Government Job in Astrology

Government Job Prediction in Astrology


Getting selected for a  government job might be the dream of many aspirants and for this people are ready to spend any amount of money and work as hard as possible, but are this enough? To survive the cut-throat competition hard work is not enough. If hard work and merit would have been the only key then all the College and University toppers would have automatically secured the positions in government jobs. It is not always the case. For securing a government job luck plays a very vital role and luck is checked from the astrological chart. If the person is not destined for getting a government job then there is no point in moving forward but if the astrological chart promises a government job then an aspirant will definitely make it by moving towards it. 


It is obvious that for professional success and financial prosperity it is important to make a good career choice from the beginning. A perfect career choice not only assures financial prosperity but also saves a person from exhaustion and wastage of time, thus maintaining mental peace.  Not everyone is capable of making the perfect career choice, but astrology will definitely provide guidance regarding what should be the exact career choice. It is important to know what a person is destined before making a career choice. Moving towards a career that is not favorable according to horoscope will only lead to frustration and wastage of valuable time. Similarly, it is important to check whether a person’s astrological chart supports government Job. If not then a person should shift to a career according to astrological guidance. The article provides detailed information about how predictions are made for aspirants of Government service.



 Planets heavily influence a person’s life and hence it is 

Important to check the position of planets for deciding whether a person should move towards a government job. I have provided some details, stating the role of planets regarding predicting the probability of securing a Government Job in astrology.

 The Sun and the Moon play a very vital role while deciding whether an individual will get a Government Job or not. Sun and the Moon are the two royal planets in astrology. The Sun takes the lead in the Planetary Kingdom and represents the Government. Hence to know whether an individual will get Government Job or not, it is necessary to check the position of the Sun in one’s birth chart. If Sun is the Amatyakaraka planet then it very strongly points towards Government Job.

Saturn also plays a very important role in choosing a career. Though Saturn does not represent government Jobs specifically it is an overall significator or Karaka for a career.  No matter what a person’s career choice is, if Saturn is not favorable then a person cannot progress in a career.

Moon is the third planets that play an important role while deciding whether an individual is destined to get a government job in astrology. Moon assists the sun, in the charts of Bureaucrats, Moon is very prominent. The presence of a strong Moon and Sun in horoscope increases the chances of getting a government job.

For getting a government job in police or Military service, the position of Mars should be favorable in one’s birth chart.

Strong Jupiter influencing the house of career is important for getting a job in the education field.


The 10th house represents achievement and recognition. IAS and IPS service aspirants must have a strong 10th house and 10th Lord for gaining success. If the Sun is in the 10th house then the government job is assured. Sun gets Directional strength in the 10th house which makes it more powerful. A weak 10th house represents weak chances of getting the job.

6th house represents Service or Job.  Strong 6th house points towards success in competitive examinations.

11th house should also be checked while predicting chances for Government Job in astrology, It is the house of  Success. According to Bhagat Bhavam Principles, it is the second house of competition.

5th house and 9th house should also be checked for deciding government job prediction in astrology. The moon and the Sun should occupy these houses. The 8th house should also be checked as it is the 11th house from the 10th house. Hence it Symbolises gain in profession.

Individuals with strong Aries- Leo, and Sagittarius in their chart have more chances of getting a Government Job. These three signs form the Natural Dharma Trikon and the strong presence of these signs in one’s birth chart makes one energetic and capable. Leadership qualities are possessed by the people who are strongly influenced by these three signs and also can handle government jobs well.

government job astrological combination

Planetary details

  • The sun, the moon should be connected with the 10th, 9th, 8th or 1st house or else the individual might face difficulty while getting a government job.

  • Lagna lord should be strong and favorable. If the Lagna lord is placed in 1,10,9 or 11th house then it is a good sign of a prosperous career.  Lagna Lord when connected with Sun, Saturn Jupiter and Mars, it forms a good astrological combination for a government job.

