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Gajkesari Yoga in Astrology & its Impacts

What is Gajkesari yog ? 

Gajkesari Yog is considered as one of the most auspicious yogin Vedic astrology. Gaj means elephant & Kesari means lion, this yoga is formed when the planet Jupiter is at the center from the Moon. If both in the center to each other it is considered that both planet beneficial power is magnified. 

Planet Jupiter is the main planet for wealth, knowledge, fame, children & good luck while Moon is the main planet responsible for heart, happiness, softness & prosperity. If both the planets are placed at the correct or appropriate positions, then it is very good for the naive’s horoscope. 

Condition for the formation of gajkesari yog in kundali :

1. Jupiter should be at the center from the Moon i.e. in the as 1st house, 4th house, 7th house, and 10th house.
2. Jupiter should not be surrounded by any negative planet else it will cancel the auspicious outcomings 
3. Jupiter should not be retrograde.
4. Found in the horoscope of 20-33% of people, if the Jupiter planet is in the enemy’s house & Gajakesari yoga is also formed then it will be considered as inauspicious.
5. People also believe that if Venus or Mercury is at the center from the moon then also this Yoga it formed but in such cases, it is not always auspicious. If Mercury is in the center from the Moon, the Moon should be in the 7th house from Jupiter or Mercury & if Venus is in the center from the Moon, the Moon should be in the 6th or 8th house from each other. Jupiter is dignified in Cancer while Moon is dignified in Taurus & thus if we see any birth chart, then Jupiter & Moon can never be seen together. Also, both of these signs are a 3rd & 11th sign from each other. There are situations when Jupiter is in its dignified position but still, Gajakesari Yoga is formed, in such cases Moon has its position in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn as Jupiter has to be in the center from the moon. 

Benefits of Gajkesari yog 

Since both elephant & lion are very powerful & influential animals, so if this yoga is present in anybody’s horoscope then that person will be capable of doing lots of things & will be able to achieve a good position in life along with happiness. 

That person will be intelligent & will use his skills very wisely. The person will be wealthy and courageous. Gaj Kesari yoga will increase the respect of the person in society. The native will be considered a man of wisdom and will be looked for advice from others. 
 the lifespan of that person will be good. 

Remedies for Make gajkesari yog effective:

To get all the auspicious benefits of Gajakesari yoga & to remove all the malefic planets from Jupiter or Moon, there is some extra remedy that one should take care of for better results. 
One should respect their parents & elders. Jupiter also represents Guru or elders in life. Respecting them will increase the beneficial impact of Jupiter. 
The native should take care of their eating habits & should avoid eating non-veg food along with the consumption of alcohol. Students can keep the feathers of a peacock which will help to increase their concentration & intelligence.

The time period when gajkesari yog will show effect in life?

Gaj Kesari yoga get activated in the following cases 
1.    Jupiter Mahadasha and Moon antardasha has started 
2.    Moon Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha has started
3.    After 35 of age if Beneficial gaj Kesari yoga is formed in kundali. It will be activated in the Mahadasha of the friendly planet of both Jupiter and Moon such as Mars, Sun and antardasha of either Jupiter and Moon.

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