expected to gain various profits in business-related matters. Family relationships are predicted to be smooth for them during this phase. Health conditions are also likely to improve. 

Sagittarius: The Mercury transit is expected to bring positivity in the life of Sagittarians. Working people can expect a promotion in their workplace. Businessmen are also liable for profits during this time. Health conditions are all set to improve.

Capricorn: During this phase, some troubles and tensions may arise for people of this zodiac. For people dealing in financial transactions, not much of gain is expected.

Aquarius: The planetary movement of Mercury during this phase is predicted to be beneficial for the Aquarians. There are chances of gains in economic conditions and money matters. Peace will prevail in the family.

Pisces: The movement of Mercury during this phase does not seem very good for people belonging to this zodiac. They may face health-related issues, and may also feel mentally weak. People who are in the business line may see some profits.
As stated above, the movement of Mercury has a positive effect on some, while a negative effect on some. We can just hope that whatever is the case, all of us are able to bring out the best of our abilities within us!!!


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