I met Anurag 3 year back. I joined a new company and he was my mentor over there. I was a girl who is known to be practical and analytical. Anurag had a good personality . I don’t know why I was feeling a magnetic pull towards him. I questioned my feeling towards him that it might be infatuation but something was there. I was not an emotional sort of person. Many persons had approached me in the past but there was nothing like what I was feeling for Anurag.

I somewhat felt that he was also attracted towards me but as he was my mentor he is maintaining distance with me. Slowly we started becoming close, however, I felt a hesitation and reserve temperament in his attitude. I was a girl who doesn’t want to get into love and especially in the office and I tried hard to distract my mind. Even I got my project changed but still could not get Anurag out of my mind. Somewhat my feeling was confusing me. He was not committing anything and I was not able to get over him.

At home, my parents started looking matches for my marriage. I want to get married and I tried to meet some guys in arranged marriage setup, but I could not feel the connection with any of them. My parents use to ask me that if you love someone then let us know otherwise we will search for a match for you.  I talked to Anurag about it but his answer was the same every time that I need time and you can do whatever you want. I tried multiple times to forget him but it was futile to attempt.

In this attempt, I even changed my company, but still, I couldn’t stop myself from tracking his every activity on Facebook and Instagram. Day by day pressure on me from my parent’s side was increasing. I was confused and just want to know whether Anurag for whom I am feeling such a strong connection is my match or not.

I shared my dilemma and confusion with my best friend. She told me about Talktoastro.com. I thought that let me give a try. Maybe my horoscope can tell me the characteristic of my partner or at least whether there is a love marriage or arranged marriage for me. I connected with one of the Astrologers over there. She told me you might have already met your marriage partner and there is a workplace connection between you both. All the characteristics of my partner which he told were the same as of Anurag. She told me that I will marry the person whom I love and my marriage will be a love cum arranged marriage. 

I was so calmed after hearing this. But still, I had a question that from the past 2 months I was not connected with Anurag. How will I get married to him? However, she ensured that after 2 months he will connect with me and within one year I will get engaged to him. Things turn out as told by that Astrologer. Anurag called to wish me on my birthday and the communication again got restarted.

To my surprise, within 3 months we again got close and later got married after 14 months. Today I have a sweet daughter and I am leading a happy married life with Anurag. All thanks to Talktoastro.com platform which provided me the right guidance at the right time. Sometimes we are at a crossroad that we don’t know which path to take. Our ancient science can provide us this crucial guidance. Astrology has all the potential to give you the right direction, the only thing is that the astrologer should be experienced and well qualified. Talktoastro.com ensures that the astrologers over there are knowledgeable and best in the field. The best part that they available 24*7 at a very reasonable rate.

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