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Ketu- Shani Yoga in 12 Rashis in Gochar Kundali ( Part:2)

In the last article of the same title, we discussed Shani Ketu conjunction impact on first Six Rashi and their natives. Now in this concluding part, we will discuss the impact of this lethal yoga in the remaining six sun signs.

Saturn is the planet of Karma, hard work and Ketu is the planet of isolation when both are together, it makes a person go away or cause isolation from the society, family, near dear due to one's own action or Karma. What sort of flavor this Saturn Ketu conjunction will give, that depends on the depositor of these two planets and its positional strength.

Saturn is in Mula nakshatra, which is owned by Ketu. The most difficult part of the transit will be from Oct. 21st-Nov. 26, when it will in Pada 4. It can bring up more deep karmic suffering and surprises and general emotional grunge. With Saturn in Mula nakshatra, there can be intense anger directed at others, who are connected through the past. However, Jupiter, the owner of Sagittarius can provide the wisdom to move through the challenges of the subconscious and transform the old energy in a more productive one.


Since Ketu is like Mars, which is Saturn greatest enemies. They both are there to guide you toward your spiritual path but can give hard lessons. Saturn is a planet of separation and Ketu is a planet of isolation .Ketu forces us to revisit the past and the Saturn’s transit through Ketu’s nakshatra of Mula indicates that we have take responsibility of our karma and do the right thing.

 Saturn ketu conjunction in Libra:

There is Third house transit of Ketu and Shani for an individual of Libra birth sign. This movement results in a major change in terms of the occupational front. They will give more responsibilities and hence health requires due care too. This time is for more savings as there will more unexpected expenses and no monetary gain. Remedies for Ketu Graha Shanti like feeding milk and bread to dogs, worshipping Lord Ganesha with durva and keeping fast on Thursdays will be helpful.

Saturn ketu conjunction in Scorpio:

Second house transit of Shani and Ketu combination, will create disharmony of the family members with the Scorpio natives. No major financial decisions should be taken as this is a more challenging aspect as some downside is indicated in career till Oct-nov2019. Upay related to Shani is important as it's the last phase of Shani Sade Sati. Offering oil with black til, udad lentils, black cloth, iron in Shani temple. Chant Ketu mantra "Om Kem Ketve Namah".

Saturn ketu conjunction in Sagittarius:

Presence of Shani and Ketu yoga in the ascendant for this Rashi will be stressful and challenging. A business person needs to work for extended hours and search for more valuable customers. The job holder will be under pressure to put up an improved performance. No major health issue is there to harm you. Being in the 2nd phase of Shani Sade Sati, Individuals should take out some time to refresh and go with some religious places for enhancing future prospects. Saturday fasting is a good source for pleasing and coming out of this phase successfully.

Saturn ketu conjunction in Capricorn :

This yoga is in the 12th house for People belonged to Makar. Though for Makar, Shani rules Lagna and Second house, malefic presence of Ketu will result in unexpected expenses especially on health issues. Early and minor expenses on this regard will save your major and critical situations. Ketu remedies like use of Kesar/saffron is a good remedy for Ketu. You can eat it or apply it as a tilak mixed with raw mil. Fasting on Thursdays and mantra “Om Hum Kem Ketve Namah” will be helpful during this period till Jan 2020.

Saturn ketu conjunction in Aquarius :

For individual's having Kumbha birth sign, this yoga occupies 11th house.This position indicates fulfillment of  long time desires. You need to have a kind of humanitarian approach with one in a meaningful relationship with you. In regard to health, you will remain in pink of your health. Gain through inheritance is also a possibility here. Your financial position will be excellent during this time period. Wearing Lahsuniya ( if permitted as per the main chart) will be suitable n advisable.

Saturn ketu conjunction in Pisces :

For Meena, the yoga occupies the house of career the 10th house for natives. This movement does not sound well for you on occupational front. Some constraint or other is holding you from making progress on occupational front. You may need to work for extended hours.Have patience, things will improve after this transit. Professional and business person has to put more efforts to connect with more number of customers to maintain the inflow of money for you. However, on the health point of view, the time is favorable. Offering Durva Garland regularly, doing fasting on Chaturthi and reciting the mantra for malefic Ketu is advisable here. Donate tobacco, don’t talk lies.

On a mundane astrological level:

Our government can suddenly impose taxes or restrictions on finances or movement in order to handle heavy societal burdens. Given the state of world economies in debt, one can see any financial challenge leading to massive increases. There may be stock market slows down in August to September 2019 leading to funding crises. The houses that are being hit by the Saturn/Ketu/Pluto influence will tell you what area of your life will be disrupted and the houses 180 degrees away will also be strongly impacted.

For All Level: The energy around all of this will be better after Nov. 2019 as Jupiter will move into Sagittarius and be a bit supportive but will still be at the other end of the sign and will not be totally helpful. The impact of this conjunction will depend on what rising sign you are and what dasha you are in.  Sagittarius, Capricorn and Gemini and Scorpio rising will feel it most but Pisces and Virgo rising will be impacted strongly from the 90-degree influences.

Those in Ketu or Saturn dasha and particularly Saturn/Ketu or Ketu/Saturn periods will be impacted the most.

To Sum up:

Only Venus aspect or association with Saturn Ketu conjunction can mellow down the adverse effect of this conjunction. Jupiter in Sagittarius after 4th Nov will give support to transforming deep unconscious patterns.

Credit to : Astro Bhushan Ratnakar

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