Sun in Different house

Sun in Different houses

Sun in 1st House 

On the Leo ascendant chart, if the position of the sun is on the 1st house of the horoscope, it signifies a strong position of authority for the native. They will also be in constant need of recognition and being the center of attention. It really offends them if people do not appreciate their presence and efforts enough. Therefore, working as freelancers and entrepreneurs is much more suitable for them since they will be their own boss and do not need to take orders from their superiors like in most of the jobs. This position of Sun Mahadasha will bring prosperity to the natives if they try to put their best efforts.


Sun in 2nd House  

On the Cancer Ascendant chart, if the sun is deposited on the 1st house of the cancer sign and rules on the 2nd house of the Leo sign, then the native will have a great influence on their family. They will specifically get under the influence of their father. Their emotional attachment with their families will be very deep.


Sun in 3rd House 

 On the Gemini Ascendant Chart, the sun deposits on the 1st house and rules the third house of Gemini along with Leo sign. This position indicates great communication skills. Sun is also a planet for creativity. Therefore, both creativity and communication will help the native boost their confidence and help them work better and with greater enthusiasm. It also signifies the relationship of the native with their father and his influence in forming the personality of the native.


Sun in 4th House 

 On the Taurus Ascendant Chart, when the sun sets on the first house and rules the 4th house of the Taurus sign along with Leo, it signifies towards native’s attachment with their mothers. They are so full of pride about their mother as well as their motherland. For the natives under this zodiac, their mothers only stand as their fatherly figures since the sun represents fathers and it is ruling over it. However, the position of the sun in this house is not considered very friendly. As a result, the natives might have some conflict with their mothers. Since the sun is also associated with authority and this position signifies motherland too, it also indicates an authoritative position for the native, especially in the homeland.


Sun in 5th House 

 Sun is the ruler of the 5th house with the Leo sign. It exalts when it sits on the 1st house of the Aries sign. When the sun is in these positions, the mind of the native is filled with ego especially if they deal with issues regarding family and education. More often, pride is the exact emotion that they are filled especially with matters related to their kids and education. During this course, their love life also blossoms. Since the sun signifies power and authority, its exaltation indicates a high position in the workplace for the native, especially if they are working in the field of education. 


Sun in 6th House 

 On the Pisces Ascendant Chart, when the sun sets on the 1st house and rules the 6th house of Pisces zodiac along with Leo, the native will involve themselves in the service sector. This service sector includes both commercial as well as non-profit jobs like helping the poor people, etc. Therefore, there are high chances the native will be working in the government sector. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when they help people in need. For them, it is their way of spirituality.


Sun in 7th House 

 On the Aquarius Ascendant Chart, when the sun sets on the 1st house and rules over the 7th house of the Aquarius zodiac along with Leo, it signifies upcoming trouble for the native. The sun is considered an enemy of Saturn. As a result, there will be the entry of some troublesome people in the native’s life which will shake their ego and pride. Since the sun is indicative of authority, the native either has a high authoritative position or will reach there very soon. It also indicates the egoistic behaviors of their spouse too.


Sun in 8th House

On the Capricorn Ascendant Chart, if the sun sets on the 1st house and rules over the 8th house of the Capricorn with Leo, it indicates the native’s involvement with the matters of government. Since both sun, as well as Capricorn, stands for the government, the native is most likely to work in a high authoritative position as a government employee. Moreover, the sun also signifies towards the father, and Capricorn is indicative of the enemy. Therefore, it shows that the native will have a sour relationship with their father. There are also high chances of certain stressful events that might affect the natives or their father’s health.


Sun in 9th House

 On the Sagittarius Ascendant Chart, when the sun sets on the 1st house and rules over the 9th house along with Leo, it signifies towards the native’s interest in achieving higher education. They are so determined and are working very hard to make it fulfill. It also signifies the impact of the father and their religious beliefs on the personality and minds of the native. Their fathers are a great source of learning. With all these, natives work great in the field of education, mostly as teachers or professors. They are also very disciplined and like to work under the spectrum of law only.


Sun in 10th House

 On the Scorpio Ascendant Chart, when the sun sets on the 1st house and rules over the 10th house along with Leo, the native will have a very troublesome personality. This kind of personality often means that they unknowingly attract problems for themselves as well as for other people in their life. This is due to the traits of the Scorpio which is about sudden changes. Therefore, the natives under these charts are most likely of dominating nature. They try to control other people like their family, friends, or even their colleagues. This controlling nature really harms their own reputation in the society. It also indicates our relationship with their father as well.


Sun in 11th House

 On the Libra Ascendant Chart, when the sun sets on the 1st house and rules over the 11th house along with Leo, it shows its debilitation. As a result, the native will have to face financial losses in their life. This may be because of their own siblings or close people. The life of the native will be badly affected by their father or elder siblings due to their over-excessive control of the native’s life. Due to this, they lose their self-confidence to a great extent and therefore have a hard time adjusting with life. However, they also learn to grow and move forward with it. Eventually, they earn their confidence through their creative mind.


Sun in 12th House 

On the Virgo Ascendant Chart, when the sun sets on the 1st house and rules over the 12th house of Virgo along with Leo, the native is most likely to get benefits from the foreign lands. Their income will probably be from foreign sources like they might be working abroad or with an MNC. These people are often involved in analytical work. Therefore, they tend to work in a high authoritative position. They often have a tough time building their reputation since due to their ego, not many people like them. The native also has a tendency to attain perfection in their work.



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