kantaka shani

Kantaka shani

What is Kantaka Sani?

Kantaka Sani is related to astrology in Hinduism. 

Kantaka Sani means Saturn acts as a spine in the leg and the person will have to face downfall in all the activities of life. The main reason behind this misfortune of the rise of kantaka Shani is the transit of Saturn in the 1st house, 4th, 8th, and 10th signs either from Lagna, Arudha Lagna or from the moon sign.

Mythology Behind Kantaka Shani

There is a story in Ramayana about Sani that after Ravana got control over all the 9 planets, he set them face down on the 9 steps to the way of his throne. Every day, he would step on the back of all the planets to climb his throne. One day Sage Narada came to Ravana’s place and asked Sani, one of the 9 planets, how they could bear king Ravana’s insult towards the planets. Sani replied that now he is helpless, he had to bear that but the time would change when his gaze falls on Ravana everything will change. 

Ravana asked Narada how everything was at his place, Narada replied that everything was fine but Ravana insulted all the 9 planets by making them their faces down. It was very insulting when he put his leg on the back of the planets. Then Ravana told his staff to turn the planets around on their back so that it would not hurt them so much. But as soon as the planets turned around, Sani’s gaze fell on Ravana. This affected Ravana very badly. Soon after a few months, he kidnapped Sita, wife of Rama and his downfall had started from then.

Even Lord Shiva, who gave a lot of powers to Ravana, also lost his mind after the gaze of Sani, that much powerful Sani is. 

When Kantaka Sani happens?

When Kantaka Sani happens concerning Lagna; A person who makes a wrong decision will suffer because that Lagna is believed to be our intelligence.

Kantaka Sani when it happens with respect to Arudha Lagna; The finance and career of a person are greatly affected due to the Arudha Lagna portrays how the society remarking us. According to Kantaka Sani with respect to Arudha Lagna, it is like a reaction towards the world and how you surround the world. 

Kantaka Sani when it happens concerning the Moon; A person suffers a lot physically and emotionally due to Chandra (Moon) is their mind and also depicts the body.

When Shani comes on Lagna, it will come to Marana Karaka Sthana (death causing place). This will destroy the intelligence of a person. 

When the Shani transit fourth house, the cure will be denied due to the fourth house being the healing house. 

When the Shani is in 8 houses, it causes a lot of transformation of our body, which is good for our health, during this occurrence the time is dangerous but later will be very good. From the story of Kurmavathara, related to gods, evils, and the Amrutha, the Sani would be in 8 houses. This causes a lot of problems to our body that may even lead to the death of a person if he is not strong enough. If a person does wrong mantras when the Sani is in the 10th house, this is called the Kantaka Sani. 

Remedies for Kantaka Shani

Shani signifies to justice and justice is served disregard of the status. Shani punishes everyone whether it is a god, human or devil. During the kantaka Shani, the native’s person’s life turns upside down in every aspect. Therefore, it is suggested that we take extra care and avoid any kind of illicit behavior during this time.

You can follow the following things during this period: 


*Take care of your parents and fulfill their wishes.

*Serve old and unprivileged people. Donate something if you can.

*Do not engage yourself in any kind of heated argument with anyone.

*Stop consuming alcohol and non-veg at all.

*Recide Shri Rudram

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