1st lord in 2nd house

First House Lord in the 2nd House

In Vedic astrology, the first house signifies to the self and their personality and the second house is for family, wealth, values and assets. 

Having the lord of the first house sitting on the second house of the horoscope drastically affects the native’s life. Since the 2nd house is for the family, having the first house lord strengthens the relationship with the family. 

Let us learn one by one what are these effects according to the planets rules by it:

Sun in second house/ Sun in 2nd House

If the planet sits on the second house of the Virgo ascendant, then the native person will be very much shrewd about their finances. For them, their world revolves around their family only and in a family it's especially about their fathers. It is because of them that their father too has to face a lot of problems. 

Moon in second house/Moon in 2nd House

If the moon is sitting on the second house of the cancer ascendant, then they will have a very deep emotional bond with their family. For them, these native people can go to any lengths. They also have a very deep and special relationship with their mothers.

Mars in second house/Mars in 2nd House

Mars can rule on the second house of the two ascendants i.e. Aries and Scorpio. If it is ruling over the Aries ascendants, then they will be very impulsive towards the family wealth. Since Mars is a malefic planet according to astrology, it will bring many problems in the family relating to the wealth, especially amongst the siblings. It is their personality trait to get what they want. So, they go an extra way if they have laid an eye on the family’s wealth. Due to this behavior and the influence of mars, they will have to face many problems in their life. 

And if Mars is ruling over the second house of the Scorpio ascendants, the native will get very philosophical and it will get into their belief that if they put enough effort, things will always work out in their favor. This position of mars is considered as a very friendly position. Therefore, they will have a very good relationship with their family. 

Mercury in second house/Mercury in 2nd House

 Mercury also rules on the second house of the two ascendants i.e. Gemini and Virgo. If mercury is ruling over the Gemini ascendants, then it shows the sign of getting into the family business. Such natives are very calculative towards wealth since it is about the family after all. They will also be very emotional and have a special bond with their mothers since it is she who will teach them about life, business and money.

If the mars are ruling the second house of the Virgo ascendant, it also signs towards the business. Due to the business, the natives will have a very clear and clever approach in communicating with others. They are very career-oriented and will go to any extent to make their dreams come true. 

Venus in second house/Venus in 2nd House

Venus can be a ruler over the second house of the two ascendants i.e. Taurus and Libra. If Venus is ruling over the Taurus sign, then the native will be very much inclined towards money and wealth. Since Venus is a friendly planet, they will try to maintain a calm and peaceful environment in their family as well. Their spouse will bring them luck. There may be some issues related to health, but they will recover themselves very quickly. 

And if Venus is ruling on the second house of the Libra, then it indicates secrecy. The family will have a lot of secrets among themselves too and the source of wealth will be unknown too. Their life will go through many life-changing events but the native will learn how to adjust themselves under such circumstances.

Jupiter in second house/Jupiter in 2nd House

Jupiter is also a ruler to the second house of the two ascendants i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces. If Jupiter is ruling over the Sagittarius, then it will become very tough for such natives to retain the wealth. The money will surely come to them but leave them soon as well. Jupiter signifies knowledge and education and therefore, there are high chances that they will spend money on education a lot. There seems to be a bit of a problem with the mother which will influence the whole family too.

If Jupiter is ruling on the second house of the Pisces, then it shows a very good sign in terms of finances. They will earn a lot through their own creative ways. They will be very good at managing wealth. Therefore, they have a very suitable career in financial management. They will also have their inclination towards spirituality.

Saturn in second house/Saturn in 2nd House

Saturn gives a really tough time to whoever zodiac sign it is ruling. They will go through extreme financial crises but it will teach them how to survive the hardships of life. Their financial scarcity will make them into someone who will be very reluctant in spending money even on themselves or their own family. 

Rahu in second house/Rahu in 2nd House

If Rahu is ruling over the Aquarius ascendants, then the native will witness that their income sources have increased but are unknown. The relationship with the family can also become sour. However, there are high chances of an increase in wealth during this period. 

Ketu in second house/Ketu in 2nd House

If Ketu is ruling on the second house of the ascendants, then the native will feel neglected from their family. They will feel paranoid that nobody truly understands them and everyone just ignores them and their opinion. This will lead to distance themselves from the rest of the family and then they will be on their own with their ways of escape.    


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