Ketu Transit 2020

Ketu Transit 2020

In Vedic astrology, Ketu is an auspicious planet that brings positivity to the lives of natives. As it is not a lord of any house or zodiac sign, it influences the house it is sitting on the most. Although this planet is considered a malefic planet most of the time, it does not always yield negative results. When the planet influences the horoscope of a native, their interest in the spiritual subjects increases.

The Significance of Ketu in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Ketu signifies to religion and spirituality. It does not rule over any zodiac sign. Ketu also provides the formation of Raj Yoga when it is conjunct with Jupiter on a person’s horoscope. A strong Ketu will give strong health to the native whereas when Ketu gets weak, they will have to face a lot of problems. 

Ketu is known for affecting the house it is residing on. Therefore, when it sits on each of the houses, it gives certain results. That is why the results from each house are different. Some auspicious houses like third, fifth, sixth, ninth, and twelfth house give positive results. But an inauspicious position of Ketu on the horoscope will deprive the natives of receiving love from their grandfathers. Moreover, Ketu has a good relationship with the Sun which is the representation of a fatherly figure as well as it is a friend of Saturn.

 The Effects of Transition of Ketu

First House:

When the Ketu transits in the first house of the horoscope, it brings a lot of problems in the life of the native. They will face various ups and downs in their day-to-day life. They need to take extra care of their health and their spouse’s as well. But, the natives of Scorpio ascendant may likely get good results.

Second House:

The transition of Ketu in the second house brings malpractices committed by natives themselves to prove them to others. This will create problems for them in their personal and professional life.

Third House:

When the Ketu transits in the third house, the life of the native is filled with positive results. Their confidence increases and they are able to perform better. At such times, it is very beneficial for the natives to do charity work.

Fourth House:

The transition of Ketu in the fourth house does not bring positive results for the natives. They will be deprived of their own mother’s love and affection. But, the conjunction of auspicious planets with Ketu will grant the native a longer life.

Fifth House:

When the Ketu transits in the fifth house, the native will have to face restrained finances. Their financial condition will not be very good. Health-related issues may also arise especially in the stomach. However, they can get benefits from their children.

Sixth House:

The transition of Ketu in the sixth house is very auspicious for the native. All their problems will end during this period and they will be able to overcome everything that has been burdening them. Their knowledge and intellect will also improve.

Seventh House:

When the Ketu transits in the seventh house, it increases the attraction of natives with the other genders. However, they might get lazy during this period. They are advised to remain alert otherwise they can get into big problems.

Eighth House:

The transition of Ketu in the eighth house will affect the moralistic values of the native. They will try to move forward but in the wrong direction and in the wrong ways. They may also try to cheat and behave illicitly during this course.

Ninth House:

When the Ketu transits in the ninth house, the native will get positive results. They are high chances that they might have a baby during this time. This will fill their life with happiness.

Tenth House:

The transition of Ketu in the tenth house will bring problems to the life of the natives. However, they will be brave & courageous at this time and will be able to overcome everything.

Eleventh House:

When the Ketu transits in the eleventh house, the life of the native gets prosperous. They will climb up on the stairs of success. This will also give them health benefits, making them physically and mentally strong.

Twelfth House:

The transition of Ketu in the twelfth house is not auspicious. They will face health problems, especially with their eyes and feet. But things won’t be as bad as they seem. The native will be able to stand against their enemies and even defeat them. 

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