Mercury Mahadasha

Mercury Mahadasha and its effect

Mahadasha of Mercury


Mahadasa of Mercury lasts for 17 years in one’s life. During this period, natives observe changes in the level of intelligence, creativity, communication skills, management skill, speech, etc. In this period native usually get progress in career, profits, progressive ideas, and improved writing skills. 

People in accountancy, anchoring, trading, politics, dealing, teaching, and banking do very well during this time. For students, this is a favorable people to study commerce, diplomacy, and political science. 

Native feels a lot of peace of mind in family matters also If Mercury is weak or hurt during this period, native has to suffer from skin problems, nervous disorders, mental issues, lack of concentration, memory loss, and defame.


Mercury Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha 

During this period, native get benefits due to improved understanding and better learning ability. Concentration power also improves in the study. This is a period of achievement. Native becomes a lot more creative and fluent in speech. 

This mahadasha improves their calculation  Native does well in communication and debates, accountancy and banking. Relations with family also improves. the native may suffer from lack of concentration and mental problem. Some nervous system and memory-related issues also crop up during this period.


Mercury Mahadasha in Ketu Antardasha 

Ketu Antardasha in Mercury gives a visionary mind to the native. A lot of problems and difficulties enter the native’s life. misunderstandings and confusions persist during this period.

 Native struggles to make solid decisions. This period also affects one’s financial progress and professional life and expenditure often shoot up during this mahadasha. Moreover, the concentration level also decreases due to Ketu Antardasha.

 This period also makes you beloved of languages. If malefic influence is in the chart, native feel mental instability and may also develop a tendency to set unrealistic expectations. 


Mercury Mahadasha in Venus Antardasha

During this period, natives get a lot of support from friends and family. This period brings a lot of profit in business and wealth for the native. This is a good time as the person gets a lot of appreciation due to their intellectual skills. 

Romantic feelings also make way into your heart. Native wants to spend quality time with loved ones. This period makes creativity from inside to the native. Inclination towards aesthetically personable objects increases.

 Native becomes fond of arts, dance, music, fragrances, etc.  If malefic, this maha Dasa can lead to distance in relationships. Native may face defaming due to association with women. Problems like stress, fever, and headache may also persist.

Mercury Mahadasha in Sun Antardasha

The relation between Mercury and the Sun can be termed friendly. While burning Sun gives the necessary confidence to the native, earthy Mercury keeps the native grounded.  Learning abilities and knowledge improve during this Dasa.

These Planets help natives for the strong possibility of a government job. Comfort and peace of mind predominate at home and in relationships. The native feels spiritually aligned. The society also supports and helps a lot during this period. 

This is a positive time for jobs in administration, teaching, banking, accountancy, law, and other high-end fields. If malefic, this Dasa leads to skin problems, heart diseases, mental tensions, and separation in relationships.

Mercury Mahadasha in Moon Antardasha

Native enjoys a happy life during this period with their spouse and children during this Dasha. The relationship between Mercury and the moon is average. Since both are beneficial for nature, results are often positive. The native under this MahaDasha develops a penchant for creative fields like music and art. 


Happiness in familial matters persists during this period. However, the native sometimes undergoes exhaustion due to some tensions. During this time, native work harder to achieve success in life. If under the malefic impact, this MahaDasha can cause mental distress, lack of concentration, and problems in career matters.

Mercury Mahadasha in Mars Antardasha

Mars is unfriendly towards Mercury which in turn is neutral. This is not a good period overall. This Antardasa increases aggression and argumentativeness in speech. Nevertheless, natives enjoy the comfort of having a home and a vehicle. 

Family life remains joyful during this period. While Mars creates some difficulties in life, Mercury gives the intellect and maturity to deal with situations effectively.

 Native stays in stress due to opposition and enemies. If under the malefic impact, this maha Dasa leads to high expenditure, skin allergies, gastric issues, eye, and blood-related problems.


Mercury Mahadasha in Rahu Antardasha

The native under this Antardasa gets a lot of respect from others. However, he or she may develop undesired fear from water and experience confusion in mind. Interest in spiritual pursuits increases during this time.

 The person faces a lot of concerns in career matters as well as with spouse. Misunderstandings predominate in married life. This period is marked by an increase in hard work and stress.

 The native feels dissatisfied and depressed at times. There might be a lot of obstacles in the path to success but native proceeds to work towards it.


Mercury Mahadasha in Jupiter Antardasha 

These two are the most beneficial planets in Vedic Astrology. This is a good time to get married. Native maintains a happy relationship with children and spouses. The spiritual and religious inclination also increase during this time. 

Native travels to religious and spiritual places often during this time. Your charitable inclinations also increase along with learning ability. also Native gets positive results in their studies. 

Their understanding and level of mental strength also improve. Natives under this maha Dasa earn a good place in fields such as research, astrology, law, debate, banking, and so on.


Mercury Mahadasha in Saturn Antardasha 

Saturn is a malefic planet but it shares a beneficial relationship with Mercury. While some difficulties are there, results are often positive in the end. Life is a little hard during this time. Work pressure increases due to this Mahadasha but you may not get the desired results of your efforts.

 Native gains a lot of inner strength and walks on a virtuous path. Minor obstacles may persist in career and financial and career matter,

 If any affliction or malefic impact is there on these planets, native might suffer from body aches or gastric issues Native also feels undesired negative thought distress at times.

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