First house Lord in the Third House

First house Lord in the Third House

In Vedic astrology, the first house signifies to a person’s self, his beliefs, personality, and ideologies. The third house signifies the communication skills, siblings and hobbies, and business. 

Therefore, having a first house lord in the third house would mean that the person will be very determined and will achieve many things in their life. But only their hard work can take them to their destinies. Their life will mainly revolve around their siblings and relationship with them. People having this position of first house lord in the third house would mean that they have a very great scope in business and freelancing. 

But the influence of this kind of position is different for different planets and houses. Let us see one by one what are the effects of the position of first house lord residing in the third house:

 sun in 1st House

 If the sun is sitting on the third house of the libra sign, then the person will face a lot of difficulties to accept themselves as they are. They will always question themselves and other people and their intentions. They will feel like nobody cares for them and helps them. This will drastically affect their relationships, especially with their father and siblings.

 Moon in 3rd House

People having a moon in the third house of their horoscope will have a deep bond with their siblings. Also, their mothers will play a major role in the changing phase of their lives. They too have to go through difficult phases along with the native.

Mars in 3rd House

Mars rules over the two ascendants i.e. Aries and Scorpio. If Mars is ruling over the Aries ascendants, then the native person will take interests in writing, and not as a hobby but as a career option too. They will make great authors, journalists, scriptwriters, etc, anything related to writing. They will also get support from their siblings and close friends. There are also signs that the person will live a really long life.

And if Mars is ruling the third house of the Scorpio ascendant, then the chances of having a successful business rise in the native’s horoscope. They will get full support from their siblings. However, there are high chances that along with their siblings, they will have to face a lot of problems. But it is due to their courage and determination that they will overcome all the obstacles. 

Mercury in 3rd House

 Mercury rules over the two ascendants i.e.gemini and Virgo. If the mercury is ruling the Gemini ascendant, then it means that they have very sharp communicative skills. Their career scope in the communication field like advertising, news presenter or spokesperson is very bright. Their mothers also play a very vital role in their lives. They teach them great communication and business tactics.

And if the mercury is ruling the Virgo ascendant, then it means the native’s interest will increase towards astrology and supernatural things. They will have a high chance of getting success in their own business. For this, they will have huge support from their siblings.

Venus in 3rd House

 Venus rules over two ascendants i.e. Taurus and Libra. If Venus is ruling over the Taurus, then also the native person will have good communication skills. They have high chances of getting success in their singing career. However, their love life does not seem fit in the early years of their life but things will start settling as they grow up. They might have to face problems with their siblings but they will manage and overcome it. 

And if the venus is ruling on the libra ascendant, then the native person is most likely to have a good relationship with their siblings. However, they might have to face some problems due to their siblings. They are in search of wisdom and intelligence for their better-halves. The natives also have to go through major transformations in life. 

Jupiter in 3rd House

 Jupiter rules over two ascendants i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces. If Jupiter is ruling over the Sagittarius ascendant, then the native will work well as someone who guides like the teacher, mentors, etc. They will want to work for the betterment of society, so they will choose a path like that like a spiritual leader.

Saturn in 3rd House

Saturn also rules over two ascendants i.e. Pisces and Aries. If it is ruling over the Pisces ascendant, that means the native person will be very creative and put a lot of effort into their work. So, their work always brings them wealth and rewards. As a creative person, they can work very well in the field of writing and editing.

If Saturn is ruling over the Aries ascendant, then the native will have to do a lot of work work and labor work. The Saturn is debilitated in this position. Therefore, they have to put a lot of manual labor into their work. But again, as they age, they will feel like their efforts have not been answering.

Rahu in 3rd House

 If Rahu is ruling on the Aries ascendant, then it shows that the person is so determined and always looks for ways of self-improvement. They are hard-working so they will always reach their goals in one way or another. However, these people will also be very aggressive and tend to show anger even in the slightest of mistakes.

Ketu in 3rd House

 If Ketu rules over the Capricorn ascendent, then states that the person does not care about the authoritative position. It means that they believe in hard work and they are so determined that higher authorities do not really scare them. However, they sometimes do not really care about their younger siblings and do not take their feelings into concern. This can seriously damage their relationship with them.

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