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Medical astrology

Medical Astrology refers to that part of astrology which helps in reading the health issues of a person. Here, every planet and zodiac signs are related to many diseases and their influence on the native. However, it must also be noted that in case of any inconvenience in health, only professional doctors should be consulted. The astrologers can only give you the idea of potential diseases or the root cause of it which might affect you.

Different houses of horoscope affect the health of the native with different diseases. Out of every house, there are mainly three houses that we need to take care of; 6th house, 8th house, and 12th house. In this, 6th house is related to physical sickness, 8th house is related to any kind of surgery or in a worst-case scenario, even death, and 12th house is related to hospitalization. The influence of one of these houses or a combination of them affects the health of the native.

Following is the brief explanation of these houses and their influences on the health of a person:

 Sixth House:

The sixth house in astrology is related to the sickness of a person. This can be either sickness or disease and they can be small or big both. However, the sixth house only influences the native negatively when they have a mahadasha in their horoscope. Also, if any planets have any kind of connection in the sixth house like they are sitting in this house, then also it means that there are chances of disease.

Eighth House:

The eighth house in astrology influences the life of the person. It simply means how many years a person is going to live. However, it should not be taken as predicting the lifespan of a person, which is quite impossible if anybody says so. For this, we also have to take two more houses into consideration: 1st house and 3rd House. Moreover, since an eight house is related to the lifespan of a person, it is also associated with ‘death’. Along with these two, this house also influences anxiety, gives bad luck, or even causes severe accidents.

 Twelfth House:

The twelfth house in astrology is related to hospitalization. However, this house is not confined to it only. It further expands to financial losses, loss of a spouse, imprisonment as well as loan.

Cure in Astrology

When it comes to curing, there are some houses that directly influence it. Amongst those, 1st, 5th, and 11th house are the most crucial ones. First houses help the natives maintain their health on a daily basis. The fifth house helps them prevent any kind of severe sickness that can cost their life and the eleventh house is for the prevention of hospitalization.

So, if a person is sick with some disease, we can conclude that they have some problem with the 6th house of their horoscope. Then the solution to this problem can be found within the 5th house or the 11th house of the horoscope. Following is the brief explanation of the influence of these houses in regards to human health:

 First House:

The first house in astrology plays a crucial role in determining the health of a person. It mainly determines the physical strength, immunity, and vitality of a person. So, when the lord of the first ascendant is placed anywhere in a house, nakshatra, aspect or conjunction, good health will come to the native.

Fifth House:

The fifth house in astrology is known for diminishing the negative influence of the 6th house on health. If the 6th house gives sickness and disease to the native, the 5th house improves health and makes the native disease-free.

Eleventh House: The eleventh house in astrology also cure diseases. If any planet has any kind of relationship with the eleventh house, it will help the natives fight diseases and prevent hospitalization in any way. A native cannot overcome diseases if no planet is positioned on the 11th house. They will also not be able to improve their health if the lord of the 11th house is under the influence of any malefic planet.

 Significators of Health:

Sun: Sun controls the immunity of a person and how their overall body works.

Ascendant: While reading the health of a person, the one thing that we should emphasize on reading is the rising of the cusp of the ascendant. Through this, we can know how much endurance a body has and how much it can fight with the diseases. The health of a person starts deteriorating when the sub lord of the ascendant positions itself on either 6th house, 8th house or 12th house, it will harm the health of the native person.

Moon: Moon holds great importance when it comes to things related to children. Therefore, this planet is a key player in reading the health of women.

Sixth House: This house is for the sickness and diseases in a person. Astrologers read the chances of diseases with the help of the sign of the cusp in the 6th house, planets deposited in the 6th house, lord of the 6th house, and planets associated with the sixth house.

 So, we can say that various aspects of astrology affect the health of the native person. Amongst those, the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant, the ruler of the Ascendant, and the planets deposited in the sixth house mainly controls the health and diseases.

*Moreover, the planet Saturn also affects health. However, it causes diseases that are related to food like malnutrition, muscles like dislocations, sprains, bruises, etc.

*Also, if the planet Mars is afflicted, it can cause sudden injuries and diseases like accidents, common cold, fever, etc.  

*When Jupiter is afflicted, it can cause liver trouble, a blood disorder, an eating disorder, etc.

*The affliction of Mercury can give speech and hearing problems to the person.

*If the sun and the moon are afflicted, it can weaken the power of the eye and can cause other eye problems.


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