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which profession suits me according to astrology / career as per astrology


What exactly Astrology is?

Astrology is an aggregation of statements, beliefs and spiritual practices that are considered both scientific and factual beliefs but are beyond the realm of scientific procedures. Another word that can be used here is ‘pseudoscience’. For better understanding, we can break ‘Pseudoscience’ into two words, pseudo, and science, where pseudo means something that is not genuine or true in every sense. Hence, being linked with the word science, pseudoscience coins itself into a term that follows the explanation and genuineness, which depends upon its ethical relevance but doesn’t dwell upon the scientific procedures and terminologies. The true nature of astrology and the collection of its information has not been absolutely verified which is why experts prefer adding it under the category of astrology being pseudoscience.

The horoscope or Kundli of a person is made up of 12 houses. The twelve houses comprise the behavioral instincts of the native, his future successes, important body parts, and the members in his current and potential families, the fields that he might flourish in, etc. These come under the Birth, Natal or Rashi chart and the Chandra Kundli. All of these are calculated through the four main charts that are interlinked together to form the entire Astronomical background of the native:

  • Natal Birth Chart or Rashi Chart: Natal Birth Chart, also known as the Lagna Chart is the most important and widely used chart in Vedic astrology and predictions. This chart is the base of all the calculations and interpretations of a person’s life, which is mainly divided into twelve houses. 

  • Chalit Chart: Chalit chart is kind of similar to the Natal/Rashi chart which is very relevant in Gujarat. This chart mainly is made up of numerical and mathematical calculations. It is not very much popular among Jyotishas but this chart is considered very easy to read. 

  • Navamsa Chart: Navamsa chart is also known as the D9 chart is specifically for a person’s life partner and the energies that are contributed by their married partners into their life. This chart is never read alone. It is always read with respect to, and considering its conjunction with the Rashi/Natal or Birth Chart. 

  • Chandra Lagna: This is the final chart that was mentioned above that is based on the behaviors of a person that revolves around the twelve houses.


How Astrology will help you in your Career Choice?

According to the Vedic astrology, the profession is determined by the 10th house of the horoscope or Chandra Kundli. Astrology does not promise you to tell the exact profession you will get success in since there are uncountable professions around the world. It will just help you determine which field is most suitable for you and where your potential lies. Astrology will help you evaluate which field is suitable to you according to your horoscope and where your interest is most likely to align. 

Vedic astrology detects a suitable professional for a person through the native’s birth planet since judging career aptitudes is one of the areas they face a high amount of problems.

Astrology will help a person determine the most suitable career amongst the vast number of options available if only they follow the basic rules. 


Career, The Twelve Houses and the Birth Charts

You can ascertain your career path with the help of predictions to get success and prosperity by combining the charts of the twelve houses and the birth planets.

The very first chart is the Lagna chart, which basically determines the behavior of the native. This chart is sometimes enough to evaluate the most suitable and relevant profession with the help of birth planets.



Mercury revolves around the professions of commerce that indulge in accounting, finance, money, transactions, debt, secretary services, bonds, and loans. Hence, banking and clerical services are the preconceived occupations that might make someone whose birth planet is Mercury flourish. Natives that follow the zodiac signs of Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are likely to make a living under these sectors.



Venus usually circumscribes a fairly wide range of arts or non-academic schooling subjects such as beauty, cosmetics, skincare, arts- like music, literature, dance, prostitution, acting, etc.



Mars is a planet that is associated with fire. Therefore, people having strong Mars are suitable for professions that depict courage and bravery like police officers, soldiers, surgeons, engineers, occupations of weapons, etc. 



Jupiter is the planet of theoretical education supporting occupations of law, scholars, finance, teachers, psychologists, humanists, priests, journalism, advertising, and politicians.



Saturn signifies to labor work and extraordinary stamina. Therefore professions suitable for people having strong Saturn are agriculture, construction, trading, mining, travelers, etc. 



Uranus is the category of brain developers attracting the occupations of inventors, scientists, astrologers, technicians, electronics, etc.



Neptune supports the category of movie producers, actors, photographers, cinematographers, etc.

Hence, according to the above-mentioned signs and linking them with the zodiac signs and the houses, one can specifically determine the occupations and professions one might dwell in.

However, it takes a lot of readings to determine the exact professions without having detailed descriptions of the native’s Vedic charts. 


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