significance of Ketu in vedic astrology

Is Ketu good or bad ?

There are some astrological facts related to Ketu as follows:

Ketu is believed to offer Moksha or Liberation and directs a person towards spirituality
It has an erratic and an unpredictable temperament
It belongs to the Fire element
It is known to dislike the Sun and the Moon
The nakshatras which are governed by Ketu are: Ashvini, Magha, and Mula (names of different stars which may be associated with a person’s time of birth)
Cat’s eye, a gemstone, is said to be ruled by Ketu. This is why a person having Ketu Dasha in his horoscope might be asked (by an astrologer) to wear a finger ring (on a specific finger) containing the same. In case this gemstone is not available, he or she may be asked to wear Turquoise, another gemstone considered as a substitute for the above on average, as per astrological studies, Ketu Dasha (the total phase of Ketu) is known to exist for a period of 7 years.
As per numerology, the number 7 or any number which adds up to seven is said to be governed by Ketu.

Does Ketu always bring bad luck?

According to astrology, the effects of Ketu totally depend on how they are placed or move in one’s horoscope. In some cases, if the conditions are favorable for Ketu, they may bring positive vibes in a person like compassion, spirituality, self-sacrifice, and idealism. In case conditions are not favorable, then they are believed to create a negative impact on a person. The person may have difficulties in anger management and control or it could even be possible that he may resort to violence. In such cases, a person may be asked to conduct special prayers for the same in order to reduce its negativity.

Remedies for Ketu

If Ketu is afflicted in the chart, then the native should perform the following remedies.

  • Offer sweets to homeless children to reduce the negativity of Ketu as Ketu is a karmic planet.
  • Donating blankets to poor and homeless people is also an effective remedy for Ketu.
  • People under Ketu malefic influence should feed dogs and take care of dogs.
  • Red color should be avoided in case Ketu is malefic in the birth chart.
  • Keep honey-filled vessels near your bed to reduce negative effect of Ketu.

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