No Marriage Yoga in Astrology

No Marriage Yoga in Astrology

No marriage yoga or unmarried yoga means that life without marriage in astrology. Here it is important to understand what marriage is exactly because every person might have their own judgment. 

‘A long or a short term relationship between a man and a woman which when converted into being a family is called marriage’. Here we are not talking about a lifelong relationship between a man and a woman without being converted into a family at all. According to astrologers, in this yoga, even if one manages to get married there will be a bound separation or death of a spouse and thus the person will live a life without marriage. 

What exactly ‘No marriage yoga’ is?

No marriage does not mean you will not find a partner all your life. This ‘no marriage yoga’ works a little differently from others. It simply means that you will never get to experience the happiness of marriage due to circumstances. These circumstances could be as follows: 


*Denial of Marriage: This aspect seems like the most crucial aspect in no marriage yoga. A person having this on their horoscope will neither get to experience marriage nor they will get into any kind of romantic relationship outside of marriage. This happens when the 7th house and the lord of the 7th house is afflicted in the horoscope. 

*Marriage but no marital bliss: This yoga will provide you with marriage along with all the rituals performed. However, one will not get the happiness and the satisfaction from his partner in their married life. It happens when the 8th house and the 12th house are afflicted. 

*The relationship only: You may find happiness in your partner but you will not get married to them due to several circumstances and reasons. This happens when the 5th house gains strength from Venus but the 7th house is afflicted. Here, the sexual pleasure is granted by the 12th house. 

*Social hindrance: The social differences like caste, gender or religion will become your obstacle on the way to getting married with your partner. This happens due to the affliction of 7th house and the 5th house and the malefic effect of Jupiter on the horoscope. 


What causes ‘no marriage yoga’ in astrology?

When houses number one, two, seven, eleven and twelve are weak or badly influenced by malefic planets, then the native will never get married. The above-mentioned houses should be taken from Lagna, Venus and Moon to know about one’s marriage.

To know about one’s marital life, it is important to study ascendants or Lagna along with the five houses mentioned before.

Let us take a look at what these aspects in one’s kundli represents or shows:

  • Ascendants or Lagna denotes the native himself or herself.

  • The relatives of the husband or the wife are indicated by the second house and its lord.

  • Long term relation or bonding is denoted by the eleventh house.

  • The seventh house indicates the opposite sex here referring to the husband or wife as we are talking about marriage.

The expenditure of any kind is shown through the twelfth house. The connection and combination of these five houses and their lords with each other tell us about the no marriage yoga in native’s Kundli. The connection of the 1st house with 7th house or lords means that natives will be in touch with the opposite sex. Their further connection with the eleventh house shows their long term relationship. If it’s further connected with the second house it means they will get married along with the consent of everyone. But the relationship becomes short and marriage will not happen if there is a malefic connection between the 8th and the 12th house. 


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