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when will i get a job career prediction by date of birth indian astrology

There are many ways and tools to know the timing of the job through astrology. Let us take a look at all the factors that affect the timing of job change or transfers according to astrology. We all know that the sun is the planet of power and authority as it is sometimes used as a metaphor for the same effect the job change.

Saturn and Mars indicate obstacles and sudden changes in life respectively. Personality and environment are shown by the Ascendants and their lords. The different houses and their lords also show different things like second house and its lord wealth, third shows courage and efforts, sixth house shows authority and current job, eight shows obstacles, ninth and 12th shows change of jobs, tenth denotes career, name, and fame, etc...

These houses along with lords show the things as mentioned above and characteristics. The different combinations of these factors can affect the reading. The position and Dasha of planets in the houses as mentioned above with lords and the combination and connection of 1st house lord with the other house lord also helps in predicting the time of job change according to Vedic astrology. An example of combinations that affects the time of job change is the relation between ascendant, 10th house, ninth house and lord of the third house effect and helps in determining the time of change of job or transfer. There are of course many other factors also like an exchange, etc...that can affect the reading.

For accurate prediction of the time of change of job, one should know what he/she is looking for cause only then we can predict it easily.

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