1st lord in 1st house

First house lord in the first house

In Vedic astrology, your horoscope is divided into 12 different parts, which is called ‘Houses’. Each house has its own significance and represents a specific part of your life. Every house has its own lord, which rules it but also travels to other houses. 

So, what happens when the lord of one house sits on the other house? How does it affect your life? How do these effects differ for different zodiac signs? 

In this blog, we will cover the effect of the first house lord on the first house. 

The first house represents one's own self. It is what a person is, their personality, physical features, mind, and soul. 

First house lord in the first house

Having the first house lord in the first house means its lord is sitting in its rightful place. Therefore, it means that the lord is providing strength to it. The person having the first house lord sitting in the first house will have great confidence and will take extra care of themselves. Their health will always be at par and even if they get sick sometimes, it won’t take much for them to return back to their healthy body. 

Their confidence which they are getting from their lord will help them achieve all the things they get in mind. They will take the utmost care about how they look, how they behave and present themselves to others.

Every lord gives different effects on the first house. The effects also differ for different zodiacs. Let us see what impact other planets have if they sit on the first house of a person’s horoscope:

Sun in First house/ Sun in 1st house 

Sun is the most powerful planet of the solar system. Therefore, any zodiac sign having sun sitting on it will lead a powerful life or a life full of authorities. They always want to remain at the center of attention and seek appreciation. But due to this habit, they will not like it when others will get appreciated. These kinds of people will do better as freelancers or with their own business as it will not be very easy for them to take criticism from seniors for their work. The sun mahadasha will bring great prosperity, name, and fame to these people, but only if they put in enough hard work.

Moon in first house/ Moon in 1st house

 If the moon sits on the first house of a cancer ascendant, the person is likely to be more emotional, sensitive and caring. However, due to their sensitivity, they tend to take care a lot about what others think about them. They will get hurt if they get to know others who have negative feelings about them. But this feeling is still not bad since they know how to balance their feelings. They try to take care of everyone and always consider their feelings. These kinds of people always take extra precautions to not to hurt anybody. 

Mars in first house/ mars in 1st house

 Mars rules over two ascendants signs i.e. Aries and Scorpio. If Mars is ruling over the Aries ascendants, then the person will be very determined and goal-oriented. They know that they have to put all the hard work to achieve what they want in life. On the way to achieving their dreams, they will have to go through a lot of obstacles. but their determination and the strength they are getting from the mars.

If Mars is ruling the Scorpio ascendants, then the person will be very secretive. They will want the results of their efforts to show in public, but resist showing the efforts so openly. Their life will go through major ups and downs but these will only help them to achieve their dreams. Mars will provide them the strength and courage they need to go through the hardships in life.

Mercury in first house/ mercury in 1st house

 Mercury mainly rules over the Gemini and Virgo ascendants. So, if it is ruling in the Gemini ascendants, the person is likely to have sharp communicative skills and a creative mind. They carry a huge potential for business. They tend to be loving and caring towards other people and they enjoy their life to the fullest.

If Mercury is ruling the Virgo ascendants, then the people are of very practical nature. They are very business-minded and carry every action with interest and benefits. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and Virgo is also its exalted sign. Therefore, their minds are only driven towards their career and goals and they can do anything to achieve them. 

Venus in first house/ Venus in 1st house

 Venus is the ascendant rule of Taurus as well as Libra. If Venus is ascendant in the Taurus, then the lives of these people are full of luxuries and comforts. Taurus is the sign of wealth and venus signifies money. Together, they make the lives of these people easy. They are also very attractive and good looking and seem to take care of their looks the most.

And if Venus is ascendant in the libra, they are all about their beauty and relationships. These people give these two elements the most important in their life.  Due to venus, their life goes through major transformations and therefore, they have learned how to adopt these changes and adjust accordingly.

Jupiter in first house/ Jupiter in 1st house

 Jupiter mainly rules over the Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants. If it is ruling the Sagittarius ascendants then the person’s mind tends to incline towards philosophy. They will have a very deep impact on their mothers and their teachings on their lives and personality. These kinds of people want to guide other people in their journey of life and therefore are always there to help them whenever there is a need to be.

And if the Jupiter is ruling the Pisces ascendants then the person’s interest turns towards the spiritual path. They will have the influence of their father in their lives. 

Saturn in first house/ Saturn in 1st house

Saturn is the lord for the Capricorn and the Aquarius ascendants. If the Saturn is ruling over the Capricorn ascendants, then the person will be hard-working and determined towards their life goals. They know only resilience and hard work can get them what they want. Their first half of life will be full of hardships. However, as their life moves forwards, things will start settling and Saturn will bless them with enough wealth.

And if Saturn is ruling over the Aquarius ascendants, the natives can be seen implementing their ideas for the welfare of the other. They are often inclined towards the betterment of other people. Therefore, they tend to work in large organizations and multinationals corporations. 

Rahu in first house/ Rahu in 1st house

 Rahu has a strong influence on the sign Aquarius along with the Saturn. Their interests are mainly inclined towards science and technology. They also want to work in favor of society to make it better. However, their personality type will always be a question since they always create a significant illusion around themselves. Therefore, nobody knows what kind of person they actually are.

Ketu in first house/ Ketu in 1st house

The influence of Ketu on the Scorpio ascendants depends on the position of the mars as it is the mail ruler. If Ketu is ruling over a person, then they will always suffer from under-confidence and will always question their self-worth. However, they are blessed with the ability to see the real side of the people and can differentiate who is sugarcoating or not.  


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