foreign settlement after marriage astrology

Foreign Settlement in Astrology

Many people have this question in their mind that “will I go abroad “ Can anyone predict it based on the date of birth. Yes, Vedic astrology can predict whether you have yoga for foreign travel or foreign settlement. Foreign settlement and foreign travel are now considered as a great opportunity for improving living standards and growing career. In astrology, there are some combinations in birth chart which indicate foreign settlement or foreign travel. 

Foreign Settlement predictions in astrology according to houses :

There are some houses that are considered good for foreign settlement. 12th house, 9th house & Ascendants or Lagna are considered as the main house. 12th house, being foreign land is the most important house for foreign settlement.

The next important house is Lagna or Ascendants. Without the Lagna, nothing can work in a horoscope as Lagna represents the native. If Lagna lord is present in the 12th house, then it creates a strong combination for foreign settlement as the native will put effort into going abroad.

 Along with all these houses, the 4th house is also very important. Any affliction to the 4th house can also lead to foreign settlement as the 4th house is considered as the Home Land or own country. If the 4th house lord is positioned in the 12th house, then it creates a strong combination for foreign settlement. However, if the 4th house lord is strong and positioned in the 4th house then it creates an obstruction in foreign settlement or foreign travel.

Foreign Settlement in astrology according to Sign :

Firstly signs are of 3 types – Movable sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), Common sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) &Fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). So according to the astrology texts, the movable sign has the maximum chances for a foreign settlement as they have the tendency to change place. Fixed signs are not helpful in the foreign settlement as these sign resist changes, while the common sign can have short term foreign travel. If 12th house and 9th house are of movable sign then it will support in abroad settlement.

The signs are further classified as a fire sign, water sign, air sign & earth sign according to the quality of the Rashi. Fire moon sign is Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Water sign is Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Air signs are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini, and Earth Sign are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. Among all these 4 moon signs, water signs have the most scope for foreign settlement. If the 12th house and 9th house are of water sign then it will support foreign travel and foreign settlement in astrology. 

Foreign Settlement in astrology according to planets:

There are 3 planets that are important for the foreign settlement in the birth chart i.e Rahu, Ketu and moon

Foreign travel due to Rahu in 9th house: 

If Rahu is placed in the 9th house then a person travels for propagating some religious thoughts. The person wants to change the world and the travel is due to that reason

Foreign travel due to Moon in 9th house:

In this case, travel is generally of short term and it can for pleasure or luxuries. Frequent holiday or leisure travels are indicated by Moon in 9th house.

Foreign travel due to Ketu in 9th house :

When Ketu is in 9th house, foreign travel is more for gaining knowledge or wisdom. Native travel aboard to know different cultures.

Foreign settlement due to Rahu in 12th house :

Foreign settlement abroad happens due to materialistic reasons. The objective of a person is to gain money, respect and improve living standard.

Foreign settlement due to Moon in 12th house : 

If Moon is positioned in the 12th house then the person travels abroad to gain new experiences. He or she may also travel a lot inside the country.

Foreign settlement due to Ketu in 12th house:

If foreign settlement happened due to Ketu's position in the 12th house then the person finds it difficult to get adjusted in a foreign country. He/She feel isolated and neglected.

When the 5th, 9th & 12th lords get associated with Dasamsha, then a person can go for foreign travel due to professional works. If the 9th or 12th house in the horoscope comes under the movable signs then a person can go for foreign travel due to the higher education

Foreign settlement after marriage astrology

In a native birth chart, 7th house is known as the house of marriage. So if the 7th house is connected with 8th, 9th or 12th Lords then a person can go for foreign travel after marriage.

Foreign settlement after marriage is indicated if 12th lord is also in 12th house or there is an exchange yoga between 9th house and 12th house. 7th house lord in 12th house also indicates foreign settlement after marriage in astrology.

Time period for foreign travel according to date of birth

Foreign travel will be activated in the Dasha of 9th house or 12th house lord. It can also get activated in the Dasha period of planets positioned in the 9th house or 12th house.

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