property prediction by date of birth

Property prediction by date of birth

Buying a house is what every family aspires to. A house becomes home as soon as a family enters into a house. The timing at which a house is brought is very essential. The 4th house in the birth chart is dedicated to home, homeland, mother, house of family, etc. According to a survey around 50% of the people own a new property when they are influenced by Mars. But it may not be true every time, people often buy a new property when they are influenced by any strong planet in their chart. There are four planets in a succession of Mars which are strong motivators for buying a home. These four planets are Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn. 

Property Yoga in Kundli 

There are various combinations that indicate Property Yoga in the birth chart.

1. When Lagna lord and 4th lord are well placed then the person will own many landed properties. If the 4th lord is exalted and in its own house then the person has multiple properties. 

2. The 9th lord belongs to the father. If the 4th lord has a connection with the 9th lord then the person will carry his father’s property. If the 4th lord is placed in the 2nd house then the person will inherit property from the maternal grandfather. When the powerful 4th lord is placed in the 7th house then the person will inherit property from the spouse’s father or acquire property after his marriage.

3. When the 4th lord becomes weak then the person may have to face legal actions on ancestral property. 

4. If the 4th lord is strong but connected with the 6th house then the person faces conflict with respect of property but ultimately he/she gains property. 4th lord or Mars connected with 8th lord is not a very good combination. The person faces struggle with respect to the property and the possession of the property can be delayed.

5. The moon is also a member of the 4th house. If the moon is aligned with the 11th house in your chart then it indicates the luck of buying a new home. If it is not in the 11th house but in 7th house which is represented by Venus then also it is a good fortune to buy a new house as Venus is the second-best option in which the naive inherited the property from his better half or in-laws.

Timing of acquiring property according to Kundli : 

1. As far as the time period is concerned about buying a house, bukti or dasha of the 4th lord will be good. A well-placed position of Venus and Mars Dasha will also be in favor of buying a new property. 

2. If there is Favorable influence of planets transiting 4th houses such as Jupiter or Mars then it indicates the time period for property purchase.

3. Favorable influence of planets transiting 11th house also indicates the time period for property purchase. As the 11th house indicates gains or profits, property purchase will add as a gain.  

4. If the 4th house or 4th house lord is connected with 12th house and there is Dasha of 12th house or 4th house then it Positive influence on 12th or 8th house are indicators of purchasing a property away from the place of birth.

5. Mars aspect on planet transiting on the 4th house is also a favorable time period for property purchase.

6. Mars in the Mahadasha, Antardasha of Pratyantra Dasha create a favorable time period for property purchase.

Purchase property is an auspicious event for every individual or family. However, it also requires a huge investment and financial risk. Therefore, it is suggested that before purchasing any new property, get your birth chart checked with a learned astrologer. You can consult India’s top astrologer now at a minimum cost. 

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