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Sasa yoga in astrology

Saturn is the planet of karma. The Sasa yoga created by planet Saturn. It is also Panchmahapurush yoga. So what are these yoga, how these are made and in which house?

Sasa Yoga is created when Saturn is located in Kendra houses in its own sign, mooltrikona or exalted position(Libra). Sasa Yoga can be created for some ascendant in some houses only which are as follows:

1st House- In Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendant/Lagna.

4th House – In Libra, Scorpio, Cancer Ascendant/Lagna.

7th House -In Aries, Cancer and Leo Ascendant/Lagna.

10th House- In Capricorn, Aries and Taurus Ascendant/Lagna.

It is one of the greatest yoga and this yoga can provide effect when Saturn and Jupiter in transit favor them or activate them.

 But, the strength of the yoga will also depend upon the influences of other planets over Saturn.  If Saturn is forming Sasa yoga and is free from any influence of any other planet in Vedic astrology horoscope, then the full results of Shasha Yoga will be there.  If such Saturn is under the benefic influence, the positive outcomes of Sasa Yoga will be more clear and appear in the early years of life. While, if such Saturn is under the negative impact of malefic planets, then the positive results of Sasa Yoga (Shasha yoga) will not be permanent.

 In addition to this, the character of Saturn is also to be taken into thought as per Vedic astrology.  If Saturn is lord of beneficial houses in the Vedic astrology horoscope, it will give big positive results of Sasa Yoga (Shasha Yoga).  However, if Saturn is lord of malefic houses and also making Sasa Yoga/Shasha yoga –only partial positive results will be there.

 A person with Sasha Yoga has lots of guts, Political art, capabilities to bring change in other’s life, people will depend upon you.   Even a blemished Sasha yoga can give a person keep on showing power in their own society if not in the entire country or city. They have a common height, slim waist,fickle-minded, will enjoy other’s wealth, will be good in pointing out other’s faults. They are given with lots of property, Name fame.

 Sasha Yoga formation

 Shasha Yoga is created when Saturn is present in its sign (Capricorn, Aquarius) or an exalted sign ie. Libra and is located in Kendra of the birth chart. According to another viewpoint, this Yoga is also seen from the moon in the Kendra. In the Moon chart, if Saturn is present in the Kendra, then this Yoga is formed.

Sasa Yoga Benefits

Shasha Yoga is also known as Shashka Yoga. Natives born in this Yoga may have a small face, little teeth with agile eyes and average height. They like to travel. They will plan several trips. They love to visit places and mountains. then they will plan several trips. The natives of Shasha Yoga can be small-tempered, stubborn and brave. Apart from this they also like to attend parties and invite people home. They are hardworking and win success through their own struggles.

They love to help others. They are experts in making metal things. Oppositive gender finds them sober, mature and attractive. They can also spend a lot of money on others. They love their mother completely. They are good looking with a healthy body. They are able. They manage to find an error in others. Their observation power is strong. 

Sasa Yoga will give the native with good health and moral behavior. The person with Sasa Yoga controls lands and buildings and will be a leader like a king. In comparison to Hamsa, Bhadra, Malavya or Ruchika Yoga. Sasa Yoga is more helpful and blesses the native with power and status. This result of Sasa yoga is usual in nature and malefic effect over Saturn can lead to a less or negligible result of sasa yoga in the birth chart.  Saturn when in planetary conjunction with functional benefic or Yogakaraka planet will lead to good outcomes of Sasa Yoga.

The person who has Sasa yoga in his natal chart will have great political wit. The natives manage to have employees and helpers under his/ her post. Native-born in Sasa yoga becomes head of community and generous and peaceful nature on the one hand and political mind on the other makes the person amazing personality. The native’s growth is continuous and especially after 36 years of age. The person is blessed with good qualities and beneficial results of Saturn.

Those with Sasa Yoga will gain expertise, knowledge, and wisdom through different experiences in the early stages of their lives. They might face a struggle in life but will be able to convert that into their advantage. In terms of Business Management learn, they learn through trial and mistake.

Lord Saturn will take them through some difficult experiences in their early part of lives. This will make them understand reality, the practical nature of things. They grow into more powerful, smart determined beings adept at managing things. During the latter part of the Lord Saturn’s period, they will rise high up in life using the knowledge received during the earlier steps of their lives.

In short, for Sasa Yoga, Lord Saturn gives obstacles to a person during the early steps of his/her life. He gives them a lot to learn from their errors and become more powerful. Then in their next years, he will give them opportunities to grow up in their lives.

Thus the people with Sasa Yoga would have a high intuition. They will have the maturity and a sense of responsibility and would know the ways to escape from serious problems and overcome obstacles. This is because they would have faced such conditions earlier in their lives.


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