  • The conjunction of 10th lord with planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn and it’s placement in houses like 1st,6th,7th,10th or 11th house forms a very good combination for a government job. Checking the position of 10th Lord in one’s chart, the individual can predict which sector will give maximum benefits.

  • Lagna lord and moon indicate likes and dislikes and interests. Certain yogas like Gajakeshari Yoga (moon and Jupiter are placed in mutual Kendra), Adhi Yoga (Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter placed in 6th, 7th and 8th house from the Moon) and Panch Mahapurusha yoga forms good combination for a government job.

  • The 6th house should overpower the 7th house in attack Varga, Shabdbala, etc. The association of 10th house with 6th Lord or the association of 10th lord with a strong 6th house, highly influencing Saturn in the 10th house and a prominent Sun, forms the yoga for government job in astrology.

  • The 10th and 9th houses must be connected. This means the individual’s profession is supported by luck.

  • The position of Jupiter should be extremely favorable for any form of government service.

  • Conjunction of Saturn with Sun increases the chances of government jobs.



The position of Jupiter, Sun and Saturn should be checked while predicting whether an individual is capable of securing IAS or IPS service. The technique of calculating the probability of IAS or IPS is different from other government jobs.  The technique is as follows.


  • The value of Ashtak Varga for 6th house and 11th house should exceed 25

  • Sun should be present in Dharma Trikona (1-5-9) or Mokshak Trikona (4-8-12 )

  • The Sun’s Vimsopkal Bal should exceed 10.

  • In the individual’s Dasamsha chart, the Sun should be present in Indra AMSA, Agni AMSA, Kubera AMSA or Anant AMSA

For securing a position in Civil service, one needs a very strong D-10 chart.


 The planets Saturn and Mars are symbolic of professions where machines are involved and Moon symbolizes Travelling. Hence, Saturn Mars and Moon are vital planets for Railway Government jobs in astrology. Along with other combinations, the position of the above three planets should be checked for an individual with an intent to secure a position in railways.

Jupiter and Mercury represent Wealth and accounts and hence play a very important role for an individual who desires to secure a position in the Department of Audit and Revenue service. Along with Jupiter and Mercury Venus should also be checked. All the previously mentioned combinations for government job yoga in astrology should be checked with a special focus on Jupiter Venus and Mercury.


I will now provide some tips that will help to increase your chances of getting a government job.

1. Try fill-up the form of Government job in the Hora of the Sun

2. Always check the transit. If your 10th house is influenced by the transit of Jupiter then it is a good sign of success.

3. Check the running Mahadasha and Antardasha as presented in your birth chart. The      Mahadasha/Antardasha of the Sun or Moon heightens the rate of success.  



  If the birth chart of an individual promises Government Job then he/she should get it in their favourable Dasha period. If the person does not have the favourable Dasha in perfect age then it is difficult to get a Government Job. The Dasha of Sun, Moon or Mars promises Government but a person can get a job in any dasha if the dasha lord is strong. Dasha of 9th Lord, 10th Lord, and 6th Lord is important to decide the exact time when a person will get a government job. Checking the transit is equally important for checking the probability of getting a government job in astrology. Sometimes the Vimsottari Dasha stretches to 2-3 years and at this point, Jamini Chara Dasha can be checked for more precise knowledge.

  Astrological charts differ from person to person. Making a career choice from the astrological chart is very difficult. This article provides a blueprint about how the stuff works. A person can study their birth chart according to the above-given instructions and get good knowledge about how to make predictions. Since the prediction of Government service from the birth chart is a vast and deeper thing, it is always recommended to consult an experienced and educated astrologer to avoid mistakes and for getting accurate predictions and guidance.  It should be noted that the science of astrology never undermines the importance of hard work and merit. The purpose of astrological guidance is to channel a person’s hard work and merit towards the correct path so that the individual does not get astray in the process of choosing a career.






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