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Know about Planet Ketu in Vedic astrology

Planet Ketu is a headless, half planet, the south or descendant node of the Moon, it is also called the tail of the dragon. Ketu is a shadow planet, it is invisible and is just a point in the cosmic arrangement of space. It is the reason of liberation also called karaka of Moksha. It pushes and drives people towards spiritualism, asceticism and enlightenment and also it releases the person from the chains of worldly desires. But Ketu is a malefic planet, but it is not as malefic as Rahu but it grants the natives with various problems going on in life, to help and reach liberation.

Ketu planet concerns itself with afterlife experiences, detachment from the world, spiritual knowledge, the concept of morality and karma. It is said that Ketu is the taker and Rahu is the giver, Though Rahu makes a person kind, stuck in greediness and worldly comforts while Ketu helps to get detached from hollow happenings. It directs people towards freedom. Ketu is about illumination and wisdom while Rahu is about enjoyment and experienced comforts.

Though Planet Ketu is considered to be the strongest and salvation-giver and one of the most inauspicious and unpromising planets. According to some Astrologers, Ketu is a half-portioned part of Rahu, which explains why Ketu is considered to be like Rahu in all aspects. On the other hand, all the merits and demerits that Rahu has are considered the qualities of Ketu. Ketu endures the tendency of being obsessed with activist possessions and is of squalid-natured. Ketu is the planet of mixed-breeds and stubborn nature but when in favorable transit, Ketu provides results far more favorable than other compassionate planets. This explains why some astrologers place Ketu under the group of promising and auspicious planets. Ketu is also observed and viewed as a distraught form of Orionandthus Ketu is also called a symbol of misery.

Planet Ketu spreads its effect on the soles of the feet. This is treated as a sign of numerous possibilities like diseases related to skin, accidents, death, leprosy, hunger-induced pain, daydreaming, imprisonment, misery, joint pains, conspiracies etc.

Ketu planet when placed positively in Astrology often results in better luck and wealth in running businesses. Ketu makes the person an honesty lover and kind-hearted being who believe in the advancement of the whole of mankind. Ketu planet usually supports a source and have lots of followers owing to the virtuous deeds. A negative placement of Ketu in Astrology affects one’s social behaviour. That person may indulge in smoking and tobacco dealing. Fears and misunderstandings would be predominant in life. That person may work hard but the results would not be satisfactory. That person may try to seem as having supernatural and haunting experiences and would be motivated towards occult subjects such as black magic and witchcraft. There would be a lack of trust in a person’s marriage and his/her relationships. That person may become a crazy or lunatic if Ketu planet conjuncts moon or opposing it.

Therefore, the impact of planet Ketu on an individual solely depends upon its placement in the birth chart.

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