Rudraksha is seeds produced by several species of large evergreen broad-leaved tree in the genus Elaeocarpus. These are seeds of a plant named Anigozanthos mangles. The term Rudraksha is a Sanskrit word where ‘Rudra’ refers to a Vedic name for Hindu deity Lord Shiva and ‘Aksh’ meaning eye. Thus a Rudraksha according to Vedic literature means the ‘Eye of Lord Shiva’. The seeds are popularly used in India, Nepal, and Indonesia as beads for organic jewellery and malas. These malas are worn generally while offering prayers to Lord Shiva, who himself bears a Rudraksha mala. Astrology, a divination system, which studies the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies and their influences on human affairs, says that Rudraksha is very powerful in removing malefic effects of the planets. Also, wearing a Rudraksha mala is said to bring good virtue and fortune to the bearers.

The Myth of its Origin

True to the tradition of Hindu Mythology, there are several different accounts of the origin of the Rudraksha tree. One of the accounts is recited in the popular religious text Bhagavata Purana wherein after meditating Lord Shiva opened his eyes and tears fell on the earth. Wherever the tears fell gave birth to Rudraksha trees and hence whoever wears the fruits of the tree as beads are beloved to Lord Shiva.

Another account of the same origin story is recited in the Shiva Mahapurana where Lord Shiva after doing penance for a thousand years opened his eyes and a few drops of tears fell from his tired eyes giving birth to the rudraksha trees. Some accounts reiterate that Lord Shiva cried when he saw the suffering around the world after opening his eyes from a long period of meditation. 

Astrological Significance

The science of astrology gives a lot of emphasis on planets and their influence on the lives of people living on Earth. According to astrology, human bodies react chemically and physically to the bond of the universe that holds us all together just like the planets in outer space. The movement of the planets and the placement of the stars influence our thoughts. Each planet represents specific energy and has a function that is influenced by the sign it occupies.

Rudraksha beads are very efficient in removing any negative effects of the planets. They can pacify the evil influence of the planets and bring peace, harmony and wealth to the wearer of the rudraksha beads.

Types of Rudraksha in astrology

A Rudraksha is classified by the no. Of stripes present on its seed. These are white, yellow, and red, black, brown in color. These have the power to treat physical and mental ailments. Its beads have between 1 to 27 lines (Mukhi), each varying with different uses and significance.

One MukhiRudraksha:

It is the rarest and the most significant rudraksha amongst all. It symbolizes Lord Shiva itself. It is ruled by the Sun and eliminates its malefic effects. It comes in two shapes: round and a half-moon. It should be worn around the neck in golden, with chanting mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. The one who holds it attains peace, salvation, happiness, and moksha. It also helps cure the diseases of the brain. Monday is the favorite day for the wearer.

Two MukhiRudraksha:

It symbolizes the combination of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati (Ardhnareshwara). Worn around the neck with a red thread, the chanting mantra of this is ‘Shree Gauri ShankarayeNamah’. It removes the bad effects of the moon, which rules it. It releases emotional instability, fear, and insecurity and brings about harmony and unity. Monday is the lucky day for wearing.

Three MukhiRudraksha:

ruled by the planet Mars, it symbolizes the god of fire. It relieves from past memories, guilt, shame, anger, and low self-esteem. It is also good for BP, kidney and heart patients.

Four MukhiRudraksha:

It represents Goddess Saraswati and Lord Bramha. The ruling planet is Mercury. The wearer gains knowledge, creativity, and wisdom. It frees the mind from fear and selfishness.

Five MukhiRudraksha:

  Its ruling planet is Jupiter which governs money, fame, and material. Wearing it brings about harmony, success, memory, intellect, and awareness.

Six MukhiRudraksha:

It symbolizes the War Lord, Kartikey and pacifies the planet, Venus. The wearer gains willpower, courage, perfection, and prosperity.

Seven MukhiRudraksha:

It symbolisesAnag Shiva and its ruling planet is Saturn. It sublimes the malefic effects of Shani, eradicating impotency, hopelessness, despair, and worry.

Eight MukhiRudraksha:

It represents Lord Ganesha and planet Rahu. It frees the bearer of the sins caused by telling a lie. It puts an end to the divine, mental and physical miseries.

Nine MukhiRudraksha:

It represents Goddess Durga and removes the malefic effects of planet Ketu, which entails the diseases of lung, bowel, and skin. The wearer gains patience, courage, and bravery.

Ten MukhiRudraksha:

It has no ruling planet. It holds the effects of ten manifestations and ten directions. It helps destroy all sins and gives a sense of security.

Eleven MukhiRudraksha:

It is ruled by 11 rudras. The wearer is blessed with a high level of awareness, divine consciousness, right judgment, and wisdom. It pacifies all planets and is mostly used for sadhanas and meditation.

Twelve MukhiRudraksha:

It is ruled by the Sun and the wearer is imparted with all the qualities of it. It blesses the wearer with confidence, power, and energy.

Thirteen MukhiRudraksha:

represents Lord Indra. It provides material upliftment, charisma, and immense power. It raises siddhis and Kundalini energy.

Fourteen MukhiRudraksha:

also called Devi Mani. It is ruled by Lord Hanuman and thus infuses the wearer with a brave and courageous heart.

Fifteen MukhiRudraksha:

It represents Pashupatinath, the destroyer of all sins.

Sixteen MukhiRudraksha:

It represents the combined form of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. It provides relief from diseases and fear. 

All other rudrakshas have similar effects as the above-mentioned ones. Apart from these, there are some Gauri Shankar, Ganesha, and tribute. Each of which has special importance with each bringing peace, prosperity and good virtue in the wearers.

Who can wear Rudraksha? 

Anybody, regardless of gender, social, ethnic, geographical or religious believer can wear rudraksha. They are proposed for people at any phase in life regardless of mental and physical conditions. It tends to be worn by youngsters, students, the aged and sick for some advantages.

